School principal longs for an end to protection of those who harbour and exploit runaway teens


Educator, administrator and Principal of the Clare Hall Secondary School Ashworth Azille is decrying situations in which no action is taken against persons who harbour runaway teens, and says he hopes it does not become a chronic issue.

In many instances, these teens are being exploited by the persons who are providing shelter, Azille says, and this amounts to assault.

The school principal notes that these young people are impressionable; therefore, everything must be done to protect them from predators.

Over the last several years, teenagers regular disappear from home and are returned only after the public’s assistance is sought.

In these instances, there is never any word from the Police – who usually made the appeal – related to where the teens were and with whom they were found.

Routinely, teenage girls are found to have been in the company of older men; but, generally, no charges are brought against them, even for harbouring.


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  1. This gentleman speaks the truth. These pedophiles and perptrators need to be locked up in 1735. They better be careful as there are many disgruntled citizens who may well give them a damn good beating even before they are charged, not that I would agree with that. Just sayin’. The people in general are getting pretty upset with these nasty, lusty old farts in particular who prey upon the children and youths. 1735 is calling. They have a bed for you, or at least a spot on the concrete floor. May justice be done.

  2. When this nation whole heartedly accepts that a lot of these children runaway from home due to mental/physical abuse and implement measures to battle such problems… nothing is going to change.
    Implementing stricter/harsger penalties for perpetrators is only a part of it. Deal with at the source of the problem which is the home.

  3. Longs for an end?
    What the hell double speak is that? He needs to stop all the hope-I’m-not-saying-anything-wrong talk and come right out and say that all those who harbour and exploit teens should be punished to the full extent of the law.
    These wannabe public figures who are still trying to stay on the right side of the ALP just make me sick. If you can’t come out and say what you know you should, just SHUT UP.

  4. What about a sex offender registry for the unremorseful CONVICTED PEDOPHILES like UPP frontman IAN MAGIC HUGHES???

    Hope he getting treatment for his sick twisted behavior. And Wilmoth Daniel better not let Ian Magic Hughes anywhere near “his” STRIPPER POLE BUS. What a deadly combination that would be. I guess Sherfield Bowen can represent him if necessary.

    • Are there any convicted Pedophiles in the ABLP? I have been noticing you are only mentioning one person.I heard a recording of a Politician saying,she has good looking tits. That was a Senior Minister in the ABLP speaking to one of his colleagues about an underaged girl. It was also reported that he touched that girl there. He ended up it is alleged paying her parents a financial sum not to press charges. My information came from listening to those IHI TAPES.When you say something and its recording,it would stay forever,unless you delete it.I have those IHI tapes recorded from CaribArena.They do not lie,because it is their voices being heard.All of them thiefing,lying,politicians,from which Political Party?

      • CONVICTED- “having been declared guilty of a criminal offence by the verdict of a jury or the decision of a judge.”

  5. Magic is not alone call the other big man and them that sleep with little girls and are you turn a blind eye so stop pointing finger on one man because of political reasons. Are you to one-sided in this country. A police that wear green mess with a 15 year old and nothing is said all now. Magic is not my favorite but there are others worst than him. I pray that God reveal all the nasty big men that mess with the little girls and pay them to hush.

    • Read again to get understanding. Note the plural form used pedophileS. Also “like Magic” meaning such as or for example. He is a CONVICTED PEDOPHILE. The others need to be CONVICTED too. He has shown NO REMORSE. Ian Magic Hughes is wholly endorsed by the UPP as their frontman and PR person. He and Gisele Isaac did an interview together on Indian tv

      You fell asleep in grade 3? Or you’re pretending to lack comprehension?

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