Russians To Travel To Antigua Visa-free


Antiguans and Barbudans and Russians will soon be able to travel to each other’s country visa-free, Prime Minister Gaston Browne has said.

Reporting on his recent trip to Russia, the prime minister said he met with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and executed a visa-waiver agreement.

“So Russians, as soon as we gazette this, will be able to travel to Antigua and Barbuda without any visa and similarly Antiguans and Barbudans will be able to travel to Russia on a visa-free basis.”

The prime minister says the agreement should not be viewed as Antigua and Barbuda taking sides in any disagreement with Russia and the United States of America.

“Because I know we have people in Barbados (Embassy) listening let me say We are not getting involved in any politics between Russia and the United States.

We operate on the policy that your enemy is not our enemy,” he said.


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  1. This is really great news, thank you PM Browne for expanding the diplomatic standing of our small-island nation globally. It will be great for our tourism industry to have new tourists coming in from Russia (they love to travel for leisure). Also, this is great for our Antigua and Barbuda passport to have a new country to travel to without the need to get a visa. Our A&B passport is slowly becoming the best in the Caribbean, which is awesome. Now we just need to get visa-free access to China, just like Grenada has. Again, good job PM Browne and the A&B Ministry of Foreign Affairs!

    • This is very good news for the twin island state. Would we be flying straight flight to Russia from Antigua without stopping off in another country/countries?? Would we be needing visa for these countries if we don’t have a straight flight from ANU to Russia??

  2. Can someone please wake me up when we get visa free access to the USA and Canada.
    We all know this aint gonna happen under ALP anyway.
    How is a passport that cannot travel to Canada visa free becoming the best in the Caribbean.
    ALP can only get visa access to dem screwed up countries that they know antiguans dont travel to like Russia and Ukraine… who da fx3! want to go to Russia and Ukraine?????????

    • For resources, don’t believe what you see on main stream media. There is lots to offer, what has the US done for us or the region lately besides chipping at Caricom?

    • Is Canada and the USA the only places you want to visit? There’s a whole world out there….branch out. You might actually realize that the world does not revolve around Canada and the USA.

      • Good statement @Aladdin. I would love to visit Russia someday. My concerns right now is that would be flying straight from ANU to Russia non-stop? Or do we need a visa for the country we may have to connect to before reaching Russia?

    • You think America and Canada are the only countries in the world? What are they doing for us? You might not want to visit those countries but I can tell you that I’ve visited Ukraine and I really enjoyed my time there.
      They’re plenty of middle class/rich Russians out there and if we can tap that market it would be great for our tourism.

    • America is a whole set of rules by itself. America is not gonna allow a bunch of people without proper documentation to enter their country. Especially when y’all like to go and nuh come back. The >American< embassy controls the visa access not the Antiguan embassy. Russia is just one of those really big countries who are nice enough.

    • “We all know this aint gonna happen under ALP anyway.”

      So vote for UPP so it can happen under Harold Lovell then nuh.

  3. I’m so not 4 this ……who in Antigua would want to travel to Russia and 4 what reason ….do we speak Russian SMFH…….Antigua again gonna be under microscope for some scamming of passport fuckery……

    • Antigua citizens work for major international corporations all around the world. I know many Antiguan’s that are very happy about this visa-waiver agreement with Russia because Russia is one of the hardest countries in the world to get a visa. Also, this is great for Antigua’s tourism industry, because now Russians can visit Antigua for holidays without needing to get a visa.

      • Beautiful written. I would love to visit Russia someday and the other countries in that same hemisphere. I am not a supporter of this political government but I would give Jack-His-Jack. Good move Mr. PM.

  4. Russia!!!! PPL here struggling to buy a ticket to go USA, Canada n U.K. so how them go mek the ticket money for Russia. Somebody help me here. Oh one more thing what does Russia have to offer our ppl here

    • Well everyone is not struggling to buy tickets to USA Canada etc. Some open minded Antiguan people would like to visit other countries other that USA etc. The world have so much more to offer.
      What does Russia have to offer our ppl? Spending their oil money in our country! That’s what they have to offer!

  5. No one is forcing you to go. The option exists. Whether you take advantage of it or not is another thing entirely. #CommonSense

  6. Russia, Colombia ok great news….

    But what about Haiti a CARICOM country?

    And all the people that fighting for reparations take a look at this list of countries that still require a visa:
    Central African Republic
    Democratic republic of Congo
    Sierea Leon

    You know it is strange how we call ourselves African. Remember all the talk around the CCJ?
    Haiti is next door and still require a visa so.
    So much for African unity.
    By the way I wonder why the President of Ghana did not visit Antigua on his Caribbean tour? Ask Sir Ralp the Portuguese…..

    • I believed that all Caribbean islands should have free-visa access to all African nations…our mother land.

      • Let’s take it one at a time, I’m sure we’re working with African countries for visa free access as well.

  7. Did I hear a caller on VOP today say that we never needed a visa for Russia?
    If that is true, did the PM give us wrong information?

  8. Russians never required a visa to come to Antigua. We needed a visa to travel to Russia and now we don’t which is great news as it was always a pain to get a Russian visa which was only good for the length of your stay. They never gave visas for 5 and 10 year like America or Canada.

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