Richard Lewis Denies Being Offered Deputy Political Leader Position

Richard LEWIS

Richard Lewis Denies Being Offered Deputy Political Leader Position

Richard Lewis, the MP for St John’s Rural West, has denied claims that he was offered the position of Second Deputy Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP) by political leader Jamal Pringle.

In a recent interview with Observer Radio, Lewis clarified, “I was not offered any position.”

Lewis explained that during the night of the UPP convention, Pringle expressed his desire to discuss the possibility of Lewis assuming a Deputy Political Leader role, but this conversation did not constitute a formal offer.

“All I said to the political leader is that I’m prepared to have the conversation, but right now, I’m sorting things out,” he stated.

“At no point was I offered any Deputy position and refused or whatever it is. I was waiting to have the conversation,” Lewis emphasized.

Pringle appointed Sherfield Bowen as his First Deputy Leader.

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  1. you are a CLOWN!!! a stupid gullible PAPPYSHOW u have made yourself and Lovell-Gisele continue to turn you upside down in public and EXPOSE THE HOLES IN YOUR BOXER SHORTS!!

  2. It’s hard and sad when someone you know is less qualified and certified to lead you kaka roach na ha no right in a fowl house 🤣 🤣

    • It’s hard and sad when someone you know is less qualified and certified. The management and workers at State Insurance are saying the samething about you on State Insurance Board. They are saying the horseman is as dumb as a door nub. Unqualified useful idiot.

  3. AGAINNNNN…. why is he coming to the media with this and if it was on Serpent show it shows jus how useless and FAKE SERPENT IS

    RL ….who made an epic ass of himself talking bout endorsements
    You too full of yourself you have prove that you think your a better fit than PRINGLE and hab ppl ah boost up ur ego

    Now you can be assured your NEVER EVER gonna be no leader or deputy

    The internal wars and bitching is always the downfall of UPP

    • @So rates

      what integrity?????? Making millions from mediocre textbook content yet Grays Green people say when they ask him for help, he like to say he nah have no money!!!!!

      gimme a break with that big eye, bulgy eye selfish, ignorant fool!

  4. Used to have respect for Lewis, but that time has long passed. For all his education, he is an idiot. One would think that he would have taken time to develop a strategy to achieve his goals but like Shuggy, He shows himself to have no oil. Lovell easily played him and now look at how easily Pringle has walked over him. Suspect at the heart of it, the problem is he is lazy and clearly has a learning difficulties

  5. So Richard is speaking about unity and at the same time calling his leader a LIARD?

    Serpent is disappointing in parliament. Serpent needs to pretend he is in the studio when he is in parliament, yet to hear him fire and ignite the debates.

    UPP will not survive this. All who playing make pretend that there is unit will soon belch.

    Pringle is out of his lane. No serious positive honest right thinking person wold say that Pringle is the right fit.
    By the way neither Pringle nor Lewis is suited for party leadership.

  6. Only a dunce would think that Pringle is a better fit than Lewis for leader. UPP has essentially sealed its fate by making Pringle
    leader and Bowen deputy. #foreverlosers!
    No shade, just stating the obvious.

    Only an independent candidate can get my vote next election — and I’m not in Asots constituency.

  7. Pringle told the nation that he did not know about the plan by the other MPs to endorse Lewis as leader.
    THAT WAS A LIE. Ask Bowen.
    Pringle knew but could not join with them. He got his orders not to get involved.
    Lewis is saying that he was not offered the position of Deputy Political Leader.

    This was borne out by what transpired at the General Council on Sunday night.

  8. Richard you should have simply let us believe the UPP consideeed you something of value to offer you a position at the head table. A man of your intelligence and skill being passed over by the likes of Swindle Pringle is beyond sad.
    You were goofy yesterday but today with this response you are now a clown in the UPP final act. Run Richard RUN & HIDE they called the nail man to put the final nail in your political coffin.
    Stop allowing the UPP hierarchy to make you their pappy show. D Giselle is making an example out of you.
    She won’t even allow you under her two foot table to eat her cottage cheese with the rest of the gang. Sheffield & Anthony are smarter than you, they know they gotta eat D Giselles Kibbles n bits to maintain longevity in the UPP.
    Richard it might be way too late to get low and kiss her hooves so pack ya bags and go sit down and plan your future because your political future with the UPP is OVER!!




