Scotiabank closes main branch


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  1. Avatar photo Miss Josephine: I am in agreement with that decision. These days the spread of this dangerours virus needs to be controlled.

    I am in Agreement with that important decision.

  2. Melbourne Australia has 3 positive cases and they’re going into a lockdown to squash and eliminate the virus and save lives.

    Here in Antigua they just keep letting in diseased tourists day after day.

    Meanwhile business after business is forced to close.

    Do you people realize you could be living normal lives without masks and curfews and restrictions if your insane government would have protected your borders?

    • Oh shut the fuck up with your bullshit. The virus all over the fucking world for more than a fucking year now and its not leaving. A fucking tourisum dependant island cannot fucking lockdown!!!! Or you rather more people be unemployed and hungry because that is what a fuvking lock down will result to.

      • You should be angry. No one is falling for your BS any more. Your country is in a crisis and it’s people like you who support the PM putting $$$ over your lives who are to blame.

        You were the one telling everyone this was a not a big deal for months and it was okay to let in thousands upon thousands of diseased tourists with no restrictions.

        It is a big deal and responsible countries did the right thing in the beginning and they are enjoying relative normalcy right now.

        Turn on the Australian Open tennis tournament currently going on. They are able to have large crowds enjoy tennis without wearing masks because their government has taken this threat seriously.

        And now with only 3 positive cases in Melbourne, they government is acting swiftly and decisively.

        You can keep saying COVID is here to stay but that is BS. It can be eliminated from societies in large part if the governments act responsibly.

        You should be demanding your government do so rather than making excuses for policies which can only end in catastrophe for many Antiguans.

      • Then you don’t really have a country.

        And you don’t really have a government.

        Because the job of the government is to protect the people.

        What you have is a bunch of fake leaders who are in leadership positions with the sole aim to enrich themselves.

        Shame on them and shame on all of you who support your own demise (mental slaves).

        • Why don’t you shut the fuck up the virus is not going anywhere just like AIDS, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, flu and other diseases and sickness that was there before. Lockdown means more unemployment and more hungry people dumbass

        • Tell them again . My country men is an embarrassment .You all just lay down on your fat asses and and rool over and play dead even when certain policies is clearly will , and is endangering you and your family . Don’t play dead anymore because your leaders are making sure it will be real . What will it take for you guys to fight back .

          • You are exactly right.

            These Antiguans who are supporting these genocidal policies are something else. Gladly marching to their own deaths and destruction of their society.

      • When Your family member is gasping to breathe and the inevitable is slightly been delayed by only the ventilator remember those words and whisper it in their ears then again , you might not be able to even see them . Your family not allowed to comfort them in their final moment it is a lonely death one that I’ve personally seen many times over . You would’ve been just as effective without using foul language but that is your right . Your comments are well understood though . We all want the same thing it’s how we get there is the difference .

        • You chupid people ah act like if when someone gets coronavirus they are going to die. Yes it sad people die but the virus is not a death sentence. Look how much people get and on the merry way. Lockdown equals more hardship more unemployment and more hungry people. You need yo learn to love with it like we learn to live with AIDS, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and other sickness and dieases!!!

          • Or the people that “survived” it and need double lung transplants or have permanent heart and neurological damage

    • Would u be prepared to give up for salary for whatever period u wish to see the border closed if you are working..or is it a case thay you are not working so u can’t be bothered if the borders r open or closed?

  3. And what of the 80 million+ that have recorvered what do you have to say about that? Or is it you just love to see yourself all over this portal you attention seeking jackass!

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