Residents outraged over Sir Molwyn’s claim he has ‘witnessed many of our children die in Antigua and Barbuda having contracted COVID’


A statement reportedly made by Health Minister Sir Molwyn Joseph at the opening ceremony of a media workshop for journalists from the Eastern Caribbean. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP FOR NEWS UPDATES.

Joseph reportedly made the following statement at the ceremony held in Barbados: “The fact is I have witnessed many of our children die in Antigua and Barbuda having contracted COVID from their parents or members of their family, so at least the dialogue should begin.”

Here are some of the responses from residents:

  • Confused: Why continue with the madness? Why continue the fear mongering? How much are they paying you? Who do you owe your allegiance to? You are the head of health care system speak the number of children that died because of COVID-19. With out the full data you approved a drug with the 6 pages of side effects that was not disclosed. People who claimed injury were marginalized and ignored. Now with the Data that suggest that infants, toddlers, pre teens have a very low risk of serious complication and or death. Then there are data that suggest that the drug itself poses no benefits when compared to the risk. Are we not following the science? Ori s the science not convenient with the big pharma’s quota’s? Please don’t sacrifice our children our future to these companies. This drug is still being sold under EUA for a reason
  • Bushman: You treasonous liar!
  • Tired of BS: “I have witnessed many children in Antigua die of Covid….” Really???? How many exactly?? And how many died OF Covid and how many WITH covid?
  • JR CVoggins: CRIMINALS need to stand before an international tribunal
  • Angie Dulices: Who are these many children who have died from Covid-19?? The man said MANY… So about 20? 50? 100?
  • Kamisha Andrew: How much children died from covid in Antigua over the last 2 years??? Can’t recall hearing exactly how many died but his statement made me think


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  1. He is beyond a joke! Why can we not go to the polls and elect new leaders? UPP sucks but they suck less than these fools??

    • Yes … watch he face … you can see evil behind his eyes ….

      *WHY ADD COVID-19 Vaccine to a regiment* that people esp CHILDREN would have to take forever into the future,

      for a virus that all but done gone through it paces,

      and especially for children who do NOT NEED vaccines at all!!!

  2. Did he really say that? He should be Voted out of Office. Gaston should throw him out of Cabinet. That man is losing it. The responsibilities are too much for him to handle. He is very confused. We the people,need to beat him with a bull-bud with wires inside of it. He would run from Cedar Hall to York’s Bay to soak.LOL

  3. I have been told that people at regional meetings have a good laugh among each other when he is speechifying. He can be repetitive and off topic but at the same time, he is so very satisfied that he is talking so much sense and so very confident that he is adding so much value to the proceedings. To be polite, they say nothing and chalk it up to dementia.

  4. Why doesn’t molwyn talk about the male nurse who was 33 and healthy, who died in antigua. It is said he died of covid. He had covid more than 2 months prior to death. Then forced to take a vaccine he didn’t want to keep his job. And took the Pfizer vaccine ONE DAY BEFORE HE DIED. Let him talk about the antiguan doctor who advised him NOT TO TAKE THE PFIZER VACCINE. How about you talk about that?! They have repeatedly lied to us. Sir (what a joke that is) Molwyn, I really believe you belong in JAIL

  5. I find this hard to believe. Was there an incredibly high number of death announcements for children in the media over the last few years? We’re any such children admitted because of COVID or did they contract it while there? Did they have underlying conditions? I know of one obese little boy who was ill for a while and then recovered. I know of a family in which the adults and heavier children tested positive while the small kids and older kids who were in shape actually tested NEGATIVE the whole time. So, perhaps kids with preconditions can be offered the option of that vaccine, but where is the evidence that it is needed by all kids including healthy ones?

  6. By the powers vested in me. I hereby revoke your knighthood as sir . And re-knight you as unicorn .

    From henceforth u will be known as Unicorn molwyn.
    Master of magic data.

  7. “a media workshop for journalists from the Eastern Caribbean” – Now do you understand why all of the media seems to be singing the same song? They have choir practice. You know what happens to choir members that can’t learn the song?

    Forgive molwyn for lying to you. They told him he has to do that for ur/his own good.

  8. The irony of allowing the United Nations/ WHO/ Bill Gates to establish what might actually be their Caribbean headquarters on our street called INDEPENDENCE drive. Now our health minister is their mouthpiece.

  9. The senile fart at it again
    Does he even know what year it is ?
    Time to put that dinosaur in a museum

  10. If there were kids dying in large numbers they forgot to inform the public.
    What a crock of lies.

  11. Again, yet again, COVID-19 is a business, and these poliTRICKSTERS are the SALESPEOPLE for these disposable #VACCINES and #BOOSTERS.

    It’s the biggest Con_Game ever played on HUEmanity!

  12. This jack ass knows nothing about medicine. He knows about lifting Rolls Royces over the Port fence though. And only in our country, Antigua, he get knighted for doing that.

  13. We all know it us a lie. Now why ! Is it to get people to give their children the vaccine. I removed the Sir long time since .

    • Yes … watch he face … you can see evil behind his eyes ….

      *WHY ADD COVID-19 Vaccine to a regiment* that people esp CHILDREN would have to take forever into the future,

      for a virus that all but done gone through it paces,

      and especially for children who do NOT NEED vaccines at all!!!


  14. The Minister should correct himself. Such a statement by him if factual then brings back that long speculation as to whether the information on the dashboard and what came out of the hospital to be true. Some statement must be made to then put this matter at rest where he is concerned since they general public will continue to opine.

  15. Molwyn Joseph is a LYING MOUTHPIECE for the forces of EVIL. He needs to hang along with ALL the other psychopathic liars who have pushed their evil agenda on the people of Antigua for the past two and a half years. These people consciously choose to get into bed with the destroyers of humanity like the CCP, WEF, NWO and the global communist cabal. Now, we the people of the world are finished with them.

  16. Although this does not specifically address the subject of this story, it does however speak of deaths, not from COVID, or with COVID, it speaks of deaths relative to the ‘experimental COVID-19 vaccines.’

    It seems strangely obvious, that few to none (politicians and the legacy media), are ever willing to talk about news such as, the following. As a matter of fact, they are trying very hard to censor (bury) such news.

    “With the most recent figures showing the vaccinated population in England accounted for a shocking 94% of all Covid-19 Deaths in April and May, and 90% of those deaths were among the triple/quadruple vaccinated population.”

    The data used to compose the story by The Expose on July 11th, 2022, was gleaned from the Health Security Agency of the United Kingdom, and also from their Office for National Statistics.

    In this story, there is also recent data from the Government of Canada that shows there were 521 Covid-19 deaths between 6th and 12th June, and the vaccinated population accounted for 485 of them, with a shocking 242 deaths among the quadruple vaccinated population.

    Read more:

  17. This man is a joker😅😅😅😅, I wonder if he will give his grand babies and great grand this same vaccine in their body, or baby he forgot that he had those, then politicians needs to get a good life and stop harassing people soul. The government has failed the people big time just to secure money in their pockets. I now watching for them to say this monkey pox in this country to run come take your vaccine. Not me and my household.
    By God’s grace we will be spraying them out with the most powerful spray which is called ‘ NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL NOT AND WILL NEVER PROSPER ‘ COVERED BY BLOOD OF YASHUA.

    You can find these sprays in your home and not even in the churches.

  18. I’m in awe of the vast majority of commentators on this particular ANR thread.

    I have nothing more to add (and that’s saying something😁) … from a proud Antiguan!🇦🇬

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