Russian Oligarch’s yacht reportedly spotted in Antigua


Tweet from Feb 21


Russian Oligarchs Are on the Run

How the Twitterverse is taking Russian billionaires to task

As rockets fall and tanks roll on the cities and towns of Ukraine, the rest of the world has borne witness with an unprecedented intensity, due almost entirely to the internet.

Anyone who has scrolled social media in the last few days has seen dozens of disturbing images from the ground in Ukraine, protests from St. Petersburg to Sydney to Times Square, and iconic buildings around the globe illuminated in blue and yellow.

Plus there is the intel gleaned from Twitter and foreign news organizations that are now more globally available than ever, not to mention the internet’s own direct role in the conflict—reports of Ukrainian hackers combating Russian propaganda and Anonymous taking over Russian airwaves to play the Ukrainian national anthem, to name two examples.

In one of the latest displays of the power of the internet, a Twitter account called Russian Oligarch Jets appeared just yesterday that tracks the current movement of the private aircraft of the likes of Roman Abramovich (one of his jets landed in Latvia yesterday) and Alexander Abramov (one of his planes recently landed in Abu Dhabi, another in Munich).

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    • Release a statement for what? What is the big deal? Do we have a ban on Russian citizens visiting Antigua? Do you see how they are treating the black Africans in Ukraine? Did we block other BIG countries citizens when they invaded places like Iraq? Such hypocrisy!!!

  1. They won’t make any statement because they lie…that same Russian boat was registered in st vincent and almost got destroy is France by a student…now they put it on antigua news room….from France day before yesterday its in antigua yesterday? Smh

    • The information is verifiable. You can track the super yacht yourself using its IMO 1012983

    • @Skyewill…in the meantime, America resume bombing of Somalia with drones last week, looking for terrorist.
      Where was the outrage in the Caribbean when Libya/Kadaffi was being destroyed by the Clinton Gang to take Libya’s gold and oil reserves?
      Where is the outrage for the CIA’s supporting the conflicts in Ethiopia?

      Where’s the outrage by Caribbean Nations and Nationals for the #SYSTEMATIC destruction of America’s own Black neighbourhoods with drugs from the pharmaceutical companies, the guns from the like 👍🏽 of Remington, Halliburton etc?
      These neighbourhoods are like WAR ZONES too

  2. @Skyewill: The “will ” is not there like back in the 60’s.Back then the people had balls and backbones. Now,most of them are balls-less and spineless. The women have more cojones than the men,now.

  3. Antigua is a continent! You ever hear anything international and scandalous without Antigua name?

  4. Who was chasing after the American billionaires yachts when America was bombing the hell out of Libya and Iraq? I just yarn at America and it’s allies with their hypocrisy.

      • America has something called the Monroe Doctrine. Remember the Cuban missile crisis? I do not condone war with the resulting destruction of lives and property. Why does Ukraine have to joint Nato or have foreign missiles close to Russia. Ukraine is being used by the west to cut off Russian oil sales to Europe to create a market for US and Israel oil. The Middle East and a lot of Europe depend on Ukrainian wheat. If this war continues, there will be food shortages.

  5. Why would those yachts be in Russia? It is not uncommon for them to be in the Caribbean. Look how ready we are to judge.
    Smdh. Half of you don’t even understand this conflict and the history behind how it has reached this stage.

  6. That is NOT a recent photo. I live here, and those are not the boats currently on the docks. The vessel looks like Anna, which comes and goes. These boats are important to our economy. We are not part of EU, or NATO, and have NOT declared war on Russia or sanctions.
    Until we have, let them be.

  7. If you stand with Ukraine, then you ALSO stand with, and support:

    Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, the Rothschilds, corruption, rigged elections, The United Nations, Climate Change, vaccine mandates, The New World Order, Global Digital Currency, Social Credit System‘, BigPharma, BigTech, the mainstream media, Central Banks, money laundering, pedophilia, child trafficking, bio-weapons, Satanism and tyranny!

  8. If this war continues, Ukraine will unfortunately suffer the same fate as Libya. Iraq, Syrian and the Balkans. Which countries were responsible for their destruction and in some cases the thief of their gold and oil? Where was the outcry?

  9. Get ready to welcome the oligarchs. Start practicing the little Russian you know and work out the exchange rapt of the ruble to EC$. Fo sure, you know they will be told bring the money and come. The Darg will sniff them out in record time and help them to get set up here.
    Hope Singh does not get thrown out for a higher paying tenant

  10. Dead composed subject material, thank you for entropy. “In the fight between you and the world, back the world.” by Frank Zappa.

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