Sir Robin Yearwood not reappointed to Cabinet

March 2018 photo

Sir Robin Yearwood has not been reappointed to Cabinet. He was not present at the Cabinet swearing in ceremony at Government House on Friday morning.

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  1. Finally, some accountability in the ALP. We’re surrounded by water, but not a drop to drink. Millions for public works, but not a good road in sight. He should’ve been kicked out years ago.

    • what you expect if it’s a conflict of interest? plenty a them ninisters have water trucks making big money. no water more business

    • what you expect if it’s a conflict of interest? plenty a them ministers have water trucks making big money. No running water more business for them!!

  2. Kum een King #Bowl_Face!

    🎶🎶🎶 Ah Yah Yo!
    🎶🎶🎶 Ah Yah I!
    🎶🎶🎶 Yo! Yo! Yo!
    🎶🎶🎶 I Eye I.

    …I see this story’s very vague!
    …and, I don’t think Robin’s ready for the grave
    …so, is there #trouble in the Arena!
    …and, what does this have to do with water?
    …Plenty Wata! Mami Water! Sweets Water!
    …Or, is Robin adding more wood, to the #Fire!
    …Fire! 🔥🔥! Fire! Fire! 👩🏿‍🚒👩🏾‍🚒👨‍🚒👩🏾‍🚒Fire!
    …That, ABLP get in them Wire! Deep down in their wire!
    …and, since! Ain’t no water to put the fire!
    …ole boy Robin! Who never committed a sin
    …according to ABLP from within
    …yet still, it looks like they’re #firing him.
    …so, just to be sure!
    …for sure! Fu shore!
    …King Bowl_Face wants to know
    …how, this story #Really go!
    …if, something #Truely go so!
    …that, he could report to Mighty Swallow!
    …and, his friend the Mighty Shadow!
    …so that, they could rhyme it in a Kaiso!
    …to let Papa VC know!
    …how, they’ve turned his Party;
    …into a #Pappy_Show!

    …now, Brer Anansi says,
    …this is what Robin might be thinking!
    …Thinking! Thinking! Thinking!
    …since, he ain’t worried about losing!
    …losing! Losing! Losing!
    …he don’t have to sing, the same song Gaston is singing!
    …singing! Singing! Singing!
    …’cause my name is Robin!
    …not, Rin_Tin_Tin
    …who you promised something
    …when the girls done sing!
    …then, let me tell you one thing
    …it’s you Gaston and Asot’s in the ring
    …but, if you looking for another fight
    …because, you think you is #Might!
    …Wet U hand! And, wait for me tonight!
    …this one! Will be way, way outta sight!

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard

    V. C. Edwards

    • Why don’t you stop with your Bowen nonsense? Are you not tired of someone living rent-free in your head? Also, he won. Retreat into your cave.

    • @TESSA:What turns on that? DEPUTY “HOUSE FLY”,SPEAKER. That and zero are one in the same. He has been relegated to being Back Bencher,No Portfolio. What really amazes me. That person who took over the APUA Ministry was a do nothing in his old capacity. I am still awaiting my number portability,LAZY MELFORD.

    • Ok. So you nar change your dunce name now election done?

      S. Phillip’s South people nah talk clear enough. He lamppost Weston with the will of the very people of the area.

      So who is you one? Grow up.

      Matter of fact this name should be banned. Never even has useful comments much less.

  3. People! People! People! Tell me this is an agreed upon discussion/decision with the PM and the former minister. If its not and the PM left him out in the cold then we can anticipate a General very soon.

  4. If anyone has talked to him lately they would be aware he is in early stages of dementia. He should retire and try to enjoy what he’s got left

  5. This is the better part of Gaston Browne not afraid to make sensible decisions. I know that sickness snd death is for everyone. God give us 3 scores and 10 = 70 years to live in good health. I understand that Sir Robin is not doing well.
    Alex get down in the trenches immediately- you could be facing a bi-election very soon. Don’t see Robin lasting as MP for that constituency for more than 2 more years. Asot will invest and interestingly it will be 8+8 . Hey you can end up having 2 more bi-elections before this 5 year term is over or a snap election with new candidates. Not calling for sickness or death but a few older guys may just not make the full round. That is a reality 🤔.

  6. Seriously yall sound really dumb here in the comments THERE MUST BE A DUPTY SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE coming out from the ruling party. Always been that way. Dean Jonas was once dupty speaker so was Chandler Codrigdeton ( don’t know if I’m spelling his name right) last one 2018-2023 was Londell Benjamin former rep for Rural West. Elections done time to move on.

    • If you read the comments you see there is an issue of concern as to whether Sir Robin will be….focused enough for the post.

      We should not undermine posts just to include comrades, as much as we love them. This could be setting up Sir for failure or public embarrassment.

  7. The people in the constituency voted for him so obviously they have no problem with his age. Gaston could have replaced him but all he cared about was winning the seat. He made him deputy speaker so he find a resting place. He would probably be very lonely at home.

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