Returning Nationals Must Pay To Be Quarantined For 14 Days – PM


The government appears to have given a final position on whether returning nationals will be quarantined for 14 days.

“All returning nationals who eventually will come to live with us within the domestic society, on their return, must be quarantine for 14 days,” Prime minister Gaston Browne told parliament moments ago.

He said, “this is a protective mechanism, to protect the domestic population from contracting covid. This is not a punitive situation.”

The quarantine will be in addition to the rapid tests which will be performed at the airport.

He said those placed in quarantine will also have to pay for the service because the government cannot afford to give anyone a free vacation.

“What we have said is that we will charge a sum for those individuals who will be quarantined within those bio-secure spaces.”

The prime minister said the fee will be around 100 eastern Caribbean dollars or less.

The government will absorb the cost for students, Browne revealed.

Residents are being quarantined at the Hawksbill Hotel and other facilities.

Approximately 189 passengers are scheduled to disembark the American Airlines (AA) flight on Thursday night. As many as 150 passengers are returning nationals; the others are a sprinkling of visitors heading to hotels. There are AA flights scheduled each week for the month of June 2020 with declining reservation numbers booked thus far.

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  1. COVID-19, again, and again, and again; folks, the flu is #Real.
    Now, as for the crisis surrounding this strain of the flu, it’s about #Money – #MoMoney – #OnlyMoney!

      • Gaston this is really sickening, ok quarantine is ok , but when u say pay money for stay in a quarantine u really heartless, most ppl that coming home was stranded, Gaston u better sort out this, bunch a corrupt ppl.

  2. This is a decent idea in principle, however Covid-19 does not recognise nationals and non-nationals. It would be better to quarantine everyone arriving for a specific period of time. i.e. 14 days for all arriving from date X until date Y or whatever as the situation becomes more transparent.

    Quarantining people in recognised facilities, would mean being able to monitor them, and would also boost certain hotels that could be used in the program, thereby giving people employment opportunities.

    I don’t think anyone would look at this as a ‘free vacation’. Being held captive is not anything that normal people would sign up to. It is fare to charge a subsidised fee for this, as I doubt the experience would be enjoyable.

    I guess once again, we’re putting tourism at the top of the agenda by not wanting to restrict non-nationals, even though they carry the exact same risk!

    • They (tourists) are on lock down at their hotel. Other than hotel staff they will not be mingling with nationals during this phrase (next 2 months )

      • Will you be one of the security guards ensuring that tourists remain in lockdown on the property? Making a policy is one thing; policing it is another. No way that crap is going to work. It’s far too loose and optional.

      • Also, doesn’t the staff that have to interact with these guests have family? We have already been told that there is no way they can live on the property, so won’t they be mingling with the community? It makes absolutely no sense and this is dangerous.

      • @getthefacts: That’s not entirely true. This morning, I listened to Max Hurst on Observer and he did indicate that the tourists could rent vehicles and do sightseeing tours

        • Cabinet decision our today:

          “All hotels are deemed bio-secure spaces, since they would have put in place protocols of a varied sort to accommodate their visitors—whose coronavirus status is unknown. The invitation to travel to Antigua is not a license to infect; all measures are to be taken to prevent infecting: a. The authority figures encountered upon entering; b. the airline personnel; c. the taxi-drivers; d. the hotel staff, and any others whom they might encounter.”

          Clearly the hotel is akin to a quarantine center. Either you misheard the chief of staff or the position has since changed. Brethen it will rain since you actually posted twice to the same thread today, contrary to your protocols back in Caribarena days

  3. So I would like to know. When guest come to the different hotels. That means that they are not leaving the property. Plz be clear because I don’t understand.

  4. Who is going to police and enforce the tourist them quarantine at the hotel? Who is going to be their servants at the hotel, robots?

  5. I am definitely not leaving the resort I’m going to, I wasn’t planning on leaving it when I booked a year in advance.

    • So Antiguans your prime minister is saying if you don’t have no money to pay don’t come back 😂 apply for citizenship else where cuz after being stranded for so many weeks you’re expected to have grown a money tree and more than able to afford a 2 week vacation 🤔

  6. No one is going on vacation for 14 days much less to be quarantined for that long. So just lock down the hotels while y’all at it and let see how this is going to work out for a country that depends on tourism.

  7. Dumbest prime minister in the Caribbean! No one else is even close. After 5 days you do another(Second) rapid test to check for if it was incubated. Full fledge retard

  8. PM you are asking people who reside in Antigua and wish to travel outside the island for a few days to stay at an hotel -disburse 1400 ECD plus 250 ECD to be tested and actually putting at risk the hotel staff ? what a about people who travel for business – what is the solution there ???? This can t work and is absurd. You are literally taking us hostage. What is wrong by testing upon arrival ( we pay for it ) and then we go home and self quarantine ??? You are putting the country at risk by letting tourists in early but you want to prevent the islanders from going home where it is the safest place upon traveling ?

  9. What about nationals that don’t have money to pay, I’m 23 and left since February and was suppose to return march due to virus I’ve been quarantine in a house for this long with no work or money, I’ve no problem going in quarantine for the safety of other citizens but I’m not willing to pay no other countries are applying this it’s definitely not a free vacation but I’m really upset at that fact…. So what now

  10. Mr PM you dropped the ball this time. what usually happens is this.

    step 1 Mr Hurst spills the beans…the public reacts….different suggestions are heard from all walks of society…

    step 2 Then like the Knight at nights you go on Pointe FM and declare the updated version of the story.

    step 3 The Minions shout hip hip horah Mr Browne would have never supported something like that.

    step 4 Mr Hurst go on Darren program and informed the public that he did not get it right but these things will happen from time to time but he is usually accurate not like Mr Lovell and the UPP.

