Robbers Take Off With All The Hand Sanitizers At Clinic


Police are investigating an incident of a break-in at the Liberta Community Clinic where thieves reportedly made off with all of the health facility’s hand sanitisers.

The thieves also took other cleaning supplies and drinks from the refrigerator.

President of the Antigua and Barbuda Nurses Association Soria Dupie-Winston says the incident is very disheartening.

“This is something that is very disheartening, coming from a community clinic, and we hope that the perpetrator will be caught and will be put to justice,” she said.

“We have healthcare providers who are there who would be assisting persons who are ill and when unscrupulous persons in the community do these sorts of things, they show that they have no respect for the healthcare system.” She added.

The alleged burglary took place sometime between 4pm on March 23 and 7am yesterday.


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  1. The People must turn this thief(s) in immediately. Somebody knows something. To start with, this thief must clean and scrub down all the toilets at 1735, over and over again until they shine like those in Her Majesty’s castle. It wouldn’t hurt to beat their ass, too. THIEF!!!! That low life has no place among the People. Go get ’em.


    Only reason for stealing them is to sanitize and protect themselves.

    Guess these ‘fellas’ are more afraid of the darn Virus than jail.

    Indeed, they are heartless.

    Should have replaced the darn hand sanitizers with ‘…Corona Malt and Beer or even some Cavalier.’

    With or without ‘Slop-Pail,’ they would have something to ‘…sanitize their hands.’

    But not from ‘tiefin,’ though.

    • Pompey, this is not even funny, and you would like, the thieves criminals, crooks, heartless vagabonds, to leave corona malt and beer, plus Cavalier rum too!

      Is this so, that when the police arrives for the investigation, they can enjoy a drink or two or three, on the house, then get so drunk, they’ll do an “Uppercut” on this investigation?
      Hmmmmnnn, this police and thief thing, have a long history of being lovers, bedpals, like husband and wife from a long, long time. See that COVID-19, see the truth which you have some People confessing to! As, some are saying, COVID-19 you are Gods Judgement on the wicked.
      Maybe, just maybe that’s the reason why from America to Europe to Asia to Africa to Antigua many prominent figures are asking and or begging for “forgiveness” and spilling all of their dirty deeds.

      Find these low-lifers who should be charged with terrorism, since, the Nation is technically, under not under, maybe quarantine, (state of emergency), self quarantine. Heck find a way to make an example out of these low-lifers!

      Dem shuddah left, corona beer, corona malt, Cavalier rum, only wan Police wuddah tink dat. Maybe, dem shuddah rab wan liquor store, before dem rab de clinic, but before dem rab de liquor store, rab de hardware store fu get tools, fu rab de liquor store, but before dem rab, de hardware store, dem shuddah carjack wan Vitz owner, but before dem rab de Vitz owner, dem shuddah murder wan Captain, he Crew and passengers pan wan yacth!
      Gee dem lazy police wuk fu do!


        Like the last paragraph Ras.

        But Na-a-ah!

        No murdering of any Yacht Captain.

        Even though there was no ‘Virus,’ happened in the waters off Barbuda; ‘Computercenter Challenger’; 4 killed [January 29, 1994].

        Leave that to ‘Covid-19.

        Very contagious and very deadly.

        If you do not get it, can be ‘puffed away’ though.

        Still, watch yourself to Ras.

        Not a Virus to fool around Ras.

        • Pompey, yep; this is a serious one, and it’s behaving like, AI-Artificicial Intelligence, probably will in the future. Makes me wonder, about those “conspiracy theorists,” and their predictions, as to moments such as these!
          I don’t wanna be, physically around, when machines, that are computers begin to behave like their namesake, in the natural/organic/hueman world. The bugs/glitches in cyberworld are called ‘viruses?’
          Yea…Pompey, I am fine, close to the epicenter, in America, but in the heart of the Command center. I am still moving about, cautious and casual. Pandemics come, and go! This one is after the immune system. So, I stay abreast and focus on that, been doing that for years. But, speaking of the immune system, the sun in the Caribbean, and the sea – using the motion, current, grounding, salt should be a part, of my preventive medicine in the Caribbean. Of course, free breathing exercises in the hills, sipping several “cups” of herbal teas.
          I can understand, the stay indoors ‘policy!’ But, unless this shit called COVID-19, is floating about in thin air, then I can understand the stay indoors ‘policy;’ and since it’s in specific locations, surface’s, etc., etc., again, unless this shit is in the thin breathable air, along with other viruses of the same family, and since, the authorities are not saying so, they’re only saying, “stay indoors;” so, I’ll do the SOCIAL DISTANCING, as much as I can, in the city to some degree, but in wide open spaces, my garden, spring on the golf course, going camping in the mountains are still on my regular, living schedule.

          However, caution with casual Irie vibes will carry us through.
          Take care, and be safe, you been in wars before! This kind of enemy is the ones you hear about being deadly, so you train, prep, practice to meet them, but deep down you don’t want to meet them, because it’s, “do or die;” yet, when you meet, all bets are off, its time to pull out the skill sets(Spiritual, mental, physical), and go to work!

          RASpect….Ras riding on YAH Chariot!


            Better ‘RASpect’ the darn virus.

            I n I better use the darn sword to protect ‘I n I’ from the darn ‘killer virus.’

            One way is to ‘sanitize’ the darn ‘…Chariot carriage; …seat; …wheels; …horse and reins’ too.

            Wash ‘I n I’ darn hands after doing that, though.

          • Pompey, COVID-19 is respected like a 5yr old holding, a loaded glock to his sibling head, thinking it’s not loaded, and I walk in the room, as he’s setting up, to squeeze! I can even breathe! This is how serious, I take this crisis; yet, YAH kno death too!

            RASpect…stay calm & cautious.

  3. Is this a sign of what is to come should this virus continue to prevail…? Gouging or Scarcity of items breeds criminal activities of such… This simply means that we have to be very careful when hoarding or gouging takes place especially during a time of crisis….. During a crisis everyone wants to survive, hence it will be done by any means necessary. Again such actions are not justified but every action brings about a reaction so let’s be our brother’s keeper

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