Royal Caribbean cancels cruises after another COVID-19 crisis


The cruise line industry can’t seem to shake free of the COVID-19 calamity.

Royal Caribbean has announced that its Odyssey of the Seas ship that was supposed to start simulated cruising later this month with a resumption of revenue-generating voyages on July 3 won’t get going again until the end of July at the earliest.

Eight crew members have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Royal Caribbean is making sure that its staff is fully vaccinated, but the eight employees had not reached the point where the shots were fully effective.

Sailing into the sea of unknown

The good news is that six of the crew members who tested positive for the virus are asymptomatic and the other two are only displaying mild symptoms. The timeline of when the shots were administered, on June 4, would have ensured that all crew members were fully vaccinated by the date of the test sailing two weeks from now.

However, if partially vaccinated crew members are coming down with COVID-19 what do you think will happen with Florida sailings when they begin later this summer? Florida’s governor has threatened to fine cruise lines for requiring proof of vaccinations for passengers, throwing a wrench into the restart process.

Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings have regulatory clearance to get going again if they have at least 95% of their passengers fully vaccinated, but they can’t sail with that benchmark in place out of Florida — the state where all three of the major cruise lines are headquartered and the home of many of the cruising industry’s most popular ports.

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  1. Covid IS still with us.
    Please don’t relax your mask space sanitize protocols and consider getting vaccinated.
    It’ll be a while before Covid is on our rear view mirror.

  2. This report is rubbish.

    1 A fully vaccinated person can contract and pass on the virus.

    2 If that is true. Testing will prove that theory right when a fully vaccinated person test positive.

    3 if 100% is vaccinated what is the problem?

    4 I thought the reason for the vaccination was to protect an individual.

    None of this is making any sense any more.

    • 👊🏾@Melchesidec…

      Covid-19 is a business modeled and tweaked from the #ROARING 20’s(1900 – 1950)

      The etymology of a word speaks volumes …
      1…COV – (prefix) Coefficient of Variance(mathematical equation used in statistics, finance, marketing, sales. When plotted on an (X,Y) graph, it’s the same exact curve used by the Media to describe the movements of the PLANdemic!

      2…ID – (root)
      (i) IDENTIFICATION – the vaccines certificate. You said it in an earlier post of yours, “vaccinated against unvaccinated.)
      (ii) ID – the ego in psychology(pay attention to all of the arrogance surrounding and displayed by those charged with management of this Comoany – COVID-19.

      3…Numerology is very significant in the decision makings of the Oligarchs, plutocrats and Medium/Media. The 1 and 9(first and last) the first shall be the last, and the last shall be the first, as they pass through the ZERO point, the polarity changes.

      COVID-19 is a business!

  3. Something does not add up, if they aren’t allowed to travel with without their vaccine, how is it that the fully vaxx are still catching it unless they are putting that out there to let people know that they want everyone to be vaxx just to keep their % up. I don’t need cruise or plane nothing is not getting away apart from covid-19. Everything is being put in place for the anti Christ, people don’t be fooled keep your lamps lit with enough oil, for our LORD AND SAVIOUR IS ON HIS WAY. KEEP WATCH. GOOD BLESS

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