COMMENTARY: The Dreaded Killer Burger Part 1

James shortly after being captured by police


When Donavan resident, Calvin ‘Burger’ James 53, became a fugitive from justice, it was not for reasons of his exploits of a specially developed, but skillful sleight of hands. Such skillfulness has seen the wallets of many innocent participants, deceptively lured into playing a virtually controlled and unwinnable game of chance. Those that had participated had often come to the realization that they had done so perilously. With relative ease and dexterity, the game of chance was performed with ‘…one coin, manipulated under three bottle caps in full public view or interchangeably, with three playing cards skillfully, but deceptively shifted with almost lightning speed, creating illusions on players’ mind as seen through the eyes.


Mysticism has always been part of ‘Burger’s’ forte, mastered over 30 years. In spite of streaks of losing, controllably, he allowed for marginal winnings. This was objectively and cleverly done, in appeasing confused minds, yet geared toward influencing continuing play by unsuspecting gamesters. In other non-gaming activities, confidential discussions suggested that ‘Burger’ had driven a ‘…Wedge of Fear’ between a number of people and law enforcement. With a raucous tone of voice and whatever else he may have brandished, in the thoughts and hearts of many, exists a reign of terror. That appeared to have been ‘Burger’s philosophy. He appeared imposing as he may have been demanding. To a distraught man, adversaries shall be wary of his next move. This was often surreptitiously done.


This commentary comprehensively looks at some intriguing and interesting developments surrounding the welcomed capture of one of the nation’s most dangerous criminals. Though his capture was necessary in making him amenable to justice, how and by whom the evasive fugitive was captured, bears no significant evidential value to the criminal acts allegedly committed at Donavan [October 5, 2018]. When he appears at the Bar for trial, it would have been on serious indictments by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). He could never be indicted for running and hiding from law enforcement. He stands accused of ‘…Shooting and murdering two females ‘…niece Tahisha Thomas and Sanchezca Charles and attempted to kill nephew Laurence James’ [ANR: October 5, 2018].


Ineta Liburd may have blamed her daughter Tahisha Thomas then 27, tragic death, partially on her uncle’s wrath and the inordinate delay in putting him on Jury trial. This was more than a grim reminder of the ‘…vicious Taser and brutal cutlass attack on the deceased and herself that had left them seriously wounded, sending them for medically institutionalized care at the Mount St. John Medical Center (MSJMC) [May 28, 2015: OMG: June 3, 2015]. Contending with grief for a fatally wounded daughter and hiding from the threat of death, she became mortally afraid of her ‘…Killer Burger’ brother. Though he had enjoyed the constitutional right to bail, many felt that the legal justice system had failed mother and daughter with ‘…Contemptible Injustice.’


Incidentally, when ‘Burger took flight from justice, this was reportedly due to a long running feud with Sister, Ineta Liburd. The feud resulted from inherited family land that firstly, had resulted in an alleged ‘…Taser and vicious cutlass attack’ on his sister and niece [May 28, 2015]. Seemingly, the feud continued unabated, precipitated a ‘…deadly gun attack.’ This left two people dead and one seriously wounded and a sister drafted into ‘…Witness Protection Programme,’ resulted in a change of residency. The feud still remains unresolved, as has been trial on indictment for the 2015 taser/cutlass attack for which he was indicted. While on bail with restrictive conditions, this may have provided opportunities for ‘Burger’ to have developed himself into a Cold-blooded Killer. There was adequate time to devise an implementable plan of attack.


Given developments that appeared to have impacted his life and disturbed his peace of mind, he would not only have been in conflict with scriptural teachings, but also in conflict with his conscience. In heaven, there is no pain, suffering or sorrow; …no quarreling, tormenting and fighting.’ It is a place of heavenly peace and sweet rest. On earth ‘God’ knows that there will be trials and tribulations. With many things to do, He said ‘…My spirit will not always contend with man’ [Genesis 6: 3]. He knows that at any time His Spirit departs from man, feelings of intolerance would bring grief, even to siblings. He admonishes, ‘…Vengeance is Mine’ [Romans 12: 19]. Both appeared to have abandoned prayer for the spirit of reconciliation to enter into their hearts. It was also obvious that ‘Burger’ could not wait for the Lord God to come to ‘…Exact Vengeance’ on his sister Ineta Liburd that had provoked his wrath. Such conclusions were reached with the tragic shooting of the two young ladies and a male [October 5, 2018].


