Restaurant owner charged with battery


SOURCE: Daily Observer – The owner of Club House restaurant in English Harbour was made to spend a night at St John’s Police Station cells following an altercation with two men on Friday evening.

Angie Dickinson was charged with battery after she allegedly poured ice water on the men while they stood outside of her establishment.

Dickinson, who denied the act, told Observer that Jermain Sinclair and Stefan Samuel had been smoking near the bathroom of her business and harassing her customers when she asked them to leave.

All three engaged in a heated exchange of words after which the Canadian woman said she called a police friend who ordered the men to leave.

She claimed that while preparing a drink for one of her customers, she discarded two ice cubes through the window near where the men had been standing. The woman said at no point did she douse the men with ice water and the cubes had not been thrown near them.

One of the men – Sinclair – however told a different story, claiming that he and his friend had been stereotyped because of their appearance.

The man, who sports dreadlocks, explained that he worked in English Harbour up until one month ago when his disc jockey equipment was stolen.

He said he frequented the area hoping to find clues about who might have taken it. He said his friend, on the other hand, visited Club House almost every night as he accompanied his friend who was the DJ there.

Sinclair is convinced that someone of a different ethnicity would not have been treated that way for smoking, saying that there were better ways to have handled the situation.

Dickinson is now out on $1,000 bail. Her passport has been seized and she has to sign in three times weekly. The case is expected to come before All Saints Magistrate’s Court some time in March.



    • I am blown away by the fact people are supporting these two fools!

      I’ve never heard more trash in my life! Are we expected to be believe that “ He said he frequented the area hoping to find clues about who might have taken it.”

      I’ve been to this place before many times and know these guys who lime doing nothing. They hound ANY woman that comes down the stairs to use the bathroom… In any FIRST WORLD country these boys would be moved on by the cops for disturbing the peace….. But oh, not in Antigua no. Somehow it’s the Restaurant owners FAULT! And then play the usual race card! You’re in ANTIGUA. 99.9% of people are the same ethnicity (I’ll ignore the Chinese at this point)! How can you start to pull the oh-so-easy race card? And people defend this?

      I am a independent woman of colour who left Antigua for Jamaica many years ago. I am DAMN ashamed of stories like this.

  1. Passport seized. She has to report to the Police three times per week. The last paragraph is most absurd. Persons in Antigua have committed worse crimes and given no such stipulations. Why is that? Color of skins?

    • Are you dumb? That is a normal bail condition espically since she is not from here and is a flight risk. I swear some of you people here are so political and hyprocrital it makes you into complete idiots.

  2. Police must really have a slow day . Oh an idea how about go find the damn killers that's still walking among us .

    If a business owner ask you to leave their place of business just leave their place of business . should’ve been a bucket of ice water Chuups !

    • She has no right to throw anything at those men. Assault and Battery is a crime. Since when is it ok to take the law in your own hands?

  3. I'm going to imagine that I didn't read the part about harassing the guests . It's her business and she made the call that they should leave because of their intrusiveness at her place of business where's the problem ?

    “RED KOOL AID ‘ right on the money and her employee’s are mostly if not all Antiguans . Guess all things Àntigua is race or red / blue .

  4. I am sorry to hear this. Surely blown out of all proportion? If people are being ill mannered and asked to leave politely and refuse, a few ice cubes are good to cool down. Silly and unnecessary for all concerned. I didn’t see but feel rather sorry for this Canadian/Antiguan lady

  5. Throw ice at dogs because that’s all they think we are to them. When they have a nice full bar of yachty they no wan no black ppl een day. Go any establishment around Dickenson Bay and they will show you. We are Persona non grata, trust me, I worked at one.

    • Hey, I am not a fan of arrogant people, no matter what race, creed or religion . Some people are ignorant. You are not ‘persona non grata’, you just see the idiots who are stupid and have no idea. Yachties are young and foolish. Be forgiving and gracious. You know what is true, so rise above animosity and I shall take you for lunch when I return where no wan black ppl een day. x

  6. Most of them down there are racist we should stop supporting their businesses. They don’t even like us. Wanted to visit there but will never step foot in that spot ever Bout she throw ice out the window

  7. She already lost in court a few month ago…for threatening people!
    The yacht club should get rid of her!

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