Response to the Address to the Nation by PM Browne

The party must demonstrate its commitment to transparency and accountability by choosing a new leader who embodies the values of humility, integrity, and respect.


Dear Editor,

Please permit me some space in your respected publication to share my thoughts:

Response to the Address to the Nation by the Honourable Gaston Browne, Prime Minister, on the Occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the Election of the ABLP to Government

Fellow citizens and residents of Antigua and Barbuda,

Today, we mark ten years of ABLP governance. While Prime Minister Gaston Browne boasts of economic growth and infrastructure development, it is crucial to scrutinize the darker aspects of his tenure that are eroding public trust and support.

Under Gaston Browne’s leadership, the ABLP’s performance at the polls has suffered significantly.


In the last elections, the party’s representation dropped from 15 seats to 9 seats, a stark indicator of declining voter confidence.

This downturn was further exacerbated by a real beating in the subsequent by-election, underscoring the deepening dissatisfaction among the electorate.

Moreover, some long-term ABLP MPs won their seats very marginally, reflecting the precarious position the party now finds itself in with Gaston Browne as leader.

Prime Minister Browne’s response to these setbacks has only highlighted his poor leadership.

Instead of taking responsibility, and calling for a party caucus to frankly deal with the issues, he has consistently blamed everyone but himself for the party’s poor performance.

This deflection of accountability has further alienated the comrades as well as the general public and tarnished the ABLP’s reputation.

Despite the achievements he touts, there are serious concerns about Gaston Browne’s behaviour.

Allegations of graft and the inappropriate acquisition of public lands and resources have cast a long shadow over the legitimate progress made in other areas.

His approach is often seen as dismissive, authoritarian, and self-serving, with reports of dubious land deals for personal gain further undermining public trust.

These allegations are not mere political rhetoric.

They strike at the core of governance and integrity, raising questions about the misuse of public office for personal enrichment.

Such actions undermine the very foundation of trust necessary for effective leadership.

For the ABLP to regain the confidence of the people, it must take decisive action.

This begins with acknowledging the detrimental impact of Gaston Browne’s leadership on the party’s image and public trust.

The party must demonstrate its commitment to transparency and accountability by choosing a new leader who embodies the values of humility, integrity, and respect.

A leader who can inspire unity and genuinely address the concerns of the citizens will be pivotal for the ABLP’s success in future elections.

It is not enough to rest on the laurels of past achievements while ignoring the growing discontent and mistrust among the populace.

As it stands, the current leader is like an albatross, holding back the entire ABLP from winning future elections unless a major intervention is undertaken to save the party.

In conclusion, while we recognize the milestones reached under the ABLP’s governance, it is essential to confront the issues that have led to the erosion of public support.

A change in leadership is imperative for restoring faith in the party and ensuring a prosperous future for Antigua and Barbuda.

Let us move forward with a renewed commitment to integrity and a leadership that truly serves the people.

Faithfully,- I fought for Labour




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  1. Former candidates of the UPP and a lot of turn coats ,drinking at the draught ,while the genuine ABLP supporters can’t even pay their electrical bills . Mamba, Winston,Dwayne ,the two headless chickens in Emmoff and Donna etc.

  2. I don’t hear anyone talking about increased death rate and illnesses due to forcing an experimental drug on the population.

  3. “I fought for labour” well said….
    Integrity and accountability is lacking in the ABLP. They have proven themselves to be a party of crooks.

  4. @annmarie, the forced poison by this government has been deemed, “defective ” by Astrazeneca themselves. Not a peep from any media house. No discussions about the increased death rate, filling up our cemeteries; people,presumably young and healthy are dying suddenly, dying from turbo cancers. Nothing.
    What about Tear Gas Sunday, people loosing their jobs and pay for saying no?
    The hike in ABST to fund parliamentarians raise AND immediate backpay, when civil servants are owed years of back pay? Cost of living is out of control yet the dunce in finance raised gasoline prices, and is now raising electricity and water.
    When will Antigua wake the hell up to realize this clown and his self-enrichment hoodlums are a scourge upon this twin island state? When?

  5. Antiguans have calling out for a leadership change for some years now. Gaston Browne has run out of ideas to run the country properly.


    By keeping Gaston in charge, it’s telling the country that nobody else is capable. Utter hogwash!

    I could easily name half a dozen or more capable in and around the ABLP camp.

    Again, Daryl Matthew’s seems more than capable of replacing Browne, however, he comes over as loyal subject to Gassssston instead of showing loyalty to his party, or dare I say the country?!

    Hmmmmm, food for thought 🤔

  6. UPP forgot to list an important one, the CIP which Gaston now presides over like an overlord. I understand though, there is so much UPP can’t list all. It was confessing to hear, and probably a good thing as he nears his maker, Robin Yearwood say and I quote-ABLP cronies- “Tank Gad for the CIP!”. Or, Gaston saying he did not have much things to cut in the Finance Ministry since Lovell had done all of it for him. So, despite the rhetoric designed to continue to fool the faithfuls, ABLP leaders must quietly continue to praise the UPP era. And I keep saying, if they were smart and could move away from self-enrichment just a bit, the Car Park is there to finish which could put serious revenue into the “raided” Treasury.

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