In spite of creating him in His image and likeness, ‘…God is not Burger and Burger is not God.’ Therefore, deviating from God’s commandments, ‘…Thou shall not covet; and …Thou shall not kill,’ rather than praying to God to give him more wisdom and understanding, tolerance and restraint, Burger may have been asking the devil to influence God’s spirit depart from him. Anything to do with ‘…Vengeance,’ God were to be left completely out. He knows that God abhors evil and evil-doers. This was no time to take anything to Him in prayer. Given that which they had been fighting for, it is more likely that God may have been inclined to send either himself or his sister or both of them to hell. Burger knows that God has implore those that love him to ‘…Shun the very presence of evil’ [Thessalonians 5: 22]. Evil appeared to have saturated his thoughts, a suggestion that he would behave evil. Thus, he had completely ignored that which God has appointed unto Himself to perpetrate violence against his family.


Whether or not ‘Burger’ could have avoided confrontation with one of his siblings is left to speculation. Someone or something had provoked him to anger and his wrath descended with deadly consequences. It all began with the erection of ‘…Two Wall Pillars’ on occupied inherited family land by sibling Ineta Liburd. They had reportedly made entry with his visibly painted pink car convertible impassable. In futility, he pleaded and quarreled for their removal. Seemingly, he concluded that plea and quarrel were useless. Very sadly, these were to become the ‘…Pillars of Death.’ With the situation causing mounting frustration and no resolution in sight, reasonable inferences might be drawn that ‘Burger’ went into pre-meditation. Unseen spirits may have told him, whether or not prior funeral arrangements or subsequent arrangements were to be made, some preparations would have to be made.


Possessing a stolen loaded .38 Special pistol, as ammunition would allow, ‘Burger intended to reduce the number in his family. However, his primary targets were Sister Ineta Liburd and niece Tahisha Thomas. Closure shall be brought to the long-running land dispute. Irrespective of consequences, it was apparent that the feud had to be settled. The victims had been identified and the ‘…Die of Death’ appeared to have been cast. With a loaded .38 Special handgun, ‘…..breathing fire and brimstone’ [Bishop Charlesworth Browne], only shortage of ammunition or immediate arrest may have been seen as obstacles.Seemingly in a vengeful state of mind, though he had no control over nature, the double-murder accused may have been just anxious to see the light of day. With clear pre-meditated intent, he had been as deadly as a Texas cowboy. Some three years after the previous brutal cutlass attack, and shortly before Jury trial, ‘Burger’ struck with ‘…Nerve-Shattering Vengeance.’


Though non-siblings were not targeted by the ‘…Trigger-Crazy Burger,’ stray bullets often find the innocent. With such awareness, residents in the immediate vicinity reportedly ran for cover. Even so, he seemingly had no intention in extending his wrath upon them. In Burger’s conceptualized Kingdom, such association with his sister, including offspring and friends, constituted treason. Everyone and anyone who may have been seen as associating with his sister appeared to have been deemed to have associated with an enemy. Though it has nothing to do with allegiance and there was no classification in family affairs as treason, an irate man often saw association with persons adverse to the full enjoyment of life, as treason. In a realm, association with the King’s or Queen’s enemies brings the treasonable penalty of death. Criminally, the element of this offence is ‘…treachery. Seemingly moved by a heart filled with pent-up rage,’ he had released it on his family with deadly consequences.


When ‘…Burger’s Wrath ‘descended, not only had surviving family and community members were sent into instant shock. A frantic sister went into hiding from a raging brother. This came in the early hours of Friday morning, October 5, 2018 the nation was jolted into shock and awe as tragedy struck. It was due to an apparent irate ‘Burger.’ Reportedly, after rapidity of gunfire, two people were left dead, one instantly; the other subsequently. Fortuitously, a male victim survived the onslaught to escape with a gunshot injury to the mouth. Instantaneously, somberness came upon the Donavan’s community. The malice was transferred and visited upon her daughter, a nephew and a female family friend. Both females were said to have been in their early twenty’s. The bell had toll, leaving many to weep and wail, while the bereaved family contended with mourning and grieving. Residents were left devastated by the unfolding events.


