Returning national and student from Antigua State College are Antigua’s newest COVID19 patients


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has warned that the increase in cases of COVID-19 on the island could lead to community spread if care is not taken.

There are currently 13 active cases of COVID-19 in Antigua.

“We have long identified, months ago, that our returning nationals are the most significant area of vulnerability, since many of them do not adhere to the protocols, and many of them continue to break their quarantine,” Browne said.

“In fact, we had a situation in which a returning national came back to the country without a COVID test. As to how that individual made it on the flight, we don’t know, because I would have personally written to the various airlines asking them not to accept anyone without a negative test.”

The Prime Minister continued: “For some reason that particular returning national was able to board, came back to Antigua, however, that person was tested on return, and I’m told that today when we got back the 13 samples, two of them are positive, including that returning national who did not follow the protocols of the country.”

Browne said the person in question was placed in quarantine on arrival on the island.

He disclosed that the other positive case is a student from Antigua State College.

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  1. Who is positive when it’s a tourist like the tourists from Sandals who infected a Sandals employee

    Just keep blaming locals when the issue is the government’s discriminatory and illogical COVID policies

  2. “because I WOULD HAVE personally written to the various airlines asking them not to accept anyone without a negative test.”

    This is so unclear. What is in with the constant misuse of the word “would?”

    Is it so hard to speak clearly and state “I did this” or “I did that”????

  3. I do not believe what has been shared. But I do believe that anyone can be covid positive. That’s how we have to think…Anyone!

  4. Once again blaming the locals so it cant be said the government made a mistake letting tourists in. How in the name of god is a policy which quarantines nationals at home but not hundreds of tourist arriving from covid hotspots supposed to work?!

    • they said 8,000 tourists came here in july

      extrapolating that’s at least 20,000 tourists since they prematurely reopened the borders, which is many many more people coming here than returning nationals. People who were mostly not tested and never quarantined.

      The PM thinks people are stupid

    • There seems to be much confusion about what the word “would” means. When you said, “I would have done XYZ” the meaning is “I would have done XYZ but I didnt do it for some reason”

      I would have went to the store if I didn’t run out of gas.
      I would have eaten a pint of ice cream if I didnt have a tummy ache.
      I would have written to the airlines if I wasn’t a total moron.

      Very different from the following:

      I went to the store.
      I ate a pint of ice cream.
      I wrote to the airlines.

      • If he wrote to the airlines, then he should simply say:

        I wrote to the airlines…

  5. Why born antiguan’s and Barbudan’s always been treated badly by these politicians ? The reason why they cannot identify tourist with covid is because they obviously don’t want to damage tourism . Locals always get the short end of the stick.smh

    • They don’t care about the people of Antigua and Barbuda

      This pandemic has exposed everything. Same as it has done in America

  6. F

    I take offense to MR Browne statement that many returning Nationals do not adhere to protocols because most do .I live overseas and I did my 14 days as a matter of fact I just came back. The white folks are free to mingle with the locals . CLOSE THE FRONT DOOR BUT LEAVE THE BACK DOOR OPEN . Even if you have an half ounce of brain cells you have to know that make no sense.

  7. Please you all are one who cause this to get out of hand and now blaming the nationals for spreading this disease. As I said until it reaches you all doorstep nothing will be done. Stop playing with people’s life.

    • That’s what the government was supposed to do

      Instead they decided to let thousands of people from high COVID areas in and not quarantine them, not test them, and not require them to wear masks at the resorts around local workers

      It doesnt take a genius to figure out why COVID is popping up all over the island.

      You have about 1000 returning nationals who were quarantined and tested to some degree versus 20,000+ tourists who were not tested or quarantined and who DONT WEAR MASKS at the resorts around local employees

      So who is bringing in the COVID to the island? And whose fault is it?

      Answer: Mostly tourists bringing in COVID because there are more of them and they aren’t being handled appropriately.

      And it’s the government’s fault.

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