Richard Lewis Reportedly Offered Second Deputy Position in UPP, Yet to Make Final Decision

Pringle and Lewis embrace on April 20, 2024 following UPP convention

Richard Lewis Offered Second Deputy Position in UPP, Yet to Make Final Decision

Source Real News: Richard Lewis has been offered the position of second deputy political leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP) but has yet to make a final decision.

His potential appointment was announced by political leader Jamal Pringle on Sunday night, May 19th, during the party’s first general council meeting following its 12th biannual convention held from April 20th to 21st.

Following the ratification by the general council members, MP Bowen accepted the first deputy position, expressing that he was honored and humbled.

He pledged to work in the interest of the party and its objectives.

The UPP Constitution calls for the appointment of two deputies, and MP Pringle reported to the council that an offer had been made to MP Richard Lewis, who had contended for leadership a month prior. However, at the time of the meeting, Lewis had not yet provided an answer to the offer.

MP Lewis, the representative for St. John’s Rural West, explained that he had requested some time to consider the offer due to certain circumstances.

Despite this, he assured the council that he was willing to serve in any capacity that would advance the party, emphasizing the necessity of a united front for effective change in government.

It is expected that an announcement regarding the second deputy position will be made at the next council meeting.

Meanwhile, support among party members for Bowen’s appointment has been strong, with one supporter praising him for being levelheaded and attentive, ensuring that he garners attention from all, including those on the government’s side, whenever he speaks.

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  1. Lmao 🤣 😂 😆 🤣 😂 😆 🤣 😂 😆 🤣 boy Richard dem really doing a great job at making an ASS out of you!!!

    • @ Smh

      You guys think you can ‘mamagy’ the UPP……..think again. You’re wasting your time 😊😊

  2. Quite similar to what Gaston is doing to his entire party. He’s not willing to call a Leadership Convention and not a single person dare to protest openly; dictatorship at its best.

  3. For how they hyped up Richard with that endorsement letter and then threw him to the dogs is the epitome of treachery.

    On the other hand you can’t wrong Pringle. How do you trust someone who underhandedly went after your position with such conniving manner.


  4. Mr Pringle said that he chose Bowen because of his “experience, wisdom, knowledge of the law, and certification as an accountant” . He went on to say that these were “key factors behind his selection”.

    Come on, Mr Pringle. Is this what the UPP needs in a Deputy Leader? You were in Lewis’s face the very night of convention asking him to be your deputy. Why was this? Because you knew you could not do the job, and Lewis would be better at it. But you had to follow what your power-hungry handlers wanted.
    Imagine you are Mr Lewis. You have just been cheated, yes, cheated out of a position that you knew you were better at than the winner. You just saw your children on the convention floor traumatized by what was being said about you and the vulgar actions of some members of the UPP to their father. Would you be rushing to put up your hand for deputy position in that instant?

    Why didn’t Mr Pringle seek out Lewis for an answer before the Council meeting? Why did Pringle make his VP choice known at the General Council without returning to Lewis to get an answer first? Why did Mr Pringle and his enablers try to prevent Mr Lewis from speaking to the general body to give his side? I saw many mouths on the floor open at this obvious slight. It looked like some did not want him to speak. Like they were afraid for him to speak. What were they afraid of? It was an incredible sight never to be forgotten.
    he skill sets that Mr Bowen has abound in the UPP. Mr Lewis on the other hand has been a regulator of constitutional, organizational matters and chief cook and bottle washer within the UPP. He is well-known in the party for his helpfulness, he is trusted for getting things done, and especially for management of the branches and getting them back in focus when they strayed sometimes into malfunction. He is a tried and true party executive and member.

    There are persons who do not want him in the upper ranks of the UPP because they are afraid their reign of power would be curtailed because of the stability and no-nonsense approach he would bring. An approach that the UPP desperately needs in this time of contention with the ALP.

