Robinson’s Termination Cost Him His Pension

Suspended Police Commissioner Wendell Robinson

Wendel Robinson was fired yesterday, after serving 32 years as a police officer, without pension.

In a letter, dated November 25th, 2019 by Chairman of the Police Service Commission (PSC), Kelvin John said Robinson was being removed from office in the public interest.

In the letter to Robsinson, John stated that the suspended officer that the treatment of his entitlement to pension is documented in “Section 7 of the Pensions Act”, which states that “Where an officer’s service is terminated on the grounds that… such termination is desirable in the public interest, and a pension, gratuity or other allowance cannot otherwise be granted to him under the provisions of this Act”.

According to that Act, the Governor-General may, if he thinks fit, grant pension, gratuity or other allowance “as he thinks just and proper”, not exceeding the amount that the officer would receive, had he retired from the public service.

He was suspended nearly two years ago over allegations of misconduct in office but the court ordered that he be reinstated.

Instead of following the order of the court, the PSC suspended him again.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne called on Robinson to accept a negotiated settlement.





      Just Saying, it is still early days yet for the enjoyment of ‘…Retirement Benefits.’

      The ‘…terminated’ Commissioner’s pension would not have kicked in until he attains the ‘…Mandatory Age of Retirement of 60 years.

      What he would have enjoyed had he been forced into retirement in the Public Interest’ would have been;

      (a) ‘…his vacation leave entitlement; or

      (b) …Considered for payment in lieu of a portion of such vacation leave entitlement;

      (c) …Expensive-paid Leave Passage Grant to travel to the United Kingdom; and

      (d) …Most importantly, his ‘…Gratuity’ for the 32 years of service to the nation, (usually a lump some of money).
      This is when the nation and people would say, ‘…Thank You’ for all you have done.

      From ‘…privilege information,’ this has been computed to be in the sum of approximately ‘…EC$216, 000.’

      The irony of all this, is that three of his former colleagues on the Police Service Commission (PSC);
      (i) …former Deputy Commissioner James Hill;

      (ii) …former Superintendent Cosmos Marcelle; and

      (iii) …former Inspector Claudette Brathwaite-Mason’ have all received their;

      (a) ‘…Gratuity;and (b) …receiving Pension.’

      These persons currently sit as ‘Commissioners’ for which a ‘…monthly stipend’ is being enjoyed by each member.

      These are the undisputed and unchallengeable facts.

      Now, if the decision taken against ‘…former Commissioner Wendell Robinson’ was not a travesty, evidenced by what might reasonably be perceived as ‘…punitive vendetta,’ then what is?

  1. So it seems, someone has tried to find a way to get him out and take his pension too!

    Not desirable in the public interest, and does not possess the suitablilty of temperament… If these were grounds for dismissal, then half of the cabinet would be on the way out!

    Message for Mr Robinson… When they pay out from the lawsuit that I’m guessing must be coming, please don’t sign a non-disclosure agreement, but let us the people, know how much money they have had to pay you for this farce!

    When will Antigua catch up with the rest of the first world!

  2. While so are happy to see Wendell Roberson go because of his lifestyle choices I do hope they won’t find themselves in this position. The AG while he was all for firing Mr Roberson should remember when he was caught up in a passport fraud case it was the same Wendell Roberson who was at the time a prosecutor had to rescuse himself from the case citing that he Mr. Benjamin was his teacher and mentor. Karma is a b**** and despite of what it is the man gave up 32 years of his life serving the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

  3. PSC? What a bunch of incompetents. So this is how the laws are treated when one can’t push around? Travesty and tragic in all respect.

  4. I can’t believe that he was terminated in the interest of the public when I just read all the comments and everyone is against the decision. Prior to the incident, wasn’t he a good commissioner?
    We shouldn’t treat a man who give his life for a country which I don’t believe is his birthplace like that. The PSC is playing with a serious law suit which they won’t succeed. We welcome you back to SVG to invest some of millions.

  5. I do not know how pensions work in the Public Service.I have never worked in that service.In the private sector.There are companies that offer pensions.You as an employee would have be employed for a certain amount of years.To be 100 % vested in the pension plan.It has nothing to do with your age.When you decided to retire you would fill the pertinent paperwork and be on your way.So I am at a loss as to why he is being deprived of his pension.When after 33 years of employment he should have been vested in some way.I do not know this man.I am looking at the principal of the matter.It smells fishy as hell.

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