Robotics Could Be Used To Ease Parking Problems In St. John’s


A US firm titled Smart City Robotics with extensive experience in more than 30 countries, providing computerized parking solutions for cities with limited street-parking spaces, was invited to make a pitch to the Cabinet.

The firm uses hydraulic lifts and other complex metal structures to multiply the number of parking spaces available in vacant plots or even on streets, when single on-street parking spaces is easily exhausted.

The cars would be assigned an available space by a computer, and the robotic systems would move the car from entry to a space that may be several stories above ground zero. The Cabinet listened attentively and determined that the firm’s systems may have utility in Antigua.

The two principals were dispatched to the Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board (ABTB) to hold discussions with ABTB’s general manager, and for an assessment to be made by the ABTB.

The firm also plans to manufacture the lifts and other metal parts that are relied upon to perfect their systems, right here in Antigua; they have visited a machine shop with capability to mass manufacture the systems for domestic consumption and for export to other countries in the region.



  1. Yes it can. But we live in a country where we couldn’t even build a regular parking lot, we can’t fix the roads, every building under construction is delayed severely and under major cost overruns. Then there’s slow internet and and questionable utility services, so yeah, go build computerised parking lot.

    • Dis a come in like wan John I Martin move..start build something STOP, Building another something STOP, Build another something STOP..Do you see a pattern?

  2. No traffic meters yet but we looking at such?

    This is like planning a trip to the space station in liat.

    And the cabinet actually entertained that discussion?

  3. What happened to the project of building the parking garage at east bus station , what happen to the building, why is it not done yet why start another project before finishing this one first, and utilize the space around the building also , pave part of the field for parking . Fixing the roads will not change the lack of parking.

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