Robinson Feels Personally Targeted By PSC After They File Claim To Dismiss His Judicial Review Case

Suspended Police Commissioner Wendell Robinson

Recently terminated Police Commissioner, Wendel Robinson, feels he is being personally targeted by the Police Service Commission (PSC) as they are trying to have his application for judicial review dismissed.

The PSC has filed a claim to have the High Court of Justice dismiss a judicial review action filed by the lawyers of Robinson.

“The latest development now, is that one day after I received my letter of termination, the Police Service Commission has applied to the court to have my Judicial Review application dismissed on the basis that I am no longer Commissioner of Police and that my suspension is now purely academic because I have been removed from the office of Commissioner of Police”. Robinson explained.

Robinson is very confident that the PSC application will not stand.




    Now, three former colleagues;

    (i) ‘…Deputy Commissioner of Police James Hill;

    (ii) …Superintendent Cosmos Marcelle; and

    (iii) …Inspector Claudette Brathwaite-Mason’ were three of the finest and thoughtful personnel ever known to the Police Service.

    Been there with, and had superintended them. Do have some knowledge of them.

    They have all retired (voluntary or mandatory).

    They have all received their retirement benefits, (a) ‘…Gratuity; and (b) …Receiving Pensions (Government and Social Security).’

    They now comprise ‘…one half the membership of the Police Service Commission (PSC)’.

    Fortuitously, as members of the ‘PSC’, they are all receiving a ‘…monthly ex gratia payment’ for their services.

    The story would have been incomplete if it was not told that ‘…at least one of these former members’ were ‘…suspended from duty.’

    Yet that member survived ‘…termination,’ that may have been the result of ‘…criminal or disciplinary proceedings’ to enjoy all the accrued benefits.

    Ironically, this was done by ‘…former Commissioner of Police Vere Browne,’ who, for different reasons (administrative defiance), had himself suffered similar fate as former Commissioner Wendell Robinson.’

    From this news item, reasonable inferences might be drawn that at least ‘…one or more or all three of these distinguished members’ had either joined up with the ‘…Forces of Evil,’ or had joined ‘…Multitude’ to perpetrate evil against ‘…their former subordinate and colleague.’

    That which is irrefutable, is that the ‘…terminated Commissioner’ was never tried by a ‘…Legally Constituted Tribunal,’ in arriving at the action taken by the ‘PSC.’

    Moreover, litigants would see that which Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC), Dame Janice Pereira who has cited the Court as a ‘…Bastion of Hope’ as a ‘…judicial farce.’

    Most may remember when former Prime Minister sought to remove ‘…former Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission Chairman ‘…Sir Gerald Watt KCN, QC,’ Hurst from ‘ABEC,’ after being ‘…suspended,’ an ‘…Elections Tribunal’ had failed the former Prime Minister.

    Then by ‘…parliamentary hook or crook,’ a law was passed placing him at ‘…an age of retirement.’

    Litigating against the ‘…Attorney General and the Prime Minister,’ for unfair removal from office, though he had not returned to office, Sir Gerald won in those proceedings, with ‘…compensatory damages ordered by the Court.’

    That which the ‘PSC’ has now embarked upon, speaks clearly to ‘…Outright Acrimony.’

    • Yes Mr. Pompey clearly all rational thought has left the PSC and what remains is blood lust. Its clear based on the actions being taken is that instead of the laws and rules being followed, they are instead being bent to accommodate an agenda

        It is so obvious.

        He is yet to be dealt with for the allegations made against him.
        He was ‘…terminated for;

        (i) …Bad temperament; and

        (ii) …Bad relations with the Minister responsible for the police.’

        Though no immediate or future wish, who may ignore the ‘…Holy Scripture?’

        It prophesies that the ‘…Iniquities of a wicked man entraps him’ [Proverbs 5: 22].

        The members of the ‘…Police Service Commission (PSC), and those with the propensity to perpetrate evil may take warning; as well as my friend ‘…Duncy Bat’ and me and you Ten.

  2. The statement “By any means necessary” should not be taken likely….. Of course I will not cast any aspirations on the PSC bcuz I do not know the full details of the case….. However, when something smells like a fish, the chances of it being a fish is extremely high…..
    In life, everybody is not your friend .! There are persons who will smile, laugh and talk with you but bcuz of personal motives, behind your back they will stab you….. Is this the case….?
    Perhaps some questions need to be answered

  3. Whatever happened to the allegations (moral issues) made by this guy’s accusers? Did anything come of that, or was it all fake?

  4. I try not to respond after Mr Pompey, since he lectures on the facts or the lack there of. My confusion is the grounds for termination. As a party that was established for representing “workers rights,” how can someone get terminated for not getting along with a supervisors. This decision will be appealed and settled quietly. The PSC should be comprised of former police commissioners, HR and legal professionals.

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