Results Come Back Negative For Four Suspected Cases Of COVID-19 In Antigua


The Ministry of Health announced today that results have come back negative for four people who were tested for COVID-19 this week.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Rhonda Sealey-Thomas says samples for the four suspected cases were taken in March 17 and sent the following day to Trinidad and Tobago for testing.

The CMO told a news conference today “all four samples were negative for COVID 19.”

She said the individuals tested ranged in age from 20’s to 60’s and that the results are “good news.”

Dr. Sealey Thomas said the patients have been under quarantine and some isolation but will now be released.

There remains only one case of COVID-19 in Antigua & Barbuda, the patient is recovering.

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  1. My question is why when people ask about suspected cases they have heard about..they jump up and say Nothing Confirmed but after they then post 6 people suspected and already knew . This is why Antifuans are suspicious..Just be open.

    • They answer the question right by saying there is no confirmed cases instead of focusing on suspected cases because with human nature, if they confirm suspected cases, the word will go out saying antigua has xyz amount confirmed cases.

      • Ok I can see that but if they suspected someone and never said who or where to protect the who etc..and we dont know lets say the people they hang with (it might turn out to be someone we know) and we go about our business to get groceries etc..and someone that had contact with that person that didnt know goes all over infecting someone else what then?

        Further more if they know suspected cases came from Potters..if we dont know still it’s only suspected but we go to Potters and catch it cause they missed someone that person was around and find out after that person turned out confirmed and we could have avoided that and I carry it home to my loved one that had underlying issues..I will be pissed

  2. This offers no comfort, cause there are dozens of people who are sick and not getting tested. So i call bullshit, we gonna end up like Italy if we don’t step up better

    • Well of course there are many sick in our society. We have cancers, HIV, Flu, regular colds. Are they to test everyone who sneezes, coughs or has a sniffle? You could be infected and not even know until you start showing symptoms. Are they to just come by and randomly test you? What if you test negative but become exposed to it tomorrow or over the weekend? If you are sick stay home and don’t go to the hospital or doctor office and expose others. Call the hotline or your doctor and get advice.

  3. Not so quick,sometimes people are quarantined for 14 days and right after they are released they test positive within days or have a break out. Does people under quarantine or isolation share the same space?

  4. Widespread testing for the present mutated strains, NOT strain, of this coronavirus, since, it has being confirmed, that there are more than one strain, could put the Government in a very precarious situation.
    Testing will undoubtedly reveal, more cases of the virus COVID-19.
    Now, with this revelation to the public, knowing the mental state of Nation, right about now, not only the panic meter will reach Pluto, in one jump, MAYHEM as the PM predicted could be a step or two away.
    This biological and technically designed being, COVID-19 is behaving like its compatriots, compadres, companions, namesakes in the CYBER WORLD, AI-Artificicially Intelligent beings, which have become so advanced, that not even their creators, and enablers can’t figure out what path(s) they’re gonna take, muchless how to control them.

    Nations like Antigua, Barbuda & Redonda are nothing but pawns, ill-prepared to deal with most of what crisis like these brings on, INITIALLY; however, our tenacity, will, faith and strength has proven time, and time, and time, and time again, that with everything which have been thrown at Us, as a People in a negative way, we have survived them, and still thrive!

    …and, Still We Rise!

  5. I just think that the lady who came here KNOWING she was sick should face some sort of consequence. The move she made was extremely selfish and put the society at risk. Yes if not her someone else would have brought it here, but probably not willingly like she did.

  6. They need to test as much people as possible, not suspected cases only because a person can have it and shows no signs or symptoms. This thing is very deadly and it has a mortality rate of 2%. On average, 560 died every year in Antigua, that is 47 people every month. If this virus hit our country about 1960 people will died in about 4 months time,that is about 490 people every month, ten times our normal death rate. Think about the confusion that will caused.

  7. Is there an update on the number of COVID-19 cases? Was contact tracing done by the government? Do they have the total number of people tested? Public transparency is needed at this time.

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