Returning national went to Scotiabank to do business within 2 days of return to the island


An individual who returned to Antigua and Barbuda last week was out and about in St. John’s doing business two days after landing.

This was revealed by Prime Minister Gaston Browne on Saturday.

“Up to two days ago we were told that there is a returning national who went to Scotiabank to do business within two days of returning to the island, which was totally unacceptable” Browne said on Pointe FM.

“But that person was reported to health officials and action was taken.

“So we continue to rely on the broader population to help us to identify those irresponsible individuals, and I want to state here that we’ll make sure that the protocols and the laws of the country, the regulations are upheld,” the Prime Minister added.



  1. the country laws and regulations do not make sense and certainly are not clear. And some is left up to interpretation of what the laws are.

    mandatory quarantine does not make any sense. Health Officials need to revise and implement common sense protocols.

    Nationals coming to Antigua should be treated with some kind leniency they have families to visit and support.

    Present to the country clear and fair regulations and they wouldn’t be this kind of pandemonium in the country

    • Covid 19 doesn’t care who you are. What to do and not to do has been all over (inter)national news so don’t be a selfish a**hole and quarantine. Nobody cares about your problems but everybody cares about their health. Use your brains please.

    • If you had get the virus because of that person how would you have accept the results. All the government and health personnel are doing is looking for everyone. Stop being so irresponsible

  2. Returning nationals all over the world must isolate and or quarantine.
    It is very selfish not do so, and a fine should be attached to this offense.
    Would like to know what action was taken, now in government facility and fined?

    • In sane countries, EVERYONE entering must quarantine.

      In Antigua, Nationals and black and brown tourists (see “Spanish girl”) get 2nd class treatment.

      White tourists can mingle in town, on the beach, walk around Epicurean (with their kids wearing no masks) within hours of deplaning.

      It makes no sense and it’s discriminatory.

      White tourists spread COVID too.

  3. Guest staying in hotel walking around going shopping in St.Johns and are not quarantine. Too many contradictions in the system. If a local did a test and its negative and a tourist did the same test and is negative, why is it ok for the tourist to walk around freely in stores, tourist can’t transfer covid in stores?

    • The rules make no sense and are discriminatory.

      I’ve seen with my own eyes a white tourist shop at Epicurean with her husband and her 2 kids. The 2 kids age 12 and 8 were not wearing masks.

      These people are my friends but kids can pass COVID on as well. They arrived in Antigua less than 2 hours earlier and headed to hotel and then to Epicurean. I happened to see them there and had a small chat.

      But WTH??? How in the world does it possibly make sense to let tourists roam free without quarantining but require others to do so.

      Quarantining is necessary for everyone or necessary for no one.

      It’s not like the tourists are staying in the resorts. They are in town. They are in Epicurean. They are mingling with locals. They are not wearing masks in some cases. They are on the beach – again, not wearing masks.

      • There are almost no regulations for people arriving on private planes as the family above did.

        I truly do not understand these regulations. They make no sense

    • Amen! & Amen! Please say it louder for the ignorant people. A matter of fact, you can trace a local person to immediate family members but a tourist… stops in 7 or 8 souvenir places…. multiple restaurants …. multiple random tourist attractions and interact with 10 or so taxi drivers vendors etc.. when local people go to one or 2 family memberS.

      Honestly other Caribbean islands are loosening up these laws because tourist are coming in and it makes no sense to discriminate.

      Antigua needs to stop the foolish victimization of its own people.

  4. Gaston Browne’s father also broke quarantine.He was a returning National from a very hot spot at that time,New York.Then again,there is no Covid in Antigua.That was said by Dr Molwyn Joseph,Minister of Health a day ago.LOL

    • My whole point is if a national who lives aboard coming too visit what are they consider as a Tourist or national!! Because if tourist can roam freely national who a jus visiting should be able too do the same

      • Well that is a great question…. need clarification on this ASAP. However I think a returning national should be someone who is returning home and residing in Antigua… a citizen of another country though born Antiguan should be considered a visitor once its indicated they are return back to their country they reside it … BUT ??? I DONT KNOW … WE NEED CLARIFICATION

  5. Covid is not the problem only, the laws and sytem that is set up to divide and conquer mankind and the fearful and weak minded buy into the system that we are no longer our brothers keepers. Fear governs one decision in this Planademonic system. Social distancing no gathering has the same formula divide and conquer ! Its all about control not about our health but their wealth New World Order. Until i see alot of these Nefarious leaders dropping down like flies maybe my mind will change towards this plandemonic virus, but they seems well protected and they know what is going on.

  6. If the person presented a negative test and is therefore negative … 72 hrs to 7 days before arrival, why should that person quarantine for 14 damn days smh. International travelers are no longer required when arriving into the USA as well as other Caribbean islands to self quarantine. In St Marteen and St Thomas, once u test negative they leave you alone! If people are negative stop treating them like prisoners…

    If you can have it and not have any symptoms that means that everyone everywhere can have it! Are we all going to stay isolated ???

    We need education! What a foolishness.

    • Rational thinking is not welcome during the paranoia over a pandemic that has decimated Antigua by causing 3 deaths!

  7. The business entities allow these tourists in their establishment without masks. Shouldn’t they be penalised too?

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