Rethinking Tourism World Tourism Day 2022 Message Harold Lovell Political Leader of the United Progressive Party


Rethinking Tourism 

World Tourism Day 2022 Message
Harold Lovell
Political Leader of the United Progressive Party

Tourism is the heartbeat of our economy and as we celebrate World Tourism Day 2022, we must focus on getting people back to full employment and ensure that tourism businesses of all sizes and across all sectors, can recover and realize their full potential.

This year’s theme “Rethinking Tourism” calls on all of us — citizens and residents, hospitality workers, large organizations, micro, small and medium enterprises and government officials — who serve the tourism industry, to rethink how the industry can better serve us.

As one of the Caribbean’s premier destinations, we must reimagine how to better manage, market and measure our tourism industry. This will require a visionary Tourism Masterplan that prioritizes infrastructural upgrades, public education, financing for tourism businesses, linkages to other sectors of the economy and social protection for tourism workers. It is also time to increase digitalization throughout the tourism workforce to upskill the sector and increase our competitive edge as a destination.


COVID-19 has caused a major disruption in the tourism industry worldwide, revealing many possibilities for tourism development, diversification of our national economy and the creation of jobs and new visitor experiences.

Antigua and Barbuda must develop a solid plan for resiliency that will allow us to act and not merely react. As part of our long term plan for tourism, the UPP will:


– Create a financial climate that will attract reputable foreign, local and Diaspora investments.


– Accelerate the completion and refurbishment of tourism projects and infrastructural upgrades.


– Activate policies that will generate growth in the tourism sector, by strengthening niches such as health and wellness and community tourism to attract a new client mix.


– Oversee the implementation and of a sustainable national tourism strategy, that will leverage our unique selling points like our culture to meet our economic and social needs.


By “Rethinking Tourism” we will fuel the industry with innovative strategies to better manage our resources and strengthen our brand in all sectors — accommodations, aviation, cruise, yachting, attractions, food and beverage, transportation and entertainment.


Antiguans and Barbudans, let us all come together to pool our ideas, resources and talents to make our tourism product the best brand in Caribbean tourism. When residents value the benefits that our tourism industry provides to their families and communities, it makes it easier for guests to appreciate the unique tourism experiences that we have to offer as a destination.


Happy World Tourism Day to those who invest in, work, or contribute directly or indirectly to our tourism industry. Let us protect the industry that serves as a vital part of our economy and livelihood.

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  1. Our tourism should cater more to nationals returning home and offer incentives for them to bring their friends and colleagues. All of these village reunions would do well if nationals could get a good rate. Last Carnivals, a lot of nationals stayed at hotels, because of the water situation. Or some people just like their privacy. If hotels offer good rates more Antiguans would stay in the hotels.

  2. This Son of Mami_Wata and Papa_Elegba CHRISTened #Jumbee_Picknee(Spirit_Child) of life’s #crossROADS☠️☦️🤞🏾❌🎿🏴‍☠️✝️✝️✝️of SWASTIKA & SQUARE says…

    1…it’s time to get rid of the All Inclusive Model which only benefits the Hotel Owners and few local vendors for the most part!
    The local tourism culture and vibe MUST be enhanced.

    2…the #Stay_Cationers and BnB Vacationers need to be entertained too!

    3…Most important, treat, respect and accept the whole Nation as an #All_INCLUSIVE RESORT!

  3. Harold, in your own words, the best way to look at someone’s future performance is to look at his past performance. Look at your past performance as Minister of Tourism and be honest to yourself. Did tourism improve under your stewardship compared to tourism under Max Fernandes stewardship? Let the numbers speak for themselves. Numbers do not lie.

  4. @ From the Sideline. Oh please go choke on your Koolaid. Max Fernandez is a total waste of time. What numbers? The 2022 numbers are picking up a little since COVID, but where all the cruise ships that Max promised. How many failed investments happened under Max Fernandez? He hasn’t closed one deal. Except for the Deluxe bail out what has Max Fernandez done?
    Look at how the place run down. St. John’s is a shanty town. Let’s not forget the dredging of the Harbour. Somebody is making money hand over fist. Bunch of crooks just raping the country.

    • You see what I mean. You have so much talk but cannot present numbers. Official Numbers that show tourism under Harold Lovell was much better then under max Fernandes. Despite the two-years hiatus of the Covid 19 pandemic.
      Come again and please show the facts. The numbers are available on various websites. I will not do your work for you.

