RICHARD Lewis: How many more must die?



This morning, Monday July 25, 2022, I rose to thick black smoke billowing in my neighbourhood. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATS APP GROUP FOR MORE UPDATES

I learnt that several houses were on fire in the Green Bay Hill/Bakers Street area. I rushed to the scene and stayed until the fire was put out.

Four houses were razed to the ground and sadly one person perished in the fire.

My sincere condolences to the bereaved family.

From my observation, the firefighters worked hard but were hampered by inadequate fire tenders and equipment. The main problem, however, was lack of adequate supply of water.

A quicker response and adequate water supply could have saved a life and three of the houses. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATS APP GROUP FOR MORE UPDATES

The villagers tried their best by wetting houses until the first fire tender arrived. Government water supply was off in the area and that made the fight more difficult.

From the many interactions and conversations I had, one thing was clear – the villagers were visibly upset and blamed the Gaston Browne led Administration for its neglect of the Rural West community.

Once a fire is in a densely populated community, I am of the strong opinion that all available resources should be channeled there to prevent a catastrophe. We need working fire hydrants in the community. We must do all in our power to prevent a recurrence.

I must ask: Where are the additional fire tenders that the Government promised the people of Antigua and Barbuda? How many more houses must burn before real action is taken? How many more must die? CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATS APP GROUP FOR MORE UPDATES

Four families today are homeless and one is in mourning. Help is needed. I am calling on the Government to immediately make resources available so that these families can be housed, clothed and fed.

Richard S. Lewis

Rural West to Bone




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  1. I am ready to donate to the families. Richard we are here to work with you towards helping all those affected by the fire.

  2. Richard Lewis , why play politics with this situation ? UPP will bring politics into everything. Let Us pull together to help the Families.

  3. What facts ? St John’s has two additional fire engines and there are three to follow. The firefighters fought admirably to protect the other homes from an uncontrolled blaze of fire that threatened other households.

    Our government will bring some relief to the fire victims and assist in rebuilding their homes.

    After we complete the Point renewal program, which Alister Thomas, Roots, Kurt and other UPP operatives are seeking to frustrate, we will move into Gray’s farm to address the housing renewal there.

    Incidentally, Baldwin Spencer was their representative for 29 years, 10 as Prime Minister, with Richard Lewis as his community aide.

    The only homes they built, are their three story dwellings.

    All of self and non of thee.


    • And ABLP never controlled the constituency prior- you hypocrite!!!
      You never accept responsibility for anything- just like Donald Trump.
      You are a very poor leader, lacking humility and leadership skills.

      Time to go.

    • @Gaston Says the man who is grabbing up all of Antigua and Barbuda’s land at peppercorn prices then flipping them for millions in profits. How many Antiguans have the privelege to engage in such arbitrage? You don’t care about Antiguans and Barbudans. What you do is to prey on the weak and vulnerable and give them the illusion of hope with the money’s that you took from them. But then again you are a narcissist so it in your Dna to not have the ability to truly care for or empathize with those who are struggling.

    • @Gaston Browne….

      …the People, knows it’s #Silly_Season!
      …when poliTRICKtans, behave without Rhyme or Reason.
      …so, we can understand,
      …as you sit at the mike, on your radio station
      …or, on a political platform, at the podium
      …with, the 🎤mike in your hand!
      …not only are you behaving like VASSO, de #One_Man Band!
      …it’s plain to hear and see
      …from, Sea to shining Sea
      …you think, you’re the ONLY One
      …capable of managing this Country.
      …but, you are wrong! Totally wrong!
      …so, ‘Wet U Hand, and wait for #We’
      …’cause, the Fat_Lady has not sung, her last Song!
      …and, when that happens.
      …here’s hoping you’ll not be charged with Treason.

      #Forged Signature Cover Up!
      #No Transparency at the Treasury!
      #Land Giveaways!
      These MUST be thoroughly and forensically investigated, INDEPENDENTLY,
      And, let the Chips Fall like autumn leaves, where they may!


  4. Everyone can argue this that and the other. The fact remains that with out water all the fire engines in the world means nothing. Water is needed to fight fires.

  5. Gaston Browne, are you taking your medication? Why are you trying to pass off a tub of shit as peanut butter. Antiguans and Barbuda are tired of your lies and games. You have the nerve to talk about the Grays Farm fire? Someone lost their life because of your government’s negligence and all you choose to do is attack other people and feed us even more shit?
    Let’s go back to the March 10th fire in Point:
    The lone fire tender arrived with no water and the fire hydrants also had no water. Since then, we have heard so many stories about the arrival of old, new and used fire tenders. We don’t even know what is the real status of the fire tenders. Fit for Cooks Dump or not?

    It is just shameful that almost 5 months after the fire in Point, your government have not addressed the problem. Instead you are trying to deflect your government’s poor performance and failure to address the problem with more empty promises.

    You’re a nothing but a “shit stirrer” and you are sinking deeper and deeper into the miry clay. You are just full of it! We have had enough of your mess and we’re ready to flush you and your bullshit, except that we are still waiting for water.
    Get packing Gaston Browne, your time is up

  6. Why can’t Gaston Browne just stick to the issues? He and his government have failed once again to protect the community from fire. Where are the new fire trucks? At least Baldwin and Richard built their homes in the community and remain a part of the community. What has he done for the residents of City West? He has abandoned them for the high life. Let’s send this guy out on a donkey box!


    One of those houses could have been yours. It would have been burn down to a crisp because the one fire truck came late and there was no water.
    If it was your house would you still be saying Leave the World Barse alone, He is the best leader?
    Is that what it would take to get you all to wake up? Does your house have to burn down because there is no firetruck and no water for you to see this man is not good for you?
    You can love him because as you say, he tell it like it is. But that does not mean you have to let him rule the country. Wake up and smell the coffee. He lied about the trucks. He is lying about the water. Labour people , pull the red t shirt down from your eyes and see.

  8. oh please Richard “BULLY BEEF” Lewis. didn’t your UPP party REJECT A HOUSING PROJECT from Stanford for the Grays Green area??

    u such a H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E!!!!

    • Thank God UPP rejected it. Who knows how much confusion and agony that would have caused . And people like you would turn around and blame UPP. ABLP had all that CIP money why does Booby Ally not have a housing program yet?

  9. When it’s good news our government is responsible when it’s bad news they don’t want to take the blame is it all good in this government we have here?

  10. Baldwin Spencer was only looking out for himself and ppl like Richard Lewis cause when Stanford want to develop St. John’s Rural West he made Richard Lewis and Anthony Start turn down the offer

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