Residents Already Reporting Litter Bugs Says Joseph


Health Minister Molwyn Joseph says he is in the possession of pictures and videos that show persons committing litter infractions over the Easter weekend.


Minister Joseph who was speaking at a recent press conference says his ministry is taking steps to deal with the offenders.


“Over the holidays, I received some videos of illegal dumping and we have photographs of trucks and their license and registration with transport board and I can assure the public that we will use the current act to apply the necessary sanction of those culprits.”


The Environment Protection and Management Act 2019 was recently passed in both houses of parliament.


The act provides for a hefty fine to be placed on persons found to be illegally dumping waste.


There is also a percentage of the fine that goes to the reporter.

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    • It’s not “snitching.” It is called RESPONSIBLE CITIZENSHIP – something that is sadly lacking from our society. Most folks who talk about “snitches” usually do so when it affects someone else but then turn around and expect the wider society to assist them when they find themselves in a similar dilemma. If someone comes and dumps rubbish in the vicinity of your property wouldn’t you expect your neighbour to inform you or they authorities? Be careful what you think my friend…. A person is what s/he thinks.

      • Hope u remember your last sentence when u make ur political comments.

        It’s the same neighbour who you snitch on that you will have to ask for help when you tek sick or need to borrow likkle sugar or flour.

        • Hypocrisy, I think your advice is more suitable for you. A twisted mind like yours will see politics in everything, even a comment that is clearly not a political one. I trust you remember your thoughts when someone dumps their rubbish on or near your property.

          • Why not talk to the neighbor first instead of going str8 to the authorities? You think you will have a good relationship with them if you report them right away??

            And what is so “political” about asking your neighbor for butter or milk? You never know what hardship you might encounter in life. Where is the “politics” in that? Just a fact of life that “no man is an island.”

  1. Congratulations! That’s a bill with teeth and Minister Joseh must be congratulated for what he is doing. I wish we could get similar results with rhe bill regarding cell use while driving. That remains as dominant and customary as before.

    • That cellphone law fulla fart. You want to tell me that keeping both hands on the steering wheel = no distraction?? Having a conversation by phone itself is a distraction in and of itself since it requires focus and concentration to listen, think, and respond. (Unless of course the person on the other end is someone you don’t care to talk to and you just “tune out”)

      It “remains as dominant and customary as before” because it is stupid and senseless.

      That’s what the Faithful Nationals should have protested instead of airing dirty laundry in the midst of visitors.

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