      • @Sideline Koolaid drinker: You’re the one who said that things are better under Max. So you pull the numbers. People know better. This government has been scooping up water in the Harbour for 12 years. How much has the dredging cost tax payers? Those are the numbers we want to hear about.

        • You see that is you guys biggest problem. You cannot read and comprehend. Let me cut and paste here what I said in my comment.
          “Harold, in your own words, the best way to look at someone’s future performance is to look at his past performance. Look at your past performance as Minister of Tourism and be honest to yourself. Did tourism improve under your stewardship compared to tourism under Max Fernandes stewardship? Let the numbers speak for themselves. Numbers do not lie.”
          Did you see the question mark? I was simply asking Harold a question. You volunteer to answer on his behalf. But I never said that it was better. However, I can make that claim, but I won’t.

  5. This country will “rethink” tourism with King Lyadd Lovell Limpy Joe for sure.

    $100,000,000.00+ to SANDALS

    The Worst Finance Minister and WORST TOURISM MINISTER in the history of this country!!!!


    Congratulations to the Hon Charles Fernandez for being awarded
    “Caribbean Tourism Minister of the Year: Charles Fernandez, Antigua and Barbuda.
    Antigua and Barbuda was one of the first destinations to reopen for tourism, a decision that was not taken lightly — and did not come without risk. But the calming hand of Minister Charles Fernandez helped steward the country toward what has been one of the region’s exemplary tourism relaunches, thanks in part to an exacting set of health and safety protocols for the island’s hotel sector. But Fernandez has also helped to continue to position the country as a surging hotel development destination.”

    #ABLP #NextLevel #MaxItUp

  7. “30% Growth in US market leads to RECORD-BREAKING July for Antigua and Barbuda”

    #NextLevel #ABLP #EconomicPowerhouse

    “An influx of visitors from the United States contributed to the increase with arrivals 30% higher than in July 2019.”

    CEO of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, Colin C. James said: “Antigua and Barbuda is presently listed AMONGST THE TOP 10 Caribbean destinations LEADING the Caribbean tourism recovery efforts.”

  8. Happy birthday to you King Lyadd. You turned 67 today. 3 years away from 70 with a DISMAL TRACKRECORD!!!

    A terrible LOSING STREAK 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 only won 2 times.


    Are u living with a BAD HEART or a BAD MIND??

  9. YEAH! MR Hmmmmm
    If things are going so well, why do you have different segments of the population protesting almost every day.
    Today it is the Nurses Council
    Yesterday it was the Pharmaceutical Council
    On Friday it was Clare Vue Staff
    Then you still have the:
    LIAT workers
    The Jolly Beach workers
    The Solid Waste workers
    The small contractors
    The nurses
    The Police officers

    Why are people so unhappy! Please answer, Mr HMMMMMM

  10. What covid should have taught us is we can’t depend on tourist to supply us bread. We should be looking at other avenues of jobs and income. Bring more manageable company’s to our island, manufacturing, brewing, look at Harris paints. These are the types of sustainable employment things we should look at. Tourism is a crunch, one legged economy will fall over. Vision people.

  11. Wow wow wow As you continue to prepare for the highest office I’m impressed with your preparations , planning I’m awaiting the execution of the plans keep up the good works

    • He executed it already from 2004 through 2009. And we saw the result. Worst Tourism Minister EVER. Then he tried Finance and that too he toppled. Worst Finance Minister EVER. So now you want him to become Worst Prime Minister EVER. God spare us that one.


    It is anticipated that the coming winter tourist season will be successful given the positive tourism outcome so far in 2022. Chief Executive Officer of the Antigua Barbuda
    Tourism Authority (ABTA), Colin James has forecasted strong growth as the winter season begins.

    “Because we have WEST JET back, and now we have SUNWING, the good news is that from the 8th of October, AIR CANADA comes back to Antigua with a flight from Toronto, and in December they come back with a flight from Montreal.

  13. “Going through to the rest of the year, the US lift will be solid; we have Delta back, we have United back, and we have Jet Blue who is already back and working through us.

    “From October, I think we have about six calls due to come in – we have about
    thirty-six in November – and December is the big month; sixty-nine calls are scheduled to come in December. “Between October and November, we will see roughly over 220,000 cruise ship passengers that should be coming into Antigua and Barbuda and that is good,”
    James explained.
    (page 3)

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