Schools to reopen on September 13


Cabinet Notes:

Official from The Ministry of Education and the Teachers Union were invited to appear before Cabinet.

Following intense discussions there was an agreement by the Cabinet to suspend the opening of Schools by one week until September the 13th to allow consultations between the Ministry, the Parents and to allow the union to consult with its membership.

62% of all teachers are fully vaccinated and the numbers are heading for 80%. There are almost 8000 students 12 years and older and the object is to have all of these students vaccinated before face to face school resumes.

The Union informed that there is a large number of teachers measuring as much as 65% who are opposed to testing.

The object is to ensure that 100% of Teachers are vaccinated, so that there can be no transmission of Covid-19 to any student. In some private schools 100% vaccinated teachers has been achieved.

The law provides that a safe working environment is to be pursued by the employer in this case the Schools is to be safe, for Teachers, Students and ancillary staff.

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  1. Then since they have a problem with vaccination, testing, simply go and find another profession. You don’t meet the requirements (safety) to be around my children. A year ago, we could allow such, but with more and more children being impacted by the newer variants, its simply too risky. Simply no excuse for taking such risk when the vaccine exists

  2. close the bars, open the schools????!!! are you nuts? we have already had one young child die from covid. The delta variant is infecting younger people a lot more. Look at the age breakdown of the infected here now. You cannot open the schools in this situation

  3. Why are they still using misleading verbage in these releases?
    “The object is to ensure that 100% of Teachers are vaccinated, so that there can be no transmission of Covid-19 to any student. In some private schools 100% vaccinated teachers has been achieved.”

    There is still transmission whether you are vaccinated or not and at the same rate. Being vaccinated reduces the instances of hospitalization and severe reactions according to the “experts”. The next question is, who will fund the medical bills of those with adverse effects as many if not all insurance companies will not cover these? I think that if government was to assure the public that they will or sign an agreement that they, the employer’s or drug manufacturer will accept “reasonable labilities” would likely see an increase in vaccination.

  4. Serious questions:
    Can’t students catch and transmit the virus to teachers and other students?
    Are schools following established protocols? NO! There has not been proper social distancing and mask wearing at our schools. The children gather before and after school. They gather at break and lunch time. With that in mind, just imagine if one (1) student in a school is infected…Contact tracing will need to take place for all students of that school and in other schools if that infected child utilizes the National School Bus System.
    How often will schools be sanitized?
    If schools reopen with full face to face sessions, can all students be safely accommodated in the space?
    Does the vaccine make you immune from contracting, spreading or dying from COVID-19?

    Somebody must be high or drunk by even suggesting having students return with the highly transmissible Delta variant circulating in the island. Who will be held responsible if more children die? Will we blame the unvaccinated/vaccinated? Ministry of Education, I as a parent implore you to think SAFETY FIRST!!!! You cannot be using students and teachers as test subjects with a deadly and highly transmissible virus! Have you not heard of the number of fully vaccinated doctors and individuals who have died from COVID-19?! Are you prepared for the law suits if a parent loses their child due to your ill informed decisions?

  5. The protocols is what need to be followed since transmission is likely between vaccinated and non vaccinated

  6. God has not giving us a spirit of fear but of love of power and a sound mind, Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding in all they ways acknowledge him and he will direct our paths.

    Antigua is a bless nation despite of poor decision made,I know science and scientists have it’s place but we have place science and scientists at the forefront of everything and exclude the Almighty and the natural, all we are facing in a time like this is division, vaccine and anti vax, man should live in peace and harmony and respect each other beliefs or decision and not let fear impose your beliefs on another man .God is not the author of confusion

    Live life to the fullest, pray humble yourself and seek the father that the land may be healed, it puzzles me a life before these challenges we had some pastors who were supposed to be filled with faith but now are they sleeping? Have they lost faith ? Righteousness exalt a nation, it is always hope after a storm

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