Robinson Responds To Latest Suspension

Former Police Commissioner Robinson

Suspended Commissioner of Police, Wendell Robinson, has expressed “disappointment” in the Police Service Commission for suspending him a second time.

A High Court judge ruled last week that Robinson should be reinstated with immediate effect.

However, he was slapped with a second suspension letter that same day.

In a statement to Pointe FM, Robinson was quoted as saying, “I am actually disappointed that the PSC flaunt the decision of the High Court and suspend me again on the basis that I have been charged for offences under the Police Disciplinary Regulations, which do not apply to me.”

The commissioner was further quoted as stating that he will explore all possible legal options in relation to his latest suspension.

He maintains that the suspension was part of a plot of get rid of him.

Robinson who is also a lawyer, says the PSC’s second suspension, like the first is riddled with errors injustices and missteps.

He was first suspended in April 2018 following allegations of improper conduct leveled against him by two junior officers and a civilian.

On October 12, Robinson was slapped with two internal charges for discreditable and oppressive conduct.

The embattled top cop insists that those charges do not apply to him “because Special Constables have no authority to investigate disciplinary charges, more so to prefer charges against me.”

The court ruled that week that the section under which Robinson was suspended could not apply to an officer with the rank of Inspector or higher.

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  1. He cant get back that job it is impossible sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal……if he want a job put him at ministry of education with Michael Browne then he can push what back he wants to push in …..this man is a sick sick man keep your life style to yourself……just leave go st Vincent and harass the men down there and walk with Pompey also he can write his ANR poems from there

    • I totally agree. He can go elsewhere to work not as the country top head of the law men and women. Tak up your georgie-bungle and gwarn.

    • @baca there are two sides to a story, it shows how ignorant and small minded you are that you are agreeing to only one side of the story, with what? reports? someone senior could of paid them to fabricate that report. smh. people like you will not reach anywhere in life with that mentality if you think an innocent man career should just go down the drain based off allegations .

      • Hey really i dont need to know the other side because the man try do this to me already while in the army some 17 years ago … i know this man is sick dont mind if he is gay or shit like most antiguans but na trouble me…..this story has one side to me because i know his character…… i said let him work with Michael Browne they will go good together one love to give and one love to take so sorry

        • If the man harass you why did you not report it to his superiors. Why now bring it out on a blog sit. You are just looking attention.

  2. Time for the PSC to be fired.
    Long overdue. The incompetence of this government is scattered from top to bottom and from sideways to sideways.
    These people showing the world how most of us are incompetent and some of us not going to even get that chance to prove otherwise…SH**
    PSC along with the AG and PM hand in arh you resignations damn it.

  3. I say this again if Mr. Pedo officer can get back his job and he was charged with a crimnial offence then Robbie can surly get back his.

  4. My friend said you know they can tell who u by your ip address…so i said ok what i said i killing somebody……but you ever heard of fake proxy……..

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