Residents Concerned Over Strange Lighted Object In Sky


Persons across Antigua and Barbuda are expressing concern over a strange lighted object that was seen in the night skies on Tuesday, December 17.

Local residents, as well as some in other islands, recorded the phenomenon and posted videos and pictures of it on social media platforms.

One person recorded the sighting at the rear of the Big Banana Restaurant at Heritage Quay.

He says there was a beam of light focused downwards from the strange object.  It could be seen travelling slowly and adjusting its level of brightness before it vanished.

Other residents are reporting that they, too, saw the strange object but in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

A report coming out of Guyana says the light was seen by staff members at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), as well as by residents living in close proximity.

It describes the moving object as an unusual occurrence that, reportedly, was also witnessed by several pilots.

“The object was seen around [4:55 am] today, heading southeast of the CJIA,” an online post says.

However, an air traffic controller in Guyana, who was on duty at the time, says the pilots believe the sighting might have been the “contrail of a rocket” that might be related to a pre-dawn rocket launch in French Guiana.

It has been reported that “earlier this morning, the European Space Agency launched a Russian-made rocket carrying several satellites from the Ariane Space Agency in French Guiana.”

Meanwhile, residents in Suriname and St. Martin are reported to have spotted the strange occurrence also.

However, an Antiguan journalist, tells REAL News she does not believe the local sighting, nor the ones in the surrounding islands, are related to the Suriname launch.

While Guyana and Suriname are neighbours to French Guiana, she says, there is a distance of almost 1,100 miles between the South American launch and Antigua.

Further, she reminds our News Room that, in 1999 or 2000, strange objects – described as UFO’s – were seen by scores of people in Antigua and Barbuda and the neighbouring islands.  In that instance, she says, a witness told the media that he saw three lights come down and hover just above Government House.

That phenomenon was never explained.

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  1. That journalist needs to take several seats. The distance between French Guiana and the islands is not of any importance considering the speed at which rockets travel.

  2. Eyes haven’t seen…nor ears haven’t heard…the things that will come upon this Earth.
    Gids eyes are the all seeing eyes
    Watching what’s watching us.
    People don’t be fooled…stranger phenomenons will occur.
    Just keep your eyes on God…through his son Jesus Christ.
    Every secret will be revesled.
    In Jesus name.

  3. Yahusha is returning for his people. Wake up my Hebrew people. This is the end of the 400 years of captivity.

    • Wake up from your slumber children of Israel! Yahusha has never forsaken you. He always sends signs and prophets before destruction. Be not afraid…he shall, if you let him, draw out from the four corners whither you are scattered. Return to His ways!

  4. I saw it moving over stadium. (Sir Viv stadium Antigua. )

    I just thought it was the moon hiding behind clouds. But when it disappeared I was surprised.


    Did not bear witness to the apparent ‘..Strange Light’ in the night time skies.

    See no reasons to be fearful of ‘…Light’ seen up there.

    As suspicious or curious as some people may become, see the ‘…Light’ not as an evil omen.

    Though one may run from light, one cannot hide from it.

    Sure it was not the ‘…Light of the Devil.’

    Fear that light.

    For wherever it shines, it signifies evil. Run from this light.

    The Holy Scriptures edify that ‘…God Is Light’ [ESV: 1 John 1: 5-7].

    His Light exposes evil.

    Let it shine; …Let it shine; …Let it shine.’

    Nothing else on light.

    Better yet, do not look up into the night time skies.

    Be at peace.

  6. Tell that person that 1,100 miles away is a short distance when dealing with space the higher the object gets the less significant the distance becomes. It is possible to view such a phenomenon from here in Antigua if the rocket launched from French Guiana.

    Let’s remember the similar event that happened over California when Space X launched their Rocket earlier up in the year with the same lighting effect.

  7. It was a rocket,that is why we were able to see exhaust smoke….UFO mechanics dosen’t make noise or leave smoke.Get wise people

  8. Cry in the wilderness is absolutely right! These lights/objects in the sky are being seen throughout the world people do not be afraid for they are the Lord’s hosts of angels sending signs to his people the Israelites to repent and we are the Israelites the Bible speaks of. Watch I.u.i.c on YouTube you’ll learn a lot more.

  9. Did any of these images appear on the radar surveillance, used by airports around the region?
    What of the satellites which hoovers over Our Nations, they would have seen and recorded, ALL?
    Both questions will not be answered, by the authorities, since, both would be considered, CLASSIFIED INFORMATION.

    Now to speculations…
    1…weaponized drones being tested?
    2…advanced technology’s such as H.A.A.R.P; optics technology which produces artificial sun’s and the likes?
    3…bear in mind, the United States has officially added, the SPACE FORCE, once top secret and classified, to its ARMED FORCES.

    The SPACE FORCE at work…Beam Them Up Donald! They need slaves in outer space too!

  10. The light in the sky shows that the ALMIGHTY GOD is looking over ANTIGUA and BARBUDA . Nothing to worry about. This is a blessing.

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