Schoolboy stabbed in St John’s as youth violence escalates


NEWSCO: A schoolboy was stabbed yesterday afternoon in the middle of St John’s, shocking passersby and leaving the child nursing wounds to his back.

Eyewitness Johnny Jno-Baptiste told Observer the incident occurred just after students were dismissed from classes on Thursday.

“I was on High Street and there were dozens of students coming down the road. All of them had on their uniform,” he recalled.

“One student had a knife in his hand and pierced another one. They came galloping down the street and the one that was stabbed had a pair of scissors in his hand.

“I called him and he came to me and I was asking him what happened to him, and of course he was in profanity at the other person who ran down Corn Alley.”

Jno-Baptiste said the boy didn’t appear to want his help, adding that fellow students gathered around the injured child.

Police were approached for comment. Spokesman Inspector Frankie Thomas said he would look into the matter to verify if an official report had been made.

Violence between schoolchildren has been a major issue in recent months. Much of it is said to have been perpetrated by gangs which include children as young as 13. Photos on social media of youngsters posing with weapons and announcing other children as their next targets have sparked widespread alarm.

Many residents have taken to social media to express their frustration and plead with parents to take charge of their children.

Safety in schools has also been a grave concern for teachers and is among a litany of issues they are currently urging education officials to address.

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  1. I had several conversations with my father about generational bastard-babymaking and lack of parenting in Antigua. Only when violence impacts tourism then, you will see real assertive steps to STOP this rubbish.

  2. It was said that we must learn to live with Covid-19. Some may also say that we must learn to live with the violence. That is like saying we are to become insensitive to the growing evil in our society.
    Far from it, as the human heart turns even more radically away from the principles of the Creator and accepts the SINFUL, Corrupt nature, we need to show more compassion and love towards those caught up in this dangerous path.
    Our youths are prime target since their young minds are willing to experiment. What we find happening more and more is the fact there is NO thought of “what may come after”. The instant an evil thought enters the mind, one acts; not considering the possible results. Sadly, after the act, many resort to wondering “what if”. The BIGGEST little word in the English dictionary “IF”.

    We shall see an intensifying cycle of violence as we draw closer to the end of times. The heart of man is bent on doing evil and God will NOT force us to follow HIS way. We must make the choices and face the consequences.
    That dangerous privilege of “Free Moral Agency” was given to us at creation and it NEVER will be taken away. If it taken away then we would become robots.

    The problem of the violence is not a physical one. It is a SPIRITUAL problem that requires Divine Solution. Unfortunately, the majority of mankind is not willing to accept that fact and then even further; to move in the direction to implement the Divine steps that would eradicate the cause of the violence in the first place.

    Politrickians and psychologists CANNOT solve these problems. They too, are part of the problem. They attempt to use mere physical methods to solve spiritual problems. That cannot work.

    We attempt to fix the results and completely ignore the cause of the problem. Hence, the cycle of violence continues and will get magnificently WORSE.

    Our ONLY HOPE lies in the instruction manual that a Creator gave to use. We, however, prefer our own way and for this reason we will continue to suffer.

    Awake people: The choice is ours. Life or Death.

    Which way are we going to choose?

  3. This is not for the Ministry of Education alone to solve. The striking teachers Union needs to see how it can play a positive role in equipping its teachers in bringing more civic minded students. Next up the ladder is the home- parenting is the most important aspect. The our community- our villages. Then our churches also need to have outreach programs.
    Then the big fish – the government, policies. Setting the agenda. Oh yes – leaders with examples.

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