Residents say bucket brigade helped to contain Green Bay fire


At least 4 homes were destroyed in a fire in Green Bay this morning.

Members of the community are reacting to the response of the fire brigade.




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  1. Why is the video focused more on the former Prime Minister, fire and water trucks instead on the actual burning houses???

    • The former Prime Minister is going through the area meeting with the residents to express his support. Where is the elected MP who is still collecting a salary? Where is Gail Christian the current candidate?

    • Janet you are very observant. Fire burning down houses and instead of showing the important stuff the camera is forcus on the former prime minister. Only in Antigua. We already know who Honourable Spencer is gosh man

  2. The question is why is Mr Spencer on the scene as if he is the candidate. Richard Lewis was on the scene very early in the fire. Baldwin Spencer arrived much later and he seems to take over the scene. Mr Spencer, why are you standing in Lewis way so much? Don’t you think you should step back and let the young man do his thing? You are the only past candidate who is all over the place in the campaign. You are pushing yourself up and trying to push him out. That is not nice. Your time is gone. Give the young man a chance. Are you trying to sabotage him for you girls Gail and Malaika?

  3. He comes to show support. What’s the problem? Who y’all should be attacking is the camera man. Everything for y’all is politics… Jeeeesssss…. Antigua will never be a better place with all you bitter and evil people. Go sick pon a piece a lime Mon

  4. It seems to be about a photo op here. To be seen on the scene. Don’t worry, we will see who will help these people in the end to get a new home. Certainly not the UPP.

    • You people are for most part dumb as door nails.Baldwin Spencer was born in Greenbay.He went to Greenbay School and Princess Margaret School.All the boys that grew up during those days played all sports in Greenbay and Donavans.My question too all of you Labor Party Jack Arses, like Sidelines.If there is a fire in Villa Area.Is he supposed to go there? The UPP is not the Administration in Governance.The ABLP are the Administration.They are the ones supposed to use taxpayers money to help those folks in Greenbay.The people in Greenbay do work,owned properties,pay taxes.The Government is supposed to be,for the People,by the People,of the People.It is not owned by Gaston Browne.Put that into your pipes and puff it and get high.

      • @RED KOOL AID and what has Baldwin Spencer the rep of Green Bay and Gray Farm for almost 3 (THREE) DECADES (30YEARS) has done for down there? Green Bay and Grays Farm is one of the most if not the most ghetto and crime ridden areas in Antigua. The housing in that part of the is so atcrious. Mr Spencer should be ashamed of himself. He is the rep for that area longer than I’ve been on this earth now show me what has he done.

    • Who has helped the residents from the Point fire to get a house? We are still waiting.

  5. Why the jealousy?
    Baldwin Spencer is a Realist. A true supporter of all people.
    Why is that a problem sidelines et al?

    Gaston supports himself, his family, his ex women, his minions, his cronies, the rich and himself again.
    Anything wrong with that? Sidelines et al.

  6. When UPP gets elected again all our problems in Antigua will be solved. Houses will not burn down murders will stop women will no longer be raped child molestation will be a thing of the past cost of living and inflation will go down everyone will be rich and live a fabulous life Grays Farm will not be a ghetto run down area UPP will fix it all God Bless UPP

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