Robinson fails to deliver on threat of lawsuit

Suspended Police Commissioner Wendell Robinson

Suspended Commissioner of Police, Wendel Robinson is yet to respond to the Police Service Commission which wrote to him more than two weeks ago.

“We have sent a correspondence to him via email and we have not received any response to the email nor an acknowledgment, so there has been no response,” the commission’s lawyer Dr. Dorsett said.

“We wrote to him on behalf of the Commission…we are not aware of any action taken by Mr. Cheltenham in response to our letter to him.”

Through his lawyer, Sir Richard Cheltenham, Robinson had threatened to sue the state if his April 13 written demand for his reinstatement on or before April 20, was not met.


The Commission rejected Robinson’s demand and rebutted his argument that his suspension was unlawful.

On April 5, the Commission suspended Robinson and in the interim, his colleague, Atlee Rodney is the acting top cop.

Robinson, who is also a lawyer, threatened to sue the PSC which he said violated the law when is suspended him, by: “acting ultra vires; not complying with the rules of fair play, natural justice and due process; acting in a manner which is inconsistent with established practices and protocols; committing errors of law; failing to give any or any adequate reasons for the punitive steps taken; failing to take relevant considerations into account; abusing its authority; acting without administrative consistency and; violating the Commissioner’s legitimate expectations.”


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    • I think he should be given a time to reply and if he doesn’t he should be fired.

  1. The last paragraph of this news item got me rolling. The very same things Wendy sued about is the very same things that got him in hot water.

    acting ultra vires; not complying with the rules of fair play. ———> Lol guess that’s how he thought the officers were acting when they rebuffed his advanced.

    acting in a manner which is inconsistent with established practices and protocols.——–> you sir didn’t act with practices neither did u follow priticol

    violating the Commissioner’s legitimate expectations.” ———> Another way of looking at this was your expectation was to put pressure on the young ranks in the force however they resist that kind of pressure so hence you were found to have overstepped your legal and moral grounds

  2. Mongoose are not native to Antigua, and what can you expect to get when there’s a Mongoose guarding the chicken coup. Throughout Antigua, there’s a number of none Nationals in high places that are not allowed in their country of birth. There’s a born national interest that’s instilled in an Antiguan, but the same is not so for outsiders. Their interest (though they’re doing the job) is to receive a big pay check they wouldn’t otherwise receive in their own country. IT’S TIME FOR ANTIGUA TO GET SMART. Seek out your own elite, then place them in those positions without all the political games being played. LET ANTIGUANS RUN ANTIGUA LIKE MOST COUNTRIES DO.!!!

    • The practice of stocking the police force with foreigners went way back to Papa Bird. Is this because the politicians think that Antiguans won’t do their biddings?

  3. @Ty, yu have a point. Not even the current President of the ANTIGUA & BARBUDA union of Teachers is from this country. Kenny McBurnie who does the Traffic Watch is Vincy, Mrs. Hill, Registrar of the Court is Dominican (married to Radford Hill). Heck even the Miss Antigua & Barbuda pageant Committee is headed by Trinis. Justin Simon QC former AG is definitely not a “born and bred” and some of the foreign teachers have a nasty accent and write like hw they talk so students are being taught bad spelling and grammar. I don’t think fmr Inspector Trevor Young is an original Wadadlian either. Yet he lost the care of his brains and entered the political arena with an obvious accent. Maybe the ass-whooping h received will serve as a lesson next time around. And lets not forget the Syrians.

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