School Principal attacked by parent


OBSERVER: A primary school principal was attacked by an angry parent this morning, shocking students and staff.

Christopher Roberts, who has been principal at the Mary E Pigott Primary School since 2015, was taken to hospital where his injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

He was apparently grabbed from behind and knocked to the floor by a student’s father upset that his son had been temporarily suspended from the St John’s-based school.

The father then apparently fled the scene. No weapons are believed to have been involved.

Reports are that no security staff were on the premises at the time.

Director of Education Clare Browne confirmed that an incident had occurred and that are officials are looking into the matter.

He added that efforts were underway to get counsellors to the school to help comfort the children.

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  1. It appears that the young and old of societies need skills at conflict resolution. The question, how do we adjust societies to become kinder and gentler?

  2. The cAMEL 🐫 * BACK Bruk NOW.
    Education Driven to RUINS.
    Why ! Why ! WORRY
    WHEN u CAN * COG*..
    Cogging SHOULD be Legalized.
    Where we Learn From ?
    Street as SOCIETY so Discreet.
    When BLACK Power Come even
    Students &Pa rents & Kids Battle
    When Americanism come een
    Community Classes Collapse
    Every Ism comes with SCHISM
    “” father u wrong *
    Taking Mstters in your Hand.
    Don’t kill de COW.
    It’s no Walk in the Park Green Grass of Ole
    Extremism pops up Around de World..
    Management Conflict Resolution
    Endemic proportion

  3. This will explain the reason the son was suspended in the first place. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! These low life parents have no place in society…. no wonder some of these kids chopping up each other.

  4. Outrageous! The father should be jailed and his son expelled, and if they’re not Antiguans, they should be deported.

  5. Sad to say: But these instances will become more frequent and severe as time goes on.
    Security guards are no solution to the problem. We always look at the result and not the cause. Then try futilely to remedy the results, while ignoring the root cause of the problem.
    It just does NOT work that way.
    The heart of man is CARNAL and EVIL…..hell bent of only doing bad.
    We can put a million security guards in the schools and that still cannot and will not solve the problem of violence.
    In fact, even the so called security guards fear for their own lives and rightfully so indeed.
    Antigua is a very weird place: We keep doing the same thing over and over the same way and expect to have different results.
    The people who manage our education system are the same ones who ignore the problem when it was still in its tender stages. Now that the problem has matured to a much serious level, we expect those same leaders to fix it. Heck…NO.

    The problem of the heart is SPIRITUAL in nature and requires SPRITUAL A SOLUTION that ONLY A WISE GOD can deliver. However, we have holistically rejected the ONLY possible solution. Yet still we expect to have good results.

    We reap whatever we sow. Cannot do wrong and get right….no matter how hard we try.
    A clarion waring to all: THE VIOLENCE IN SCHOOLS WILL DEFINITELY GET WORSE. As the heart of man become more evil….. the consequences will follow. evil beget evil.

    Teachers have found themselves in the tangle of evil; in a system that does NOT consider their interest at all. Twenty years ago, it was much different. Today, violence is regarded as just another day at the office. It is what our youths and adults entertain themselves with every day and night. The music, video games….on TV, social media. No escape. Unless one disciplines himself/herself to turn away from all that crap.
    Good Parenting has NEVER been so difficult as it is now. I feel for the parents nurturing our young people. You need all the help possible. I say this for those who are really parents and not just biological dads and moms. Your first help must come from above: GOD.

    Lucky Dube had lines in a song that said: “they will build no schools anymore. All they build will be prison, prison”.

    Our schools are becoming like the prisons: Violent and dangerous.
    We need a Deliverer…. a Savior. Unfortunately, we were offered such as a free gift and we have on a whole rejected it. So what do we expect: heaven on earth when we refuse to follow Heaven’s way ?
    The churches are not educating our people. They water down the gospel message. They is no meat or substance in their form of gospel. It fails to teach that discipline, obedience and temperance are key components of RIGHTEOUS living. Selfishness is the norm of the day.



  6. All schools need to have security guards present once childten are at school. This is ridiculoous. I was a a teacher for 26 yrs. And when i observe some of the children’s behaviour then i observe the parents i understand why these kids misbehave like they do. Security gurds need to be at all schools once children are at school. What if children and teachers are being attacked seriously? You never know. Hope perpetrator is found i pray. This is unacceptable. Come on!!!!!!!.

  7. They the Police had better go and arrest his ARSE. How dare he going to the school of his child and behave in such a manner. He should be charged with assault and battery. 1735 IS AWAITING YOUR ARSE.

  8. Some schools have security guards but they are just a body as they are not trained properly to protect and serve. When you have a different security going to a school daily or you have only 1 security on.duty and that security takes a bathroom or lunch break, who spells him or her?
    Educators may have to arm themselves with whatever they can, if their employees are not providing a safe environment for them to work in. It cannot be business as usual. When the union takes a stance, parents and society are quick to redicule them. It has to stop somewhere. Schools need to be SAFE for staff and students.

  9. is the MORAVIAN minister collecting 2 paychecks? One from the church and the other from government? God or the world? make up your mind boss. undivided loyalty is no good.

  10. Thst parent will be arrested for sure and should spend sometime at the Station. Whe he gets to Court he should be fond and confined according to the let him pay for his ignorance and send a strong message to the other were thinking like him. No wander some children behave the way they do.

  11. What is the student’s side of the story. A lot of these authorities do crap. Let us hear the other side before sending the man to jail. Please

    • @Truth
      There is no other side of the story. The student was suspended for some bad behaviour and he should have stayed home the required time and then return to school. No parent has a right to attack any teacher just like no one has a right to attack anyone. The parent must be charged and sent to jail as an example to any parent who does not teach their children discipline at home. I hope the teacher also sues his behind.
      When I went to school, if there was a problem at school the parents would take the child to school to have a discussion with the principal. If there was a problem with the student he/she would probably get a whipping from the parent in front of the whole school.
      Please don’t tell me that beating a child is child cruelty as most children of my generation got whipped and none of us ended up in jail. We were taught to respect our elders and people in authority. Look at the number of young people in jail today and committing crimes all over the place.

      • Really if your child came home with bruises that he got from being beaten at school from those teachers and principal would you have the same reaction? Y’all on here passing y’all judgment like y’all really know what went down.

  12. Many people are lamenting the fact that situations like these will get worse and god and end times and society and all of that. Your point of view. I will bet my last dollar, that this parent is black. My question is this. Show me one instance of this happening involving a Syrian, Chinese or white parent and I will start eating red meat again. NEVA. Check all of the other incidents, all the TikTok and Facebook posts of incidences such as these. 99.99 percent, are BLACK. We as a people, have a problem. And we all know what it is. Break down in the family structure and lack of respect for our own. And @ Mr. Byam, who is always talking about foreigners and deportation, let’s bet on the nationality of this parent. You will lose.

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