Royal Caribbean To Build First Of Its Kind Facility Near Fort James


Royal Caribbean announced the first of its Royal Beach Club in Antigua, which will open along a half-mile of beachfront near Fort James.

The company signed a memorandum of understanding with the government of Antigua and Barbuda for the project, which is scheduled to open in 2021.

Built for Royal Caribbean International guests, The Royal Beach Club at Fort James will combine Antigua’s famous beaches with the cruise line’s signature service and amenities.

Curated as the ultimate beach experience, the Royal Beach Club Collection will bring the unique features and flavors of each destination to life. In Antigua, guests can take in the island’s exceptional views from private cabanas or plunge into a stunning pool and swim up to the bar to order a classic rum punch.

The Royal Beach Club concept builds on the remarkable success of Royal Caribbean’s new Perfect Day at CocoCay in the Bahamas but will be a distinctly different experience for guests.

Though Royal does not expect to release specific designs for the Antigua destination for several months, the company expects to offer regional fare, island-style BBQs and live music, along with unforgettable experiences, including such thrills as wave runners, paddle boarding, snorkeling, a family splash pad and stunning pool with swim-up bar.



    • Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! “My People, we are free this night. But Freedom cannot exist without responsibility. The full burden of our freedom now rests squarely upon our shoulders. what we do with that freedom is our responsibility, we can blame no other. … // The ultimate safeguard of independence is productivity. This nation born again tonight, must commit itself to work and to work hard. For if we fail to do so, the consequence of our failure will be dependence on a new master who will, once again, dictate our policies and direct our affairs.//We must not have Struggled so long and with such fortitude to exchange one master for another!” VC Bird Independence Speech November 01, 1981! How Fitting and Timely!

      The Engineering term for this new incursion is “The Thin Edge Of The Wedge!”

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      For those who wish to learn of the Plans of these Privateers sailing the Caribbean Seas, given that ANR does not publish my comments with URL’s, you are directed to find:
      Royal Caribbean’s Caribbean Waterfront Projects & Latin American Ports AAPA July 2009; and,
      Royal Caribbean Cruise Port Investments & Privatization Examples July 2011!

      CDB has published and in-depth analysis, findings and recommendations in ‘TRANSFORMING THE CARIBBEAN PORT SERVICES INDUSTRY: TOWARDS THE EFFICIENCY FRONTIER which is not for the faint of heart and those reveling in the 280 Character comment!

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  1. Royal Caribbean ‘s Labadee Private Resort in Haiti is amazing. If this is the same concept, then it will be a sure winner.


  3. The taxi drivers had better apply to Royal Caribbean to become vendors at this facility.Because there would be less taxi work for them going forward.

  4. This will be royal Caribbean property for royal Caribbean guests with royal Caribbean staff.if Gaston thinks we getting anything out of this he got fooled as usual.

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