Rising Threat of Untraceable ‘Ghost Guns’ Challenges Antigua and Barbuda Law Enforcement


CMC- The proliferation of “ghost guns” in Antigua and Barbuda, created using readily available 3D printing technology, presents a significant challenge for law enforcement.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Everton Jeffers recently disclosed the discovery of at least two of these 9mm small arms, which is deeply concerning due to their untraceable nature.

Ghost guns lack serial numbers, making it nearly impossible for law enforcement to trace their origins or owners.

Assembled from components that can be discreetly imported, they can be constructed by individuals with limited technical knowledge, following online tutorials and using basic tools.

The primary challenge lies in detecting and intercepting these components as they enter the country, often concealed within everyday items. Most of these parts and weapons are believed to originate from North America, particularly the United States, Venezuela, and Colombia, exacerbating the region’s drug trade issue due to porous borders.

Addressing this problem requires education, training, resources, and international cooperation. Patrol boats are essential for controlling the influx of firearms via sea routes.

DCP Jeffers emphasized Antigua and Barbuda’s commitment to law enforcement and collaboration with American authorities, given recent incidents, like the seizure of ghost guns in Trinidad and Tobago, highlighting the urgency of this challenge.

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  1. Some of these news media help crime by giving new ideas to criminals.
    In some of these reports actually mentions how the guns are made. Now tell me why should that be apart of the report ?

  2. Law enforcement need to go out and do their job, this is just another excuse. I guarantee ghost guns are not running rampant in this country, our tugs don’t have the time to down load anything, by the way how many ghost guns have you recovered?

  3. We need laws like found with an unlicensed firearms 5 years in prison, one year for bullet. 1 year If cannot or refuse to give the information where you got it. We are living in serious times, we need to lay down serious implications.
    What I saw I. Town on Monday with those school children- boys and girls. As far as I am concerned we are in a state of emergency. We are living in a broken immoral country ( carnival).
    We are living i a country where our politicians are greedy beyond control. We are living in a country where material benefits prevent our church leaders from calling spade a spade.
    We need a 360 degree change of heart , of mi d and soul.

  4. There is a popular Syrian family known for bringing guns into Antigua since UPP days.. same one dem involved in smuggling. Was anything ever done or they were just drawn closer to the current political directorate and given contracts? The sad part is people know this and just leave it alone..Antigua be careful watch Jamaica and Trinidad. Nip these things in the bud!!!

  5. The evidence could slap rhem in the face and its still a challenge. I can’t tell the last time they solved any crime or murders. Gimme a friggin break. I need a cup of coffee.

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