    That was the Tap Dawg formula. What could have caused this error?

    • This is what I want to know because the post clearly says returning nationals. Why should I pay when I am back home after being quarantined where I am coming from and without money and a job

  11. I whole heartedly agree with the pm. When we travel overseas we have to pay for everything. As a matter of face when we live in or travel to the great America we have to pay for everything. Covid or no COVID we still pay the toll on the bridges. Why can’t we pay for medical services. The money to fund has to come from somewhere. The government can’t continue to extend charity in everything. The government can’t spend what they don’t make. If you travel it’s at your own risk. When you return pay to be quarantined and tested. If trump did say sometime that, as immigrants none would have had a problem. In any country migrated to whatsoever.

  12. This makes absolutely no Sense. Why should a national pay to be quarantine in the land of their birth? This is one of the most stupidest things I ever heard of. Prime minister is acting as dumb as Donald Trump. And for the people to whom your art to be serving where is their protection from all the people coming with covid 19 into the country. They are the ones who should have to pay for quarantine if the want to visit at such a dreadful time like this. Browne seems to be running Antigua according to what America is doing forgetting we are on a different type of ship. Be a leader not a follower Gaston Browne

  13. So I am leaving overseas covid 19 negative, with an official certificate to prove that. Your bogus covid task force test say I am positive.
    Some Countries only taking your temperature on arrival.
    Hmmmm ! Then you send me to Barrymore Hotel got
    to be kidding me and I must pay to stay there as a Hostage. Never hear so much crap, I must take a cab there, the only thing separating me from the driver is a piece of plastic, covid droplets live on
    you kidding me where is the plexi glass?
    Will be right on that return flight.
    Please put more thought into this before you end up on a list of countries not to visit. Such a beautiful country do not ruin it. A begging you.

  14. Look how them a scramble for money that even the returning national them go tek money from when them pocket done a get hit hard

  15. One thing I can’t understand is AA is wanting to space passengers out but they are putting 190 on a 200 passenger plane when their whole wide body fleet is parked in Tulsa Oklahoma, just use one of those and spread people out on the plane.

    • Wow these ppl don’t care, it’s frustrating to sit beside a stranger not knowing where they where and if they where exposed to someone. Everyone gonna be cramp

    • Wow these ppl don’t care, it’s frustrating to sit beside a stranger not knowing where they where and if they where exposed to someone. Everyone gonna be cramp. Let see how it goes tomorrow, ppl where stranded in New York for 2 months , way dem get money from, Gaston u are heartless

  16. A returning national or anyone for that matter coming to Antigua and have to pay to be quarantined for 2 weeks is the most ridiculous idea I have heard in years. Let us suppose a pennyless Antigua returns home and cannot pay to be quarantied, what is the government going to do put them on the next flight out. The idea is ridiculous and impractical. It is the responsibility of governments all over the world to bear the cost of quarantining people. MELCHISEDEC from your posts I see that you are a big supporter of the PM, but I must say that you are on the ball this time and caused much laughter. I would really like to get the view of CH TENMAN on this one.

  17. Why quarantined the Nationals coming to their Home,ANU. When you TAP DAWG DID SAY,NO COVID IN ANTIGUA.I heard that recording of you saying so.DID YOU LIE TO THE POPULATION.ANTIGUA COVID FREE.

    • The returning nationals could be bringing it in. They coming from COVID infected places. They should quarantine but for free. Tourists will need to be strictly monitored and should not ever leave the hotel property. Hotels will have to practice safe strict protocols. It’s all too scary.

  18. Mr. PM, we know that it is so easy for couch potatoes to have all the answers on governance. They should make their sevices available to the developed countries who are faring much worse. So let them continue to spew vile and hateful messages. You are loved, trusted and respected by many more.

  19. Mr. PM, Quarantine is not a vacation, it is torcher. And now I find out 2 days before I arrive that I will have to quarantine and pay for it to boot. The protocol changes every day, what a joke.

  20. This virus do not discriminate !
    all these people are coming on the same plane !7
    from a hotspot how can you separate…

  21. The health of this island nation MUST be given priority over what ever inconvenience may be felt by our returning nationals. They must be quarantined. It’s a must. So say all the major Health Organisations worldwide. So why should I, poor islander pay for their upkeep?? Mindboggling indeed.

  22. Mr P. M, you make a mistake da. If me buy one little cheap ticket Jack, just fu come home to bread off an wash me kin in a seawater, just fu get wa from the Drammer..ME Ha Fu pay, that a trupiness. First of all a lot of people have some nice big home in Antigua, there can stay at home an quarantine themselves. nice room like hotel.Dem even hab basement All they have to do is monitor themselves.
    For 14 days. Leave the responsibility to them to protect they love ones. If they break the agreement then you charge them a fine. Now if you want them to get test you can let them pay for the test. Maybe they insurance ll cover that. Those who can’t afford it the government can take care of they expen.. Doest that make sense? its my little twosense.. Iets put Rwe head together Jack, because this na sound good ❤️❤️

    • Me a national who live in New Jersey I’ve been in lock down and dont no nobody personally infected, but me wan come home fe get way from being exposed from this disease. Me nah mind being quarantined 14days 100 ecd is a fair fee. Me nah really want fe do no test way them ha fu jam a big qtip up me nose jack. Lard help awe!

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