School Meals and Education Minister get thumbs down…


REAL NEWS: Staff at a government primary school were appalled at the lunch
offerings on Friday, September 15, as the children were given a
choice of tuna or cheese on a burger bun, with a sprig of lettuce,
wrapped in a bit of foil.

They are crying shame not only on the School Meals Kitchen, but on
Minister of Education Daryl Matthew, and pointing out that the
school year has just begun.

“It’s too early for this,” one teacher tells REAL News. “Government
must be more broke than we thought if this is their idea of a hot

Other residents are calling on MP Matthew to reinstate the provision
of bottled water with the school lunches, given the extreme heat and
its implications for health.

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  1. Jah know people dis wa we kids come too wat kind a lunch dis ya fu de kids in primary school wat kind a food for the brain with good the brain can’t operate properly come mon Mr education minester a some a dat some er a we get worst in the 90s Jah know keep the faith trust in Jah (we must do better)

  2. That is totally disgraceful. This isn’t a healthy meal for kids. Whoever is in charge should be FIRED. Our kids deserve better.

  3. Look I can’t believe the stupidest of people when you’ll go to the serian to get hot fast food for yull children what yull get Dem in?? To me dis is d work of malicious teacher who did not get what they requested cause some of these teachers gwan like ah Dem run school meals. To me teachers should be charge a fee for the lunches
    Schools meals have no money of its own stop requesting things when deh had d five dollars a week parents crying. Dats a dollar a day. Please this is beyond petty and people dats bashing nsmp n d minister yull jus bored n political.. I said what I said n I still have more to say

    • This is not malicious. My children came home on Friday, telling me they did not eat lunch because of what was presented. They are 9 and 10 year olds. Thank God I got off work early so I could give the a proper meal. They ask what the children can eat and then dis regard what is sent to them. If the request cannot be met, at lease inform the parents so they can provide for their children.

    • @jes. Is people like you why this country in the state it’s in. You will accept anything because you don’t accustom to nothing. Education levy bring in millions of dollars. The children deserve better parents work hard and government take out money from our pay for education levy. What are they doing with it? You all better put politics aside and fight for what is right for the children, they are the future leaders.

    • You need to be quite. Teachers should pay for what lunch, not the food that even dog refuse to eat. Obviously, you have no clue what is being serve by school meals. Rice or macaroni everyday with half cook chicken is not healthy it’s sickening. So before you talk please get your facts together. For you information most teachers do take school meals they buy lunch or take lunch from home.

  4. In the first place I don’t get why the water with the lunch meal was stopped… esp with this heat, the water should’ve been a must SMH..

  5. Our children deserve way better than this. Even if they are giving lunch to students it’s not free, we’re still paying one way or the other. Yes we must be grateful for the meals, but not stand for mediocrity. Our children deserve better. They are royalty not dogs

  6. Really – this cannot be true. If it is somebody must be joking, a joke they making. They have to have forgotten to put the meatkind. A simple bread , butter and cheese or Bun butter and cheese would have been much better. I don’t believe this really happened in Antigua. Nothing can a go so while them a ge way bicycles in St.Mary’s. Me cannot come to believe this happened for real. Me ha fu see that for myself.

  7. Parents sending their own children to school with nothing to eat yet they have the nerve to complain.

    If your kids had a properly packed snack bag daily for school they would not have to eat this.

    • A tuna or cheese sandwich with veg can be a healthy balanced meal, and maybe a fun change on a Friday? But, this seems a little small for a full day at school. Maybe some more veg or fruits on the side would help?

  8. Bottles of water daily for everyone might be costly and not environmentally friendly. What about putting in filtration systems and fountains or water dispensers in schools instead? Children can just bring their own water bottles and refill as required. Perhaps generous persons in the private sector could donate such systems and government can subsequently pay to replace filters when needed.


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