Prime Minister Browne awards ten young constituents with scholarships


Ten young constituents from the Villa and Point Communities were the lucky recipients of scholarships awarded by Parliamentary Representative and Prime Minister, Hon. Gaston Browne.

The Scholarships, allows each awardee to study a UWI accredited 10-week course in various fields.

The UWI accredited courses are set to commence September 14th and ends November 19th, with live instructions via their online learning platforms. The program, dubbed, “Continuing and Professional Education Program (CPE)” are products of The University of the West Indies Open Campus Antigua and Barbuda.

While awarding each constituent, Prime Minister Browne gave the young recipients a motivational speech on the importance of continuing education for personal development.

“The best way to lift yourself out of poverty is through education. It has worked for me and I am absolutely sure it would work for you!” PM Browne told the young people in his office on Queen Elizabeth Highway this week.

The constituents will be embarking on the 10-week UWI accredited course in areas such as Human Resource Management, Facilities Management, Effective Management, and Leadership, Project management, among others.

One of the 10 constituents who were awarded this scholarship, Ms. Sanka Riley said, “I am most grateful for this opportunity to further my education. Knowledge and education are the tools that I understand I need to navigate life. Thanks for giving me an opportunity, a choice. This will help me to explore more options and help with my development.”

Prime Minister Browne indicated that attaining higher education gives one the edge in a competitive world.

“The reality is many people are using the opportunity to educate themselves at a tertiary level, to have not only first degrees but to have post-graduate degrees to include Ph.D. The world is becoming more and more competitive. So, in order to remain competitive, I am seeking to entrench a culture of continuous learning within our community because I want St. John’s City West to be the most successful, the most competitive. Not only among your peers here in Antigua but among the region,” Browne said.

As the Prime Minister handed each constituent with the ‘Continuous Learning Motivational Award’, Browne said, “I want to commend you for availing yourselves this opportunity and to capitalize on this continuous learning motivational award.  Apply yourself and complete the task ahead.”

Annually, Prime Minister Browne hosts a summer educational camp and after school program aimed at providing a safe, fun, and educational atmosphere for children within his constituency. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 health and safety protocols, these programs were postponed this year.

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  1. A leader like no other. Always taking care of his constituents. If anyone deserves a Knighthood it is this man.

    • @From The Sideline
      He may have been elected by his constituents, but he is Prime minister of all Antiguans. Hope other Antiguans remember this inequality come election time

      • @Observation. There is Board of Education for that and other options. Are you just bored or miserable? Hope that you at least gave your neighbour a “good morning” and some flour amidst the pandemic.

        Kudos to MP Gaston Browne for supporting HIS CONSTITUENTS. Time for Robin Yearwood and Asot Michael to follow suit. Same goes for Lovell ad Richard Lewis who was fattened from producing educational content, but like to tell his constituents that he is broke when they request his assistance.

  2. He IS a Natural Leader. In answer to the prayers of his ancestors, there are spiritual forces behind his success. God raises up leaders and brings them down. Gaston Browne IS the man of the hour, and he is blessed. Antigua has been lifted through his leadership. He will be at the helm for many years to come. He IS the Natural Leader for an hour such as this. Keep him in your prayers. He’s a man of the people, a man with a good heart.

  3. HON.GASTON BROWNE best Prime Minister in the WORLD. Hon. Gaston Browne can teach the UPP a few lessons in Leadership.

    I listened to Cortright Marshall on Observer this morning. This Guy should be locked away and not be on radio. The most NONSENSE I have ever heard. UPP is lacking PUBLIC RELATIONS.

      • Neither you, Gaston Browne, or any member of the ALP or ABLP can compare to Mr. Marshall. So please, stop the nonsense. Mornin, u as well. Both of you list your credentials. Let’s see how you all compare to Mr. Marshall. Damn fools.

  4. If every constituency representative thought and acted as the Hon. PM, and NOT like the mean-spirited, grudgeful “Observation” Antigua and Barbuda could regain and retain its character of Paradise on Earth. Kudos to our progressive, trendsetting Prime Minister! Way to go!

  5. It is about the we see the bar raising. Turkey, ham and Christmas toys will now uplift the constituency. Higher education does.

    • When you educate a person you feed them for live, when you give them Ham and Turkey you only feed them for a day. The PM does exactly what he has been through and ensures no other young person has to go through that. Very compassionate man.

  6. I am happy for the young people.Is it tax payers funded?Or is the Prime Minister paying out of his own pockets.

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