Sacking of two State Insurance managers prompts calls for firing of under-performing government ministers, too


REAL NEWS:  There has been widespread public reaction to the news that two senior managers at the State Insurance Corporation have been terminated.

The firings come just days after Prime Minister Gaston Browne made a public announcement that his administration would be sending home four public servants accused of not performing.

Shortly after the news broke on Monday night, November 13, insiders confirmed the termination of accountant Andre Knight and Life manager Janice Hodge.

Media reports are suggesting that the two were dismissed because of the Administration’s lack of confidence in the accuracy of their accounting statements.

This most recent incident comes on the heels of Esworth Martin’s “early dismissal” from his position as General Manager at the Antigua and Barbuda Public Utilities Authority (APUA).

Another top official from a statutory corporation, the Antigua and Barbuda Airport Authority (ABAA), tendered her resignation on Monday, November 13. Euletta Francis called it quits after attacks on her reputation and character by PM Browne, on his affiliated
radio station, last weekend.

Meanwhile, a well-known Antigua Labour Party supporter is praising the actions of the Government, claiming that members of staff are under pressure because certain statutory corporation heads have built little kingdoms and rule with an iron fist.

He is of the opinion that the entire public-service system should be shifted around.

Many persons have agreed – sarcastically – saying that if this is the way the prime minister is going, then he should consider removing the non-performing ministers in his administration, as well.

One critic says many of them need to be given their walking papers, including Minister of Works Maria Browne – for the country’s poor road infrastructure; Minister of Health Sir Molwyn Joseph – for the poor administration of healthcare; Minister of Labour and National
Security Sir Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin – for the increase in criminal activity and poor work conditions; and Minister responsible for APUA Melford Nicholas – for the continued water crisis.

Some persons add that Prime Minister Browne, himself, should be fired for the state of the country’s economy, with inflation resulting in the current high cost of living.

Weighing in, others say that the retirees who are still employed with the Government, including spokesman Lionel “Max” Hurst, should be sent packing and make room for younger people.
Meanwhile, some people are suggesting that the Port Authority and
the Customs and Excise Division should be next for cleansing.

But well-known online commentator Audley Phillip wonders if the
actions taken represent a “cleansing or a purge.”

Phillip notes that the Labour Party was “born out of the bowels of
workers and the labour union … and such firings go against the
spirit of their own movement.”

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    • @Rita Brathwaite: The PM made it clear that he is not concern of one’s political persuasion. Their choice is their rights. However, one has a job to do & so, should allow professionalism to dictate their modus of operandi on the job. If such does not happen then that individual got go and such was done with them. LET ETHICS PREVAIL & DON’T LET POLITICS GET BETWEEN U & THE PEOPLE’S BUSINESS!!!

      • Is it doing one’s job according to ethics and what you were taught in school or what politicians want you to do? There is a big difference, professionalism is seemingly not the issue here.

  1. When you cast a vote for your chosen candidate in an election, you are not only making your voice heard in one of our most cherished civic rituals, but we are also endorsing the fundermental principle of democratic accountability to which government officials are expected to be answerable to the people. In recent decades our faith in that accountability has been shattered and shaken.
    Every other category of workers have a job description and performance clauses so why shouldn’t our elected representatives. It is time that they be held to the same standard as all of us in the job market. It’s only by reclaiming the commitment to democratic accountability can we limit the power of our elected leaders and protect our liberties.

  2. Prime Minister Browne has now made a rod for his own back for the sackings of underperformimg PUBLIC Sector individuals.

    In fact, I welcome it.

    But here’s the rub. If Gaston Browne is getting rid of underperforming outsiders, the citizens of Antigua & Barbuda will now expect him to do likewise with underperforming members of the ABLP.


    Again, I’ll go out on a limb here, if he has any advisors, he needs to 🎶”GET RID AH DEM”🎶 first …

    • Y’all missing the point.
      They were voted back in office in January!
      If John Public wanted them sacked or moved they would be home tending their Gardens.
      By winning the election the PM won the right to make his own decisions. Duh

      • So @ Duh, What you are saying is that the country should accept under performing politicians, and Antiguans and Barbudan’s must say nothing at all?


        • @Brixtonian I’m not saying that you must not say anything at all. Speech is free.
          What I am saying is that he does not have to comply with your wishes. He was just voted back into office. This is a democratic society and he was given the right to make his own decisions as he sees fit by the majority of John Public.
          Or by the election results…. whichever way you want to put it.

      • Are you sure @ Duh. Do you believe that an injustice was done to the people of antigua with the admitted padding of voters list, which resulted in that election result. For the life of me, I can’t understand how so many wrongs seem right to people in this so-called christian society. People see wrong and call it right, then go to church and talk to God.
        Brother Shugy won his seat fair and square, yet he is demomized daily, yet Escariot is elevated. Yet no one sees where this is wrong. And we wonder why our young people are lost.

        • @De-emancipated it is time to Put up or shut up.
          With all those thousands of supporters why can’t you all ever bring real proof? Of anything.
          I want to see factual proof.
          Just chups.
          Both sides need proof when accusing.

  3. Since piss poor performance of civil servants is on the table, let’s start with these in the headline photo. Get the largest dump truck possible, load them all into it and head for the Cooks Landfill. Dump them there and let’s begin anew,hoping that damage they have cause to this country is not irreparable.

  4. Government workers are been paid late for years ,social security payments also very late . Who should be fired ? While cost of living killing us .



    Hear ye! Hear ye!….Ratwell makes this provocative announcement to ‘Watching’ and ‘Frankly Speaking’!
    Would you advocate that the ABLP Executive ‘engineer’ this SWAP:
    MP Chet Greene will take over the title and responsibilities from MP Gaston Browne while he (MP Gaston) becomes responsible for all Foreign Affairs; Agriculture will go to MP Melford Nicholas?

    Let us interact with humility, grace, honesty, good intentions!….Be nice to each other!

    Save our Humanity, Save our Youths, Save our Environment, Save our Soil!!!
    Be safe and well!


  7. Hate to say it but i must agree with Duh – The PM and his ministers were employed by us collectively. We should have fired them in January. Hope we have learned

    • @ Hate to say it

      We did fire them but they stole the election as clearly uttered by the PM when he said he transferred voters in various constituencies to enable his colleagues and hence THE WICKED LABOUR PARTY to win the election.
      This is fraud of the highest order and facilitated by L Simon and the electoral commission. They have not once condemned the PM for what he said or done.

  8. @Ratwell, Chet Green? You can’t be serious! Gaston Browne is a bona-fide dunce. From all reports, Chet Green is worst. Two scholarships to Cuba and the man couldn’t cut it. Word on the street is Chet Green hasn’t worked an honest day in his life. Then there’s the controversy with the TV s and the Olympic money.
    You don’t get it, man. It’s the back of Gaston Browne, his entire cabinet and the flip-flopping, traitors,ass kisses that this nation needs to see. With them gone, the nation can breathe some fresh air


    ‘Watching’, you just gave me a ‘full plate of food’ for thought! ….Thanks!

    Let us interact with humility, grace, honesty, good intentions!….Be nice to each other!

    Save our Humanity, Save our Youths, Save our Environment, Save our Soil!!!
    Be safe and well!



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