    HE HAS NOT ONE TIME PROVEN ANYTHING OF WORTH ALL THIS USELESS “DOCUSMENTS”……really has he ever spoke with articulation integrity intelligence NO.

    He’s an embarrassment
    Look at his posture he doesn’t have awareness or presence

    The UPP party dnt even look like they want to LEAD or excudes LEADERS / LEADERSHIP

    UPP looks like one big fraternity who jus giggle ….Tek selfies ….high fives each other … and that’s IT
    their presence dnt demand respect they can never ever hold power with their MEDIOCRITY DEMEANOR

  10. Richard Lewis should have realized long ago that he has no place in the UPP hierarchy. He is just their choir boy to sing their melody and hum their tune. Even if he was told that he would have been considered for deputy to the deputy, he should have realized how far removed he was seen from any real place in the UPPer echelon of the party. Now that he knows his fate with regards to his place in the party, I now wait to see how he dances in future as it relates to all the ‘work’ he was doing in his constituent. I just wish him good luck in the future.

  11. Why is Bowen now accepting the first deputy leadership position when initially, he had the opportunity to democratically run for leadership of the party?
    Is it that he owed Pringle something so now is payback time? Curious minds need to know

  12. Many of the UPP people said, gih Pringle one chance this time, especially the older ones. They do not have a clue what it takes to achieve responsible leadership, and the ones in the party who know prefer to keep the others ignorant for their own means.

    Mr Lewis has a right to be angry. He is in a party that knows the man selected to lead is not the right one and should not be the leader. Many are saying he should be trained. Trained? Now? To be leader? While the one already trained play back up for him?
    Lewis knows they do not want him to be the leader, but they want him to do the work in the party that Pringle cannot do.
    Is that fair to him? Should he smile and accept such nonsense knowing that he has been swept aside for someone less capable than him? The UPP is a strange party. They will be in opposition forever.

    This is 2024 not 1999. It is not the time of Lovell and Spencer. Things have changed. The membership of the UPP is old and static and there is little hope for any chance to win the elections. Persons are calling for unity because it is the style. They don’t understand how that is achieved.

    • @UPP membership is old and static

      tap chat FART!!! Lewis has NOT been ‘trained’ for any leadership! He has been well trained like a puppy to lap up after Lovell and Gizzy makes an example of out him. He does NOT have what it takes to be party leader….or…. God forbid…Prime Minister!!!

      Lewis is NOT CUT OUT FOR POLITICS!!! He can stick to teaching our recycling BULLY BEEF tins with his wife whom UPP despises just because of where she born (how ridiculous is that??)

  13. @ tenman

    Lol, still talking about oil. You guys have no shame.
    Go fill Gerald Watts, Gaston Brown and your lamp with oil and let’s hope for a combustion.

  14. Now they tie him out to feed and DRINK COOKS POND WATER 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

    Richard need fu beg a ride on de Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌 and move out a Gisele way. She is the real leader of the clown 🤡 party.

    Anthony Smith is up next on the chopping block. HOW DARE HE CHALLENGE Gisele Isaac-Arrindell 😤

  15. Anyone who is sensible would know that if Lewis had gotten the leadership, the ALP would be happy because it would not take much for Lewis to loose his seat next election.
    The UPP has one Garrison constituency which falls under Pringle. By making Pringle leader helps to safeguard the UPP from a death some people might not see.

  16. They offered Sheffield the position. Goofy was an after thought. They just gave him a second place prize. If Richard cross the floor UPP dead. His political career is over next general election!

    Richard wife need to give him an ultimatum!!!!

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