Revitalizing intra-regional travel and LIAT needs leadership and commitment, and UPP Leader pledges his efforts to both

Former Leader of the United Progressive Party in Antigua and Barbuda, Harold Lovell

Leadership is needed to energize and encourage intra-regional travel, says Harold Lovell, the Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP).

The absence of LIAT, the Caribbean Airline, for quite some time – starting at the beginning of the pandemic two years ago – has shown how significant it is to the region.

Since then, and in spite of its new operating structure and efforts by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda, the airline is still struggling.

It is serving only a limited number of destinations since it resumed flights on Monday, November 30, 2020.

In the meantime, some leaders have hinted at plans to operate their own air services in order to ensure their people are able to travel the region.

Lovell says the Gaston Browne Administration seems unable to bring the respective stakeholders together and come up with an amicable resolution to the challenges.

But, he says, a UPP Administration would be able to get the ball rolling in this regard since a regional carrier is vital.

Meanwhile, Lovell is not forgetting that former LIAT workers are yet to receive their severance. He says his Administration would do whatever can be done to ensure that payment is made and the airline is returned to a sustainable footing.

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  1. Da Boss has entered the Room!!
    Be quiet!! Leadership Matters.

    The Rescue Plan is In!! Read and Comprehend.

  2. Well Lovell sounds like a man that wants to so bad sleep with a woman that he promises her everything. Even to bring water from the moon. But Onion from Bruning Flames sang, “If you get what you want tonight, will you remember me tomorrow?” And the answer is, look at past performance if you want to know future performance. No, he won’t. No, he won’t remember you. Actually, he’ll brag about how he fooled you. Like how he went into the Snake Pit and started to brag how Donna left his hotel room at 3:00AM. Like a little boy. Very immature behavior.

    • @

      • You must be living on Rhodonda to have no water or haven’t seen the hundreds of houses that have been built. But lies won’t help you guys. You will get the beating you deserve come election day

    • @Sideline….The Man #HFWL is as desperate as the come. They very well know all these are empty promises. It is going to be one sad day if the Antiguan people are fooled by these promises.

    • Now this lady done get hotel and all things out of the UPP government, as soon as they loose power, she run to the Labour Party to see how much more she can get. What do they call these type of people, political prostitutes.
      Now mr. Sideline, what do you think of your lord’s behaviour on Saturday? Care to comment? You and your elk seem obsessed with Harold. What happen you are afraid that when he takes over the government you will no longer be eating at the trough? You people have no credibility whatsoever.

    • @The sideline
      Do you believe Gaston that Upp signed that deal with Barrett on Jolly Beach to get campaign money? I am asking you because you know everything Labour. Is this just the lies of a delusional fool? I won’t wait for your response.

  3. LIAT has been on life support for the past 2 years. What has Gaston Browne done to try to rebuild LIAT? Of course he has thrown around the names of a few investors and then the trail goes cold. You don’t get the sense that Gaston is interested in solving problems. He just throws a bunch of “investment opportunities” out there and moves on.
    BTW I just heard that the Jolly Beach deal with Barrett fell through? Why does this man continue to preempt these agreements? Look at the way Gaston conducts business, it is no surprise the guy’s failure rate is so high. He is psychotic!!! So what will happen to the severance for Jolly Beach workers? This back and forth with Gaston and the lies and stories is nauseating. I feel for the Jolly Beach workers and the emotional roller coaster that Gaston has put them through.
    Let’s just get rid of this fraud once and for all.

    • Just wait and see. Soon you will hear and see LIAT 2020 in the Skies. And all your chart you will have to swallow.

  4. But but bit Gladys Potter 🍦 🍨 🍦 said on radio that LIAT IS NOT IMPORTANT!!! UPP Chairman told Darren Matthew Ward that “LIAT SHOULD CLOSE DOWN”

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    #HFWL will fix that to!!!

    • So how is it amid all this “gloom and doom”that Max Fernandez is projecting all this growth in tourism? Was he mistakenly referring to the growth of his family wealth?

  6. Peter Redz did an interview wit GayTruth..nose ring ..ear ring…legs wide open ..slouch back…is this the best we can get from leaders?

  7. I don’t know if me one think that Gaston doesn’t want to work with other Caribbean leaders to revitalize Liat. He wants a Liat that he can control. When UPP is elected they will have to involve other Caribbean leaders to get a true Caribbean airline.

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