Richard Lewis and Harold Lovell appear to bury the hatchet

Richard Lewis

The man who wants to be leader of the United Progressive Party and the man who is the leader of the UPP appears to have put their differences aside.

At Tuesday’s virtual meeting of the UPP, Richard Lewis gave an unequivocal endorsement of Harold Lovell.

Watch his endorsement below.


There had been speculation that Richard Lewis and Lovell had major differences over which one of them is best suited to lead the party at this time.

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  1. Really…

    you endorsing #HFWL
    #HFWL the worst minister of finance the western hemisphere has ever seen
    # HFWL, paying retainer to counter UPP factual criticisms
    #HFWL, rent ah crowd
    #HFWL, a political hopeful who has lost more elections.

    Come on Richie..I hope this is just for saving face!!!!

    • Just Saying, I have to put an end to this dreadful rumour you continue to perpetuate. There is a former Finance Minister from Jamaica named Dr. Omar “Run Wid It” Davies. He gave himself the title of World Class Finance Minister, but his record will put HFWL to shame. Please correct your false statements to reflect this. Thank you.

  2. JUST SAYING with that comment I am now convinced that you write nonsense for nonsense sake. By the way, there was no hatchet to bury. Yes, coming out of the Convention there were hurt feelings (which is natural for any political party), but Richard Lewis was always a faithful team player. Stop looking for melee where there is none.

  3. Look at what radio has come too!
    I hope the drug dealer that is known to the ONDCP ana me say so a the Top Dawg, the Biltmore Hotel Prostitute daddy forge signature, The Flip Flop that live in his X-wife house on she family land and have her in Court, flip flop pancake you and your new wife come out the woman house and the no teeth drug addict Dr. No teeth will stop spread propaganda on Lovell now Lewis done talk. Richard all I have to say to you becareful of the friends you keep.

    • @ Knight
      And who are Richard Lewis’ friends? Why don’t you think before you write. Do you think Lewis is a fool? That was a stupid thing to say.

  4. This is expected. It is important to put up a united front. Not sure it will change how the UPP truly feels about Richard’s wife being a “foreigner” as they like to blame “foreigners” each time they lose an election.


    If you believe the HATCHET is buried between HAROLD LOVELL and RICHARD LEWIS I have a BRIDGE and ACRES OF SWAMP LAND to sell you TABOR . I cannot understand such HYPOCRISY. This is just a SMOKE SCREEN

  6. @ Knight In Shining Armour

    Mrs. Knight stop studying Others and Look after yourself…Knight you are a Person with Lots of SKELETON in your CLOSET. BIG,DIRTY MOUTH KNIGHT…Just SHUT UP. BIGGEST ANTI-MAN IN ANTIGUA.

    • Knight needs to reach out and show care/love to his family member allegedly battling mental health challenges

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