    Mr Pringle should be careful that he might have taken on a situation where he could not meet the challenges due to his inefficiency and his inability to respond to the demands that leadership of an opposition party requires. Is it that he wants to be bossman but he needs a dray carrier to bail him out of the heavy lifting? Is this what he sees in Mr Lewis? Someone who would do the heavy work while he carries the big name?

    Does any member picture Mr Bowen going around to branches, working with them to get organized, or spending countless hours in committee meetings, thrashing out membership problems? Can Mr Bowen be expected to drop whatever he is doing on the spot to solve some problem of the party that need his immediate attention?

    Between Mr Pringle and Mr Bowen, do members see both or any of them taking on the day-to-day membership problems of the UPP to completion? By the way, does anyone of them know the rules and regulations of the party, the executives of the branches, which ones are running well, which ones are floundering and which are on life support? Has Mr Pringle read the party’s constitution?

    It is very clear that the party hierarchy does not want Mr Lewis in leadership position. He will not be easily manipulated and controlled. There would be no need for anyone to put words in his mouth to address any instantaneous situation. Some might even feel that they would not be needed to continue to pull the strings that have unfortunately been sending the UPP plummeting further and further down the ladder of the possibilities of governance.

    It looks like Mr Lewis is in a love affair with the UPP and has been for a very long time. However, it is a love that is destined not to survive no matter how hard he tries. He is left no alternative but to file for divorce and try to find peace and love elsewhere.

  5. Isn’t life a bitch………

    The second deputy position is not just for Richard Lewis but also for his cabal who said Richard Lewis was best.

    Now Richard and his cabal will have to play ‘second fiddle’ to Gisel.

    Life is really a bitch. Let us see how heartily Richard and his cabal eat humble pie.

  6. @ UPP, you cannot be serious

    Why did you finish your novel so soon. Let me quote from your above RANT.
    ‘unfortunately been sending the UPP plummeting further and further down the ladder of the possibilities of governance’. Are you right in your head? Are you and Gaston related through ‘insanity’? You must be, when you talk about the ‘possibilities of governance’.
    Just from your statement it is clear that Pringle have more common sense than you.
    A party that WON the last general elections (only because of the ‘theft’ of GB preventing them from taking power by transferring voters) you claiming ”possibilities of governance”, your reasoning is very clouded. As DUNCE as PRINGLE might be, I would rather have him 20,000 times than ‘tiefing’ GB 100,000 times. You guys missing the big picture.
    You are totally selfish. Give the dam man a break. Is the bright creative thinkers that have destroyed this country. If you like it so then do like all the other minions, sell OUT.

  7. If Richard Lewis takes this consolation prize he is way more goofy// stupid than I thought. I know a deputy is essential but a deputy deputy? The UPP loves this Doctor Doctor now Deputy deputy?
    What’s next Leader, Leader. Is this the most ass backward way to appease Richard after the entire UPP team told him he was a winner and they ensured him a win? Even J Truth mouth still can’t close.
    Pringle I know you aren’t too bright but not one of these deputy Deputy can be trusted.
    Remember you’re surrounding yourself with a murde*er who also signed your letter of incompetence, and a man who is gun*ing for your job. Be very careful how you hand out positions in your inner circle. They looking for a way to over throw your dunce a$$.
    Not every skin teeth is a grin.

  8. How many deputies does it take to run a defunct soon to be non existent party in Antigua?
    This is one of the absolute worst ideas I’ve heard in all my days. A Deputy Deputy to do what? What does a deputy deputy do, answer to the first deputy, or the leader?
    If the first deputy is unable to fulfill his duty as deputy the #2 takes over.
    So not only did the UPP insult Richard with this dumb after thought position, they now put him out to pasture to be the laughing stock of the Entire free world.
    Here Richard tek dis and go cool ya self in a corner see. You just go relax yourself and tek comfort that an unintelligent moron like Pringle bang you like an old used up drum. See they made you deputy to a deputy because the job of the Leader ain’t and will never be yours. Oh btw, we don’t even see you as a real deputy so Elma Fudd you get a badge as deputy but you really have no duties. Just stand around and look goofy.

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