Runway 10 Development Company engage Aviation Entrepreneurs


by Makeda Mikael


Runway 10 Development Company is on a mission to develop V.C.Bird International Airport’s General Aviation by creating a business platform for Antigua’s aviation entrepreneurs.

The mission set to coincide with the celebration of our 41st anniversary of Independence, is the gifting of 33 years of aviation experience of the owners of Runway 10 lands, in a proposed development with Antigua’s Aviation entrepreneurs.

Inspired by a new direction for generational wealth proposed by a local investment platform soon to be launched in December, Antigua Hangars Inc. owner of 26 plus acres of lands around the 5000 ft runway owned by the Government, is among the first locally owned companies to be involved and act upon it.

Engagement has begun with several operators of General Aviation Services expressing need for operating space to further develop and uplift aviation in Antigua.

Runway 10 Development Company welcomes the interest expressed by all those who are investing, and those enquiring about opportunities.

We are mindful of the great history made in Aviation by a pioneer hailing from the island of St. Kitts, Sir Frank Delisle, who started LIAT from two islands which only had landing strips, Montserrat and Barbuda.

Runway 10, now Dis-used, must honour this man who created LIAT, and also re-activated the U.S. abandoned runway by establishing his charter airline Carib Aviation on Runway 10.

To this end, the program to encourage the development of Runway 10 by Antiguan aviation entrepreneurs, shall include a project to have the Government recognize him by renaming Runway 10, the Frank Delisle Private Airport.


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