Residents react with outrage to reported gang rape


A full investigation has been launched into the alleged gang rape of a primary-school student by a group of young adult males.

The story was broken in this week’s Cabinet Notes, which say that “all the agencies … within the social protection systems have been activated to address the needs of the victim.”

The Notes also distanced the Cabinet from prosecution of the matter, saying that it is outside the remit of the Executive.  In other words, this is a matter for the Police and the courts.

While the Police investigate the matter, however, it has been confirmed that the pre-teen is pregnant, and this is how the allegations of rape came about.

But another source claims that officers are also looking in another direction, since there might be more than one instance of abuse involved.

Meanwhile, members of the public are shocked, angry and outraged at the news.  One woman who says she, herself, was molested by a man, says the perpetrator(s) should be put to death.

Recounting her ordeal, she says that being raped by one man is horrific enough; therefore, she cannot imagine being violated by a group of men.  She adds that undergoing such an ordeal leaves the victim with horrifying memories for the rest of her life.

Another woman says that young girls need proper protection from predators, and she is hoping the law will deal with the accused harshly.

Over the past few years, however, residents have complained about the extremely lenient sentences for the sexual abuse of children.  And on a regular basis, they have criticized the Police, in particular, for failing to prosecute the adults who harbour runaway youngsters. (REAL NEWS)

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  1. Again the legal age of consent is 16 which that within itself is having sex a child .
    Last time I checked 15 comes before 16
    Last time I visited Antigua I over heard a young girl openly speaking of her sexual relationship with a current Doctor at the Holberton Hospital .
    She seem a little mature but a bit young and I ask how old she was and someone told me 16.
    Culturally breathing this behavior yet ask why.

  2. The young child who was gang raped is a pre-teen and is in primary school? Did I just read that correctly? What the heck!!!!! I am angry!!!!!! Let me see what is going to be the end of this because this is extremely serious!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Man still raping in a country where sex sells, that means we have another problem too, unemployment. Dudes ain’t got jobs to get money to go buy sex

    • Hey “Antiguan”, It take a filthy minded, nasty reprobate “to go buy sex”. Only IDIOTS do that. These so-called “customers” should have their penis head DECAPITATED and along with the rapists be casterated one ball at a time on different days. All pedophiles and sex offenders must be listed in a National Sex Registry for all to see. They one set of nasty people. Their evil must be exposed.

  4. This incident has the vibe of a Gang/Order Initiation.
    The “details,” not names but actual reporting as it pertains to time, location, circumstances, etc. are sketchy!
    Anyway, MO and profile are saying this may not be the first such act by this group!

  5. Sometimes street justice is the only justice because the police and courts do nothing, or do not punish them enough.

    I pray for this young girl and the trauma she went through. I hope she does not keep the baby. Rapists should be castrated no matter who they are connected to.

    Antigua also needs a registry that is public for all sexual predators.

  6. Sometimes they dont even get rape at all. Is when they parents find out that they going with a adult man or they find out they daughter pregnant them tell lies on men say this and that rape them. Sometimes is a money thing. Sometimes the apple dont fall far from the tree. What they see they mom do is what they doing. Am not saying some dont get rape but some are lies. They dont want their parents to know so they could escape from such or fraid what the parents will do.

  7. Old man VC Bird, Antigua National Disgrace lowered the age of consent to 15 since he was fupping then 15 or 16 year old Squeeze. No one had anything to say then and now they want to say something. That raw soul should have been castrated back then.

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