Scotia Bank Says NO To Meeting With PM


Executives of the Bank of Nova Scotia have turned down a meeting with Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

Government’s Chief of Staff told Browne’s radio station tonight that the general manager of Scotia Bank Antigua responded to the prime minister.

“In essence she said there was hardly any need for the Scotia Bank officials to meet with the Government of Antigua and Barbuda.”

Hurst said the bank indicated that this is because “they had entered into an agreement with a private enterprise to purchase the assets and liabilities of Scotia Bank Antigua and as far as they were concerned it was done deal.”

He added that the company indicated that if the purpose of the meeting was to discuss that deal they didn’t seem to see the need for a meeting.”

Browne who is also finance minister insists that he will not issue the vesting order necessary to make the sale of the Antigua branch possible.

He later wrote to Scotia bank asking for a meeting so a group of local banks can take over scotia’s operations here instead of selling to the Trinidad-based Republic Financial Holdings.

Hust said the requested meeting was merely out of courtesy.

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      • It is time for the Antigua government to be strong by shutting down this sale and making life difficult for this evil Canadian bank. It is time for Canada to start treating Antigua as an equal independent nation.

  1. You can bully Georges at West Indies oli and other statutory bodies with cash to spend however it is good to see a private Enterprise stand up. Bout he nar sign no vesting order. Sounded so comical!

  2. Where is the closest sweetie shop to Pointe FM so I can take a few red blow pops for the PM to suck on this Saturday?

    • When you reach Destin just ask Labourite Fitzroy for bo-boy shop, the world ass would love his sweetie from that shop.

  3. Dumpy know who fe frighten

    You mean the world boss after all dem big chat can’t even get a meeting one meeting???
    Wow talk bout getting put in you place

    Message is we are not Digicel, flow or sandals that you can bully to gain cheap political points

    Take warning

  4. There is a saying,…for lack of knowledge the people persish. People heard him with his pronouncements on the banks action and followed suit not knowing the facts.
    The bank is already sold….that’s a done deal. The bank contacted the ECCB who by law they are required to contact and inform of such decisions which they did.
    The Prime minister knows this but once again loves to spew false information to his followers who fact check nothing but speak on everything.
    He never had any consortium of banks willing to take over…that’s all lies. If he claims to have been left in the dark and only got the information at the last minute, how was it possible to have a consortium of banks ready? Such acquisition takes time.
    The bank has all rights to reject the meeting, it serves no purpose. His delay in signing the order will not stop the process, he’s only trying to stir up the public. Especially when he indirectly said what would happen if the people decide to make a run on the bank? This is what he wants to happen. Come on Sir, our intelligence supercedes those who follow blindly.

    • lets agree that the pm found out late. now as a citizen of this country ,why would u think its wrong to make an attempt even at the late stage to have the bank localised in respect to ownership . isn’t it best that profit remained here rather than repatriated abroad. where lies ur patriotism . if any thing we should be shouting Kudos to the PM for his attempt . However , i do believe his first aporoach could have been more diplomatic. and that a call to a meeting should have been made prior to the first public statement . At this stage i would not recommend that the Pm stymie the sale as this may send wrong signal to potential investors .

  5. It just show the disrespect these outside companies have for our government. I had charged Allen Stanford with the same disrespect when he refused to appear before the MBS Inquiry Commission. Because had it been a committee in the USA he would not have dared to say he has no time. Bigger CEO’s are called before the USA commission to answer questions and they better do. Last we saw Mark Zuckerberg get his backside in the USA commission to answer questions about FaceBook’s role in the Russia scandal of the 2016 election. But this disrespect will continue as the people of this country have no loyalty either towards their government or anything national. If they did you would have a run on the bank at the moment and everyone should be closing their account with Scotia and take their business elsewhere. That will be the day that I will be more than 100% proud to be an Antiguan.

    • Brethren heard Amb Hurst today (via PointFM)clarify the matter. They never said no to meeting with government. The no was to a meeting with potential new buyer. The reasoning was they already had a binding agreement with Republic.

  6. After them men all dem fcking millions out of Antigua them rass want just up and lef and you jackasses on this site cause aru rass love to put poltricks in every fck y’all defending Scotia and them bs!!!!!! SMDFH.

  7. For a man that want’s Antigua & Barbuda to embrace foreign investment to the point of changing Historic and constitutionally laws to favor selected individuals, he appears to be throwing yet another tantrum. CCJ is based in Trinidad so why not the new owners of Scotia Bank?. What does he or the Cabinet have to bring to the discussion table when they couldn’t even secure the purchase of a national asset like Guiana Island?.

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