Residents struggling amid COVID-19-induced lay-offs


Residents in Gray’s Farm are lamenting challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vincent Edwards, a hotel worker, told state media “I’m laid off from work, been laid off for three months and going off into another three months again.”

“Me have one little savings deh that me just keep on digging into. Now it went really, really down. As my aunty say, ee done and nobody really a hire right now because of the COVID” Edwards added.

Another hotel worker Pimpus Browne said things are “bad, bad, bad, me a tell you. Lost work, everything, me a tell you”.


He said he was forced to go back home to live with his mother to make ends meet.

Mackie James, who was laid off from a supermarket about three months ago, described a similar situation.

“Well, differently, a me old lady. A me old lady a do everything”, he said.

Supermarket owner, Vincia Edwards said her business suffering since her customers do not have money to purchase goods.

“People nah work and them nah get pay and when them nah get pay and them come in fuh me likkle shop and a talk ‘bout trust them this till tomorrow and then them can’t pay”, she said. 



  1. Unfortunately the better off are worrying they may catch Covid and face a 1 to 2% chance of dying from it and are against re-opening. Why don’t these persons remain in lockdown and let others try to make a living? If they are on lock down how can they get the virus and why are they so intent on forcing poor people to stay at home with no money or food?

    Maybe they should make a compulsory donation to a Covid fund to help the less well off!

  2. 🤔💭hmmmm I really think the union should consider giving hotel workers their thrift funds or continue the $640ec contribution for another 3 months. You can’t expect people to be home for 6 months with nothing to rely on.

    • Once you have been contributing to the thrift fund they should have given you a payment of $640ec every fortnight for a period of 3 months. I hope they extend for a next 3 months while I’m still at home because it really helped my family and I

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