Residents can get their booster shots one month early


The Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment wishes to announce changes in the time interval for Pfizer-BioNTech and AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine boosters.

These changes have become necessary since documented data and published studies have shown that the Omicron variant requires additional vaccine protection. Persons will recall that the Omicron variant has been identified in Antigua and Barbuda.

The COVID-19 Vaccination National Technical Working Group has therefore recommended that the interval for Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine boosters should be changed from 6 months to 5 months after the second dose of the vaccine.

The interval for the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine booster is changed from 6 months to 3 months after the second dose of the vaccine.


In addition, Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine boosters for individuals who are 12 to 17 year old are now available in Antigua and Barbuda.


These changes are effective immediately and the booster shots are available at the Multipurpose and Villa Polyclinics vaccination sites and some health centers.


The public is further reminded that vaccination is one of the most effective measures to control the COVID-19 pandemic. Persons are therefore urged to get fully vaccinated and get their boosters utilizing the AstraZeneca, Sinopharm, Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson vaccines readily available at our vaccination sites.


We also implore you to adhere to the public health measures to prevent and control the disease. These include physical and social distancing, using face masks and practicing hand hygiene and cough etiquette.

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    • @Dion Pelle…🛑😀😀👊🏾🌴positive vibes! Preach it! Teach it! Live it!

      Annah now dem, a farm Rass! As a mattah of fact, dem a grow #Rass lakkah Sensimelia and hab Neargah a infuse, a inject, snort, lick it lakkah Crack!

      Pure phuckery…

  1. Please Note: “… The interval for AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine boosters is changed from 6 months to 3 months after the second dose of the vaccine …”

    How irresponsible, AstraZeneca is STILL well known for causing dangerous blood clotting. In the UK it is known as the ‘CLOT SHOT’. Also, have you noticed that no-one from the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment hasn’t put their name(s) to this article?



  2. The thinking of the “experts” are the more antibodies the better. The problem is, the quality of the antibodies — they no longer match the spike protein of the circulating virus (Omicron). None of the antibodies from boosting blocks transmission of the virus; therefore, it will not not control the pandemic. Mass boosting is only going expedite immune escape and promote the propagation of more infectious variants –which will speed up the surgence of the next wave.
    High circulation of the Omicron will automatically cause people to become exposed and that in itself is a booster. Because of Omicron’s resistance, your innate immune system is freed up to fight it and produce the lasting immunity required to end this. That’s what vaccination should be about — to elict long lasting immunity to a specific pathogen.

    Get and give the cheap repurposed drugs that has been shown multiple times to work.

    • Respect to you and ‘ANGEL’, ‘Sugarapple,’ you guys are on another level when it comes to re-educating the masses on these threads. OUTSTANDING!

      We are like the 3 Musketeers “ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE …”

  3. Why are they still promoting Johnson and Johnson when the CDC says not to use it because of bloodclots?
    Israeli studies have found that a booster increases the amount of antibodies but it’s not sufficient to protect from Omicron.
    South Africa has repeatedly found that Omicron is not nearly as dangerous as its predecessors. Not forgetting that the shots being given are still based on the original wildtype which has long time been displaced by the variants.
    Not giving any sources, look it up. You have internet access. Give a man a fish…

  4. As I keep analyzing this phase in the Great Leap Forward, there are several things which are obvious…

    This is somewhat winded…

    A…the virus and the mutants have completed a cycle.

    B…while many tend to vilify YOUTUBE, as a source of information, regarding this planDEMIC, if it wasn’t for platforms like YouTube, where those Chinese doctors informed the rest of the World, as to what was coming(may their valiant efforts never be forgotten), again if they didn’t risk their lives, we might have had to deal with all of the variants at once, instead of them being phased in clandestinely. Imagine the havoc these germs in this War on HUEmanity would’ve had.
    Note: Yes, several million HUEmans have perished in this GERM WARFARE, but once compared to an earlier phase, of the Great Leap Forward, which according to well documented and accepted history by the main stream media, killed between 50 to 80 million Chinese businesses over a five year period, late 1950’s to early 1960’s.
    Now, to all of you who think killing HUEMANS to advance a cause, is far fetched and conspiratorial, please take your VACCINES/meds, boosters, keep a portable battery pack, booster cables, know where the 5G charging stations are so you can plug in, at anytime.
    Get your #Vaccine #Passes, do as like, feel like you’re flying like a 🪁 kite but one thing is certain, there’s more #PHASES to come.

    C…I have to give thanks to my elders, I n I call them #Ancients. They’re not ANTI-VACCINES, several came from the Allopathic side of medicine they’re retired RN’s, one owned a Pharmacy, my 93 year young mother was a teacher too, but they’re reluctant to take the jab.
    Hey, it’s the energy which surrounds the Jab, they say!
    As a family, we came from Naturopathic Medicine my GREAT GREAT Grandmother was a midwife who technically had no ‘formal training’ yet, her abilities and skills kept communities together.
    She passed it, the #ESSENCE of the Natural sciences, now renamed OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE- OD not MD.

    D…I had the opportunity, to have dealt with these germs, since, 2019. I was therefore prepared NATURALLY when in the early phase of the virus in spring 2020, one ☝️of my ex-wives came down with the virus. Oh she was sick, sick and I did for her what the MD’s couldn’t do. I knocked that virus for a Master Blaster SIX. The only thing the MD’s were telling her take Tylenol and your temperature and call ☎️ us over the phone. I knew this was fuckery, so I channeled, worked some OBEAH 🥴 called upon Uncle Knight and Great Great Grannie Edith…
    They sent oregano oil, black seed oil, onion, epsom salt, lime, mango, recipe for chicken soup, charcoal, neem, and I came to her assistance.

    By the way, both girlfriends at the time caught it, recently my mother and four year old nephew got it.

    I got winded, and somewhat PERSONAL because, not because myself and others oppose some of these Draconian mandates being enacted, we’re not oblivious to the facts and truth of these viruses.

    Common Sense of the Natural Order must prevail.
    I will forever love and respect the blessings, teachings, truth of my #ANCIENTS.

    • Correction: the Great Leap Forward in China 🇨🇳 from 1958 – 1962 according to history killed between 50 to 80 million Chinese people.
      Of course businesses perished too.

    • Natural remedies work… way too little attention is given to them.
      allopathic medicine or western medicine is fine and IMO best suited for emergency treatments such as car accidents by are practically useless to treat chronic ailments that they seem unable to diagnose, let alone treat.

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