Sandals to make major announcement about expansion in Antigua, PM announces


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says Sandals Resorts International is poised to expand in Antigua and Barbuda.

He disclosed this on Pointe FM moments ago.

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    • He didn’t “hate” Sandals. It was Harold Lovell’s weak ass decision that put the people at a gross disadvantage.

      Anyway, wonderful news for our tourism sector 👏 🇦🇬

      • @Smh: You damn Cult Member. Those matters with SANDALS began under an ALP Administration of which Gaston Browne was a Cabinet Member. Gaston is always trying to erase that period of his Political History. He did say that Administration was filled with Corruption. I am wondering,what would he say now of his ABLP Administration and Corruption.

      • you are a Moran or Gaston stooge. You and him keep repeating the same lies about Lovell when he knows it was Lester Bird who started the tax waiver. Gaston even talked about this on his radio show yesterday. Ok UPP May have continued it, but why does Gaston not say this? Because most of the people who listen and phone in to Pointe FM are blind loyalists. How can anyone trust this master of manipulation.

    • The PM didn’t lap his tail.. the PM stood up to Sandals and demanded all the taxes payable to the Government, something Harold Lovell was to weak to do. Just hush if you don’t know ANYTHING

      • I would love to see the Agreement. School children say exactly what Gaston fight up Sandals on, he had to go back to Sandals begging, after all the ground takings fell through. Sandals is all he has left. Love is all you need!

      • @John Stone why don’t we all hush until we see the agreement. This way we can all agree whether it’s vomit or ice cream we getting. It always comes out in the wash!

  1. What emotional intelligence. It’s pure economics. Intelligence is not needed to understand that where their is more demand than supply. You have to increase the supply. More profits for Sandals. Hope the concessions won’t outstrip the taxable benefits!

    • Boi you are madly obsessed with the PM. De man have a beautiful wife and family. You can even him credit but spouting foolishness. Sometimes it’s best not comment, you have lost credibility with your intellectual dishonesty.

  2. Look. I have to say this. All Caribbean people. Especially those in political office need to take a hard listen to Chalkdust tune Sea Water and Sand.

    Jackasses like Stone will get a better understanding of putting each Caribbean Island in a comparison/Contrast situation amongst each other when vying for investment dollars.

    Stop the madness.

  3. Sandals are masters at PR, Messaging & Promoting their brands and the islands they do business on.

    Why on earth is the PM chatting their business on the radio when they will have a well prepared and honed campaign with delivery dates?

    Talk about stealing thunder.

    • @ Stay Alert! Because the PM wants the credit. He thinks its all about him. He is a self-made god. god with a common g.

  4. Another UPP financier has abandoned them. Perhaps, among his reasons, is their attack against SPZ’s for its different tax rules why Stewart has abandoned this ship which has no compass. Its own Unique Vacations has been, at least over a decade, in a SPZ in Jamaica

  5. Any similarities between Sandals SEZ Zone and the one recently established here? It would be good to see what the standard is for SEZ. At least Sandals has a record of performance and delivery. But would love to see what the terms of that SPZ are.

  6. Let this be a lesson to the ‘SERPENTS OF THE WORLD’.

    Most money people only know money and some of them will USE their mothers to get/keep/maintain their money.

    I remember hearing, THE THEN SECOND IN CHARGE OF SANDALS, now the head (I think) on Observer Radio Snake-Pit program waxing eloquently AGAINST Gaston Browne.

    As a matter of fact, at one time the said person referred to Gaston Browne as ‘BADMINDED’.

    Listen to what we hearing now: ‘Adam know he will have to come on Pointe and make his announcement’.


  7. @Colombo! Go take a long walk over a Short Bridge! If your sticky fingers can wrap your disconnected brain synapses can process that thought!

    An Audit smarter than you! Be very careful you’ll wind up in the custody of the alphabet boys for a very nice vacation across the river!

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