Savage Vigilante Mob Viciously Assaults Special Needs Young Man on Vivian Richards Street


REAL NEWS: A resident of Vivian Richards Street has come in for criticism for his treatment of a young man who, allegedly, had been caught attempting to steal from a neighborhood business.

The man, with the help of others, ruthlessly beat the suspect – who, some persons allege, was a special-needs student of the Adele School.

In an almost three minute-long video — captured by a cheering onlooker – the man is seen beating the young suspect with what appears to be a length of wood, which broke as he swung it with force.

The blows connected with the alleged suspect’s torso and other parts of his body as he tried to escape the onslaught.

However, when he managed to escape the rain of blows, he was pursued by one of the three men present and caught several yards away.

The suspect was then dragged and tugged up the street, as the group allegedly waited for the Police to arrive.

Eventually, the Vivian Richards Street resident went to where the young man was being held and gave him another beating with a stick as vehicles drove by.

On the video the young man is heard saying “No” and begging for them to stop.

He also seems to be explaining that he was attempting to go into a neighbouring business to get $10, while one man is also heard asking why he did not beg for it.

It does not appear that the beating victim was armed at any point during the incident. Rather, it seems that he barely had the strength to fight back, as he was easily picked up by one man when he attempted to run.

Further, it is alleged that men who were holding him and the one beating him have no affiliation with the business that the young man reportedly was targeting.

Since the video went viral, many people have said it is hard to watch. They complain that the force used was too much for an unarmed young man – particularly since he might have special needs.

Others say the violence was unwarranted since it was not the aggressor’s home or business that had been broken into.

“He had no right! None!” a woman, almost in tears, tells REAL News.
“Suppose somebody had done that to his son? How would he like it?”
she asks.

Meanwhile, other outraged and sympathetic residents believe the man should also be charged for beating the youth mercilessly – given that he did not seem to be a danger to anyone in the group and appeared somewhat misguided.

It is unclear whether the alleged suspect was handed over to the Police or was taken for medical attention due to the beating he underwent.

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  1. This young guy is usually trying to go in people places and lot of videos shows him inside of businesses in St John’s

    • Luis Mota, and that makes it ok to treat someone who is clearly special needs in this manner? This society is so sick and unsympathetic. Why couldn’t they just hold him and call the police? Was beating him up necessary???? The person or persons who did the beating should be arrested!

      • @ I hate this place. – I bet you that he will not go back in those people place regardless how special need he may be.

        When they come into your place, I hope you will pat them.on their hand and say don’t do that? Let us wait and see.

  2. It is clear that those who beat up the guy and those who restrained the guy should be locked up and charged.

    Excessive force was definitely used.

    Citizens have a right to assist in our crime surge, if they have knowledge and if they can, but these kinds of excesses cannot be accepted.

    Suppose the guy was hit at a funny place and he died? What then?

    Let’s see if they will be locked up as they would be in a civilized country.

  3. the man that do the beating forget his son is always stealing people livestock . i wonder if he know what goes around comes around and how would he have felt if someone beat up his son in that matter. detain him abd turn him over to the law

  4. A 34 year old golden grove man died of injuries inflicted upon him by a group of teenagers after said teenagers stole his phone and he tried to get it back. We need more vigilante justice. Was there an excessive use of force in this vivian richards street case? Quite possibly…but vigilante justice is quite effective…sometimes even more effective than the law enforcers and justice system.

  5. Misleading headline. It was totally omitted he was caught stealing.

    Crazy, drunk, high on drugs or whatever the sad excuse is, he was stealing. That’s the bottom line. People tired getting robbed and now it’s about time people take matters into their hands as police can’t seem to even get there in time much less catch the criminals them.

    If it’s your family member, then it’s your duty to keep them safe and know where they are at all times. It is not anyone else’s duty to find out if they not sound mentally before they defend their property. He lucky he didn’t get shot and killed for stealing especially with all the bullshit going on now and it becoming a common occurrence. Anyone come stealing around me I will assume they are armed and loaded and will take care of business accordingly. It’s not my business to find out if they crazy or otherwise when they stealing from me and on my property especially in the darkness of night.

    Hope he learn something from the banging he get.

  6. Please get your news right!!! He did steal from the person!!! The ‘victim’ as you call him was also high on crack. It was found on his person. Everyone who passed said the same thing, “You caught him stealing. That young man always stealing from people.”

  7. Sometimes the people that does the beating does worst but never get caught but time will tell.

    If the guy has mental challenges or other he should be administered treatment and support to get him to normal life.

    Do good pepper


  9. I am proud to see the community helping in crime reduction and prevention, that is how it should be. But I also must say that using force must be reasonable and proportionate.

    We cannot be just as the criminals are, we have to be better people.

  10. I’m NOT condoning this particular attack, but the rise in vigilantes will grow and grow if the police and government authorities continually ignores the will of the people and the rising crime rates here now in Antigua.

    Victims WILL eventually fight back – as seen here -and take matters into their own hands – not ideal, but honest hardworking citizens are fed up of inactions by our authorities. So sad!

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