Resident Struck by Falling Lumber as Stolen Truck Escapes Police Pursuit


The case involving a loaded truck that went missing from the Langfords Police Station compound is becoming more curious, as the vehicle reportedly was involved in an incident after allegedly being stolen.

According to police reports, the truck was seized during an investigation into the larceny of building materials and construction tools, and was secured and parked in the front of the station.

However, early Saturday morning, August 26, a constable alleged, someone brazenly drove off with the truck, which was still packed to capacity with the suspected stolen items.

He claimed the truck had turned right onto the Friars Hill Main Road, and that he gave chase immediately, but it was nowhere to be found.

However, a source tells REAL News that a Marble Hill resident reported being struck by lumber that fell from the truck as the driver was making his escape from the station.

Apparently, the victim went to the Langfords Police Station and reported that, while he was walking south on Friars Hill Road, at about 4:30 a.m. on Saturday, August 26, a Delta truck filled with lumber drove up behind him.

Allegedly, as the truck passed, a length of lumber fell off and struck the man on his right shoulder and in the rib area.

He said the driver did not stop after the item fell from the truck, but continued on his way — which prompted the man to make a report to the station and request police assistance.

A source says the constable’s story is not adding up. If he had been following the truck on the Friars Hill Road, he would have seen this man and the lumber that fell from the vehicle, the critic says.

She maintains that the lawmen must have been in a deep sleep, only to wake up and discover the truck had been stolen from under their proverbial noses.

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  1. It’s about to be police week right … so my question ‘is this the police pay being displayed because this nah sound right… Jellyfish commissioner come tell us your version’. You ready for everything especially the camera and you hide from “CRIME”

  2. this truck full of material and able to escape from police lol so a truck full of material can turn corner and speed away faster than a police vehicle that is lighter lol lets mek this mek sense lol

  3. No one have to make any effort to discredit the police they can do it all on their own, just look at their track record.

  4. Question is how one single police leave bathroom and have time to chase the truck?… since when you answer phone and leave them unattended and still do solo patrol all at the same time?

    Furthermore why you didn’t ask anybody at that station or any other station or call for backup from other station while in pursuit?

  5. The question here is how did the alleged thieves got the keys to the truck. Unless it is a second set which was used something here seems very strange. Are there no security lock box to secure evidence as in this case. The truck and its contents are evidence as part of an ongoing investigation, So the keys should have been securely locked away. An internal investigation needs to be done immediately. Also are were and security cameras on the compound that captured said crime taking place. Just asking

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