Roti King Owner Shares Post-Robbery Ordeal: Calls for End to Rising Crime and Urges Youth to Choose a Better Path”

Roti King

Roti King Owner Shares Post-Robbery Ordeal: Calls for End to Rising Crime and Urges Youth to Choose a Better Path

Shira Tahir-Nelson, the owner of the popular food franchise Roti King, broke her silence in an interview with Observer media, recounting the harrowing experience of being robbed at gunpoint five days prior.

The incident took place on a Saturday when two men entered the restaurant and stole EC$3,000 in cash along with tickets to the highly anticipated annual event, Farmers Only.

The courageous actions of a nearby officer who engaged the robbers in a firefight have received widespread praise.

Unfortunately, the officer sustained a gunshot wound below his right knee and was rushed to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center (SLBMC) for treatment. Meanwhile, the two perpetrators managed to flee the scene.

Tahir-Nelson expressed her ongoing trauma following the incident, revealing that she still has vivid images of the robber approaching her whenever she closes her eyes to sleep. She shared her hope and prayers to overcome this ordeal in due time.

While her primary focus is on resuming normal operations and serving customers, she admitted to becoming more vigilant and closely scrutinizing individuals entering her store on a subconscious level.

Although the owners of Roti King have faced previous break-ins, this was the first instance where their safety was threatened with a firearm.

Tahir-Nelson confessed that she does not know how she would react if given the chance to speak with the robbers, as she has been processing the incident and trying to regain her equilibrium.

Expressing gratitude for the presence of the nearby officer, she acknowledged that the situation could have escalated into something far worse.

While this marked the first time she and her loved ones faced such a menacing threat, Tahir-Nelson highlighted a disturbing trend of young people wielding weapons against individuals and businesses, which has been observed throughout the year.

Tahir-Nelson raised concerns about the negative impact of this surge in criminal activity on tourism and urged young people to reject antisocial behaviors.

She emphasized the importance of young individuals reflecting on what is right and wrong, cautioning against the misguided notion of emulating a parent’s criminal past.

She also addressed the influence of materialistic desires, stating that many youths covet expensive shoes and phones, leading them to engage in unlawful activities if their parents cannot afford such luxuries.

Tahir-Nelson urged young people to resist the temptations portrayed in the media and the negative influences of their peers.

In a positive development, the police have announced the arrest of two suspects connected to the robbery, and investigations into the matter are ongoing.

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  1. I hear you Tahir, these low-life criminals have no idea what it takes to start a business, run a business and then to keep it running. I can imagine the hard graft and sacrifice you’ve made to get where you are today.

    All these crooks know is wanton destruction.

    Do not let this scum deter you from your ongoing goals and endgame for you and your family. I for one will continue to frequent your business, like many other patrons.

    Continued Blessings from one businessperson to another 🙏

  2. Blame the high unemployment and successive government policies….Oh I bet these thugs smoke marijuana.

  3. How does smoking marujuana influence crime. For your informatiin plenty hard working people especially in the construction industry smoke. Guess the thugs robbing the country blind as well smoke weed as well.

  4. May God give you the strength and courage to continue my dear. I know it’s going to be tough psychology going forward but stick to it. Don’t you dear let these thugs win. Miss your food . I’m in Georgia and can’t get a good roti

  5. This is a really a sad commentary that’s going on I’m Antigua
    Criminals like to prey on the vulnerable to get easy money that they did not work for!!
    A word to business owners, do not keep so much cash in your registers!!

  6. Words of advice for business owners and residents. Keep minimum cash and jewelry in your possessions. Install video surveillance with microphones. It may appear that criminals are ahead of the game now, but if nationals begin to fight back…the cowards will back down.

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