Richard S. Lewis MP: Eliminate the Toxic Smoke and Other Hazards at Cook’s Landfill


Eliminate the Toxic Smoke and Other Hazards at Cook’s Landfill

Under the management of Michael Joseph, Chairman of the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA), the Cook’s Landfill has become a greater health hazard to the residents of the St. John’s Rural West Constituency.

The landfill fire, which started burning back in May, has exposed the residents of Five Islands and Hatton to toxic smoke on a daily basis. Efforts by suffering villagers to reach out to NSWMA officials have yielded no solutions to this hazardous situation.

In light of this reckless disregard for public health and safety, I call for the immediate overhaul of operations at the Cook’s Landfill.

Conversations held with landfill staff over the past few weeks paint a shocking picture:

– There is no Landfill Manager and no technical staff.

– The landfill is more overwhelmed than ever before.

– Standard procedures are often ignored. This includes failing to cover landfill waste with soil at the end of the workday. As a matter of fact, there isn’t enough soil material to cover the waste.

– Staff are suffering with inadequate equipment, and are not being provided with the training they require to address the deteriorating situation.

– The tyre shredder is still not in use.

– Worst of all, Michael Joseph has blatantly failed to address the toxic fire and the litany of other problems at the Cook’s Landfill.

It is therefore imperative that the Chairman of NSWMA immediately charts a completely different course to bring a hasty resolution to the recurrent toxic landfill fires.

Further, the Chairman must urgently seek whatever expert advice and assistance that are required – from outside of Antigua and Barbuda, if necessary – to bring a hasty resolution to the recurrent toxic landfill fires.

Finally, I urge NSWMA to implement a proper Waste Diversion Plan and Policy, to ensure constant health hazards and operational issues become a thing of the past.

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  1. Mr Lewis, what’s your suggestions? How can the issue be resolved? What tools is needed? Did you do a feasibility search on resolution? I believe the government is open to suggestions. Ministers need to do their best in serving the people.

  2. Hon. RL:

    Are you asking the NSWMA to seek outside assistance from Jamaica like you did earlier with suggesting that the NTA, engage the training model of the HEART-NTSA in Jamaica to train construction workers?

    There seems to be a fascination with things Jamaican, I have noticed.
    Do you have dual citizenship, Sir?

    You’re on a rampage for the last few months to gain relevance with your party. I trust that it will work in your favour.

  3. @Dave Ray and ….
    Why don’t you ask the government to remedy the problem? Isn’t it their responsibility? You people don’t hold the government accountability but always resorting to cheap politics. Dave Ray it is better sometimes that you shut up.

  4. Upp biggest issue now is that they did not pick Richard Lewis to run for leader, Pringle is kool put he can’t represent himself muchless to a country
    I was on the verge of considering a change but them mash um up smh, every fight u are hearing about its Lewis. It is clear as day that the upper echelons in the party wants a yes man that they can tell to do this and that and Lewis won’t have that, Lewis is genuine and shame on all of you, ALP just won again for your stupidity

  5. @Saying, Dave Ray is a tool for the ALP. He lives abroad but is on some board in ANU. People like him will defend anything done/ not done by this government even to the detriment of fellow Antiguans because, it benefits them in many ways.

  6. Mr. Lewis, as an Antiguan and more so, a resident of the rural west constituency, why don’t you bring some ideas / solution to the table rather than going on a political witch hunt just to seek political attention.

  7. @Saying @Money Talk.
    Cheap accusations will not get you anywhere. I don’t have to advise the administration. That’s the duty of the opposition. They’re doing so sufficiently, albeit frivolous and trivial in many issues. The wrong person is heading the charge when he has not selected for any executive position. That’s my concern. Where is the leader and the PRO? Only RL can challenge the government? It’s okay, because Michael Joseph is in waiting…

  8. @Dave Ray, what accusations? Facts aren’t accusations. Btw, where exactly do you think I’m trying to go and won’t get to? If the cap fit then wear it — throw me corn me nah call no fowl. 😜

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