With the shooting death of daughter Tahisha Thomas, this had renewed fear in her bereaved mother Ineta Liburd. This was as disquieting as it was frightening and unnerving. Among her immediate concerns were, (i) …Not knowing his whereabouts; and (ii) …Where to safely go to escape from a rampaging ‘…Killer Brother.’ She knew that there had to be a place to secretly hide. Consequently, this allowed for her to keep away from the sights of the illegally-possessed firearm. The fugitive’s sister knew that her brother, nicknamed ‘Burger’ was not the juicy ones sold at ‘Burger King,’ and therefore wanted nothing name or no one call ‘Burger. She also knew that that he was ‘…Reckless and Ruthless’ in speech and action. Believing that the worse of his wrath would mercilessly descend upon her, she took evasive action. Stricken by un-imaginary fear, she was subsequently inducted into the ‘…Witness Protection Scheme.’


The attacker had missed his main target sister Ineta Liburd, who fortuitously was absent. Not likened to a mighty warrior, he reportedly removed himself from the scene. With specialized training and superior firepower, an anticipating ‘Burger’ took flight in an unattended motor vehicle, left with its engine running. Whether for mechanical and/or other operable condition, abandoning such vehicle, he reportedly brandished a firearm at a motorist, thereby relieving him of his motor vehicle. In incidents like these, public safety dictated a target measured police response. Foremost was apprehending ‘Burger’ before he strikes at his sister.Then a manhunt began to capture the ‘…Running Burger’ had been launched.’ The entire nation became frantic over the tragic developments and shared the pain and sorrow.


The dangerous killer was on the ‘…Loose for over 90 Days.’ Likened to the hymn, ‘…Ninety and Nine,’ the one that had strayed away, had to be sought to be safely lay. With expectations of early capture, public sentiments, some appearing somewhat barbaric, such were consistent with public expectations of swift justice. For just over three months, while police were on the hunt for a ‘…grill-free Burger,’ citizens were on the lookout for sightings. While the public had been duly warned of danger, appeals had been made to alert them for information leading to his arrest. They were advised not to engage him in any contact or to challenge him in any way. Law enforcement simply needed public support and cooperation. In order to stimulate public interest, Law enforcement rightly offered a worthwhile motivator.

INCENTIVISED REWARD                       

For information on sightings or whereabouts of the reportedly ‘…Armed and Dangerous’ fugitive, though considered a meager sum, law enforcement offered members of the public an EC$25, 000 Reward. Then out of concern for public safety, noted civic-minded businessman, the recently knighted Sir George Ryan KCN voluntarily gave assurances to law enforcement in providing some ‘…financial assistance.’ If it was expected that a matching sum would have been consider, they may have abused the concept called ‘reasonableness’ as to have been seen as extending their expectations. Universally, it has been the public that law enforcement agencies have been constantly calling to provide informational assistance, as it affects crime and criminals.


There are some happenings that may appear stranger than fiction, but factually, with prima facie evidence, they are manifestly true. Man has come to accept that in stormy or inclement weather or to alert humans of nature’s impending wrath, there are usually, ’…Lightning and Thunder.’ The former flashes, while the latter rolls. They were known to have produced fear in humans.  As it affects productivity in the workplace, some workers produce and some do not. Extend to law enforcement, officers that are highly motivated and committed, are also highly productive. Then there are those that are marginally productive. Then there are still others that are virtually ‘…non-productive.’ There might be a problem with the moon or with the way it shines to provide the ‘…poor man’s light.’ Disguising a familiar police jargon, if someone was on the ‘…Moon’ and it was ‘…Lighting,’ logic dictates that only those occupying the earth could see the spectacle of an eclipse that brings upon earth darkness and then light. Only nature can deal with such phenomenon. Conversely, as it affects a person’s work attitude, only effective management can deal with it. To be continued…

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