Sandals dispute having negative effect


The public falling-out between the country’s prime minister and Sandals has in some way impacted on the resort.

Adam Stewart, chief executive officer (CEO) said, however, the company will still continue to promote the country and not make negative comments impact visitor arrivals to the country and the resort.

“It will impact Sandals, people will ask questions. You know we have 23 hotels in nine islands and seven countries across the Caribbean. People may hesitate, they may say they would rather stay away for the time being, even people who are loyal and who have been coming year after year until this squabble,” Stewart said.

Stewart said he recently met with 2,500 travel agents in Canada to educate them on what the island has to offer and its attractions.

He noted that there were some questions about “this ridiculous dispute” but that did not stop him from doing his part in ensuring that the country has an excellent winter season.

Stewart said the fallout will always have some residual effect, but Sandals “is not the one being damaged right now , the island of Antigua is the one feeling the brunt of this blow.”

Stewart noted Sandals is in the business to promote tourism and to train and develop people who work with the company and it will continue to do so to mitigate a greater fallout.

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  1. Sorry To Hear Of That! Of Course; It Always Happened! Let’s Put The Past Behind & Move Forward! We Need Sandal’s Resort! Sandal’s Resort Needs Us! ONE LOVE!🏊🏄🌴

  2. Was this written from a press release? Does this article/release add to the “ridiculous dispute”?

    This seems extremely disingenuous and at this point I wish Sandals would cut it out and stop talking on both sides of their mouth. But if they persist in this type of communication with the media, more will likely come out.

    Also, at what point do media houses say enough is enough and stop being manipulated in the tit for tat?

    • excellent commentary and valid questions.

      Guess it all goes back to the then Finance Minister who gave them that “steal of a deal”
      That same clown wishes to actually become PM one day. He mussa junk inna he English Harbour and Cavalier rum backside

      • No. It goes back to the unbelievable infantile ignorant crude and undiplomatic behaviour of the most dangerous Prime Minister these islands have ever seen. The damage he has done to this country’s reputation as a welcoming investment destination is immeasurable. His boundless egoism and disregard for protocol and common sense ate tight now bringing suffering on our people. Never have we seen a PM so unworthy of his office. And yet you blind fools are willing to be led over the cliff by this visionless apology of a leader! Let the blind lead the blind. We will very soon replace him with a leader who has a clear 20\20 vision.

      • No. It goes back to Lester Bird who gave them the concessions in the form of a consumption tax. When the UPP abolished the consumption tax and introduced ABST Sandals then requested that the same concessions be extended to them since the tax holiday had not yet expired. They were granted the extension under Lovell.

  3. I was supposed to go to Antigua this year (end of august) just before the closing for repairs but when I was aware of this dispute, I’ve decided to go to Grenada!

    Will go to Sandals Antigua only when this dispute will be completly over!

  4. @ Cristian pelletier great go to grenada np with that then go to Bahamas …..what u seems to realize is that masa days done you guys cant beat us with the whip no more so guess how you guys try to run us over ( HEY LET US NOT VISIT THERE COUNTRY WITH THE MONEY WE TOOK FROM THEM) most of the world empires were built from the backs of them same small islands. ….all what Gastonia did was ask sandals to pay its fair share ,maybe he did it a little rough because they just did not realize he was serious. ….Gaston is not lovell or any other minister that would be captivated about getting free pass for you and family for the weekend. …how will theses economys survive if these bbusinesses pay nothing. ..I have a small business and i pay to clear every single thing i want to expand but how can i. …..Sandals management keep outering how much eggs ,cucumber and etc they buy a year from farmers that is part of the deal is that u support local…

  5. i think if us as small business owners have to pay a fair share taxes why does sandals who makes millions dont have to pay. some of us small businesses sometime have to juggle bills and still have obligation of paying taxes. sandals bet if antigua was a hotel and sandals would be considered a guess. would you allow a guess to dont pay anything for 20/25years. only thing i can side sandals on is someone signed that taxfree concession. please note every action brings a reaction. is like sandals now using the fact that workers will be displaced to use against government and know it can be a hit on any politician. but it is unfair to not pay taxes. in america you go jail for these things and they dont care who u are they come for you.

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