Sandals says government’s response to closure disturbing


Sandals Antigua has said that the response of the government to its closure has been both “shocking and disturbing.”

In a statement, the hotel compared the reaction of the Antigua Barbuda Workers Union to that of the government.

It said, “while the response from the Union has been professional and measured, which resulted in reasonable discussions and a decision by the Board to eventually reduce the closure period from five to three months, the response from Government has been both shocking and disturbing.”

The company released its statement after the government went to parliament to bash the hotel for exploiting workers, holding the country at ransom for concession and even suggesting that the group discriminated against local workers.

But Sandals said in its statement that it is proud of its contribution to the economic development of the Caribbean, and in particular to the people of Antigua and Barbuda over the past twenty-five years.

“Not only have we been a top private sector contributor to the economy with over XCD$93 million (all duly audited) in the past 12 months alone, we stand head and shoulders above most other institutions when it comes to the training and investment in our employees,” the company said.

Sandals Antigua will close for three months from September and says it remains committed to Antigua and Barbuda.


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  1. Ummmm…… Politics, employees, emplyoyers……unions…… Please remember these same union reps are trying to get into parliament and once they get there its up yours employees……

  2. I feel gir the workers but sandals go bout you business. You put 93 million in our economy. How much did you get out of us? Tell us that.
    Sandals is worth 1 billion
    Sunwing make 1 billion in revenue annually. Time to try a different company.

    • Exactly sandals is making their profit.. & they still don’t want to pay the tax??? what a thing!!

  3. Sandals is unprofessional in my view. Old VC Bird would have told them to pack up and go long time. This is not the way to do business with a government and people. The lack of respect and disdain with which we are being treated is appalling. Disgusting Sandals!

    • Very unprofessional . the way I see it its like they want to give Antigua a bad name can tourist already pay for their vacation & last minute be told that they can’t come to Antigua & referred to a next Country . if they don’t have Antigua best interest at heart …pm Browne send them back to Jamaica

    • I agree very Disgusting & they have the heart to say that their still committed to Antigua & Barbuda ….try & fool a next country we not gonna fall for these lies , trying to make us look bad as a country smh if they can’t act right send sandals & their people packing!!!

  4. A who spoil sandals? Now the company pushing back the PM goes go parliament where he has immunity and admit Stewart gave him gifts expecting returns. Oh what tangled webs we weave.they never cared about the workers now they playing to the rescue, a de government gave sandals the power to walk over locals because they fly in private jets and bottles of dom perignon. May, sad.

    • Attn G-This is all you people see from this entire Sandals issue, The PM getting gifts?Well at least he did not take the bribe and give them 60% of our ABST. The hypocrisy in this country is at an all time high. When the closure of the hotel was first announced,blame the PM.The PM stepped in and did what a leader is supposed to,he is still getting prosecuted. Shut to hell up.

  5. My be the PM can plough some of his new found wealth in Jolly Harbour investment could be diverted to help the workers

  6. That’s not true sandals have been doing what they wanted since the former government now this government is trying to fix it however all I see is sandals trying to lash back by closing down for 5 months now 3 months to make the present government look bad .I am glad they went to parliament time enough for people to stop walking over Antiguans . how can you come into Antigua & hire 90% of foreigners than the country citizens or Antiguans themselves if he so want to give Jamaicans a job then let them go to the sandals in Jamaica point blank …that’s how I see it , sandals love to hire only Jamaicans & if they don’t its because they want it to look good smh ..

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