Rodney Says Antigua Is Still A Safe Place

Pictured from left to right: Constable Zamfir Carr, Commissioner Atlee Rodney, Assistant Commissioner Elvis Weaver and Corporal Nigel Carty

Hard on the heels of the killing of a Customs officer Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney is reaffirming the safety of Antigua & Barbuda.

He made the rounds on various media houses this morning .

“(Antigua) is very much still a safe place. It’s going to be a hard sell but I think generally Antigua is still a safe place and a good place to be,” Rodney said on Observer Radio Tuesday morning.

He added, “We have been doing extremely well this year so far” in terms of crime.

“It’s so sad to start July like that. At the end of June we had 313 less cases [of general reports of crime] compared to 2019,” Rodney said.

“In terms of every area, the only area that had an increase, unfortunately, was murder, during the same six-month period. Between January and June last year, at that stage we had two murders. At the end of June we had five. Going into July we have six now for the year. That was the only area of crime that we had an increase. Every other area, there was a drastic  decrease. If you look at our statistics for 1st January to the 30th of June 2019 and then 2020, there was a big decrease.

“In terms of the homicides we had three violence [incidents] in broad daylight,” the Commissioner added.

Rodney said it is time “we as a nation must tell them enough is enough and we have to stand up and say enough is enough, that we cannot condone that type of behaviour in Antigua.”

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  1. When is the state going to resume killing the killers? I speak of legal conviction and legal execution. Killing must be seen as a death sentence. (upon legal conviction)

  2. Safe for who?
    The one’s going about their lives not Speaking out against corrupt cops/ government officials and any wrongdoing. Just going along to get along.
    Rodney I’m still waiting to see what changes your going to make to the police force. One custom officer was shot before one was murder last week and nothing from the police but the gall to demand wages increase. Bruce was murder by a joint task force and no arrest was made when you knew who the officers were that had him in custody, if it was for eye witness they would’ve still been on the streets.
    Do your damn jobs like the two customs officers that got shot, one survived and one died may his soul Rest In Peace.
    Question are you corrupt also?

  3. The thing that bothers me about this issue that everyone knows that there is corruption within Customs. Antigua is too small to not know. (yes there is within all levels of government but let’s talk customs now).

    Those that do wrong know that they are doing wrong and it’s covered up if you can and are willing to pay the right price and receive the right price. OFFICERS if you know something SAY something. Don’t let your brother fall for nothing. By saying and doing nothing, you are just as guilty as the ones who kidnap him, beat him and shot him. How many more people must die among you before you speak out.

  4. Is it really so,Commissioner of Police.Why so many persons have disappeared and have not been found to this day in Antigua.When was the last time you as the Commissioner of Police.Went out on a midnight patrol with your men.Are you working a 9 to 5 daily at a desk?

  5. it is not safe for certain citizens when members in the police take advantage of the fact that they have the law behind them so they can speak to people disrespectfully, kick and gun butt people with no consequences. Most of them have an agenda and the law only applies to certain people.

  6. I think it is time for Antigua to be honest with the reality that the influx of Jamaican and Dominican Republic immigrants has increased weird crime and overall decreases in our quality of life. The population of Antigua has surged in the last decade and it isn’t from Antigua citizens having babies!

    The time has come to seriously restrict immigration from Jamaica and D.R. – we need a new political party that will actually stand up for protecting Antigua CITIZENS!

  7. Safe? People can’t walk around and do what they did back in the 70’s and 80’s How is Antigua safe?

  8. Mr Commissioner you can quote all the stats about how safe Antigua is .the people will forget all that with Just one horrible crime.One thing I learned in business and politics ethics SOMETIMES PERCEPTION IS WORST THAN